Saturday, December 12, 2009

Body Wellness Properties That Can Be Found In Green Tea

By Jenny Liskin

Green tea is known for all sorts of different health benefits. The health benefits of green tea are especially strong for all sorts of reasons. It also works with a quality taste that is not too harsh and can be easy to enjoy. These factors make it a popular dink for health reasons.

The materials used to make the tea are very unique. They are leaves from tea plants in Asia. While this tea works with a harvesting process similar to what works with other options the leaves are unfermented. This is a very vital difference with regards to how the team is made. Oxidation will be reduced because of how the fermentation process on these leaves will not work.

According to various reports cholesterol levels can be properly handled with the use of green tea. What happens here is that polyphenols that come from plant chemicals can work in the body. They will work to handle cholesterol to where it will not be absorbed inside of the body. With this the cholesterol that one has will be reduced. Green tea can even help with handling HDL cholesterol, which is "good cholesterol, " by increasing it.

There are more antioxidants because of how there is no fermentation processes involved. These antioxidants will work with greater efficiency to rid of body of free radicals. These free radicals can come naturally from pollution and food toxins. Fortunately they can be removed so that the body will have more energy. When these free radicals are removed the immune system will be healthier as well.

In addition to these benefits there are other things to see about it. The tea works to improve metabolism rates in order to get fat to be burned quickly. Inflammatory bowel disease can be handled too in that inflammation symptoms can be reduced. Blood glucose levels can also be properly regulated through the tea. With this it will be easy to manage or prevent type 1 diabetes.

Another notable part of this drink comes from its taste. It works with a refreshing mint flavor but it can also take on tastes of herbs. Some drinks can combine this tea with other flavors. These can include fruit flavors like strawberry or lemon. These can help to make this drink easier for some people to consume.

These are all great parts of green tea for anyone to check out. The body can use it for all sorts of great health advantages in many ways. It can also feature a great taste that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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