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Make The Day Special With Gourmet Food Gifts

By Annie Ismay

If you are looking for a gift a little out of the ordinary, you should consider giving one of the many excellent gourmet food gifts that are now available. From Italian antipasto to Scottish salmon and shortcake; French pastries to British relishes and pickles; there is a gift to cater to every taste.

Excellent gifts for the celebration of annual holidays or events; there are few people that would fail to appreciate such a gift.

One event certainly worth celebrating is a wedding of course, and there are many companies specializing in this area. When designing the contents, it is quite usual for them to ask for personal likes and tastes of the happy couple. With a bit of work too; these gifts can be wrapped and flowered to match the decor of the event too.

Increasingly, people are suffering from food allergies and intolerances. If this is a concern for you, have a chat with the gift provider. Not only will they be able to discuss alternative foods with you, but could even produce separate gluten free baskets should it be necessary.

Gourmet food gifts are excellent to give as a show of support or thanks in business too. Perhaps you will decide to give such a gift to your workforce, for being loyal and working hard through these tough times; or perhaps a gift to your clients for much the same reason is necessary.

If time is pressing, pre made gourmet food gifts are available; but for that added touch, try and customize the gift as much as you can. Whilst slightly more expensive, it really does make a difference.

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Do You Have Clean Drinking Water? No.

By Peter Abertoning

An extremely important factor for your health is you diet, and this includes what you drink. A vital factor in your health is the cleanliness of the water you drink, and most Americans aren't drinking clean drinking water if it comes from the tap.

Drinking clean water is essential to our health from a number of different points of view. Right now thousands are dying of Cholera in Zimbabwe from drinking water contaminated with Cholera.

Just because there is no Cholera in the US doesn't mean we have clean water. There is a multitude of contaminants in our drinking water, and although they won't kill us as fast as Cholera, they can still, over time, add up to impact seriously on our health.

Here's an example. Everyone knows that if we ingest lead into our bodies it isn't good for us at all. None other than the US EPA has stated that lead in our drinking water is the number one health problem for our children, and that this can lead to learning and developmental problems and behavioral problems, and more.

Is that possible? We're drinking water with lead in it? Isn't our water supposed to be clean?

There is a real problem with lead in our drinking water. How does the lead get into our water? Often right there in our house, because around 98% of household plumbing has lead in it around the joints where there is solder.

The EPA recognises that there is no safe level of lead in our water, that any exposure to lead is dangerous, especially to children.

And lead is just the start of the contaminants that we find in our drinking water that means that clean drinking water is just a dream.

So what do you do to make sure that you and your family have clean water to drink? How do you get the purest drinking water possible? Should you buy bottled water, for instance?

The FDA says that "Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public." That's because there is simply no government regulation requiring bottled water to be safer than tap water. And studies have even shown that some bottled water is just tap water. And you pay more for bottled water, for the same quantity, than you do for gas.

And bottled water is an environmental disaster, with countless plastic bottles manufactured to go into landfill.

So clearly drinking bottled water isn't the answer to clean water. So what do you do if the prospect of drinking lead or any one of the other contaminants like drugs, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, chlorine or more repulses you? You use a high quality water filter. The best water filters will remove just about all contaminants from the water you drink. The best filters will filter 99.99% of chlorine for instance.

How can you be sure? Because the best drinking water filters are tested to rigorous standards by independent bodies that make sure that the results that are claimed are actually achieved. If you look at the data for the best water filters you can see every contaminant listed, and before filtering and after filtering levels stated. The best drinking water filters are achieving filtering levels above 97% for just about all serious contaminants, including some you've probably never heard of.

Here's an example. Did you know there was bromochloroacentontrile in your tap water? Never heard of it? What in the world is it? How dangerous is it? It doesn't matter if you use the best water filter you know that over 97% of it is gone.

So if you're beginning to get worried about contaminants in your drinking water like lead, you have good reason. You have a right to clean drinking water, but you won't get it from the faucet. To get seriously clean drinking water you need to use the best drinking water filter possible.

And you'd be forgiven for assuming that the best drinking water filter was the most expensive, but it's not. Find out more about drinking water filters at my website.

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Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift? Give Something Warm, Sweet and Something That Always Brings a Smile

By Olivia Brabennt

What could be better than nibbling on some chocolate- that savory, creamy concoction that is adored all over the world? Drinking chocolate without a doubt! Most people, in just about every corner of the world take pleasure in curling up with a pleasant, warm mug of hot chocolate and we all know when it comes to gifts, hot chocolate gift baskets are one of the most loved gifts to give and receive.

For many individuals, sipping some hot, steaming chocolate is the only possible way to get rid of the winter chill and get warmed up from the inside out. Nothing is comparable on a icy winter's evening. Chocolate is so respected that is has become part of our holiday traditions - featured in skating outings, sledding, skiing and vacation celebrations and gift giving. And hot chocolate gift baskets are a big hit every season.

Hot chocolate was one of the many discoveries of the New World during the Columbian Exchange. Hot chocolate was found to be a drink so strong by the Aztecs that it was kept exclusively for royalty and non secular ceremonies. (Montezuma reportedly used it as an aphrodisiac).

And Signore Giovanni Casanova considered chocolate to be an indispensable part of any courting. The famous womanizer always carried a special box of chocolates that his lady friends simply could not resist. Besides, Casanova thought that the secret of his sensual prowess laid in a habitual daily cup of hot chocolate.

And for those not trying to woo the object of their affections, businesses, large and small as well as individuals, friends and family give hot chocolate gift baskets as one of the most beloved holiday treats.

There are even some people who consider hot chocolate to be so good for them that it is sort of medicinal remedy as it gives them an instant lift in spirits. Still other people, just like to relish a cup of warm and creamy chocolate because they enjoy the taste and it brings to mind many wonderful memories from their childhood.

Not only do some people consider this beverage to be good for them, but also, there have been many cultures around the globe that have used and respected it as a food of the gods and as a remedy with healing abilities. It is only recently that there was a study done in the Western world that backs up this very idea. Lately, more and more information from research studies has been appearing about the health benefits and beneficial elements that are found in cacao, which is what is used to make all the fantastic fine chocolates the world enjoys today.

If you think you are lapping up hot chocolate for health or just as it is delectable, doesn't really count. Just enjoy it on your own or offer a friend, family or co-worker a hot chocolate gift basket and stock up for yourself as the weather turns wintry.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Makes the Tastiest Hamburgers?

By Laura Hertz

There are so many places to get a good burger from all around the United States. you can be in a big city or a small village, and you'll still be hard pressed not to find somewhere within a few miles that offers a burger. There are so many major fast food chains with thousands of branches, in addition to local shops that do just as well.

No nation loves a good burger as much as we do in the USA. Not only are burgers abundant throughout the country, but there are a number of different styles to choose from. Whether you're looking at a chain burger or a kobe beef burger, you can find almost anything.

For the sake of this article, we're going to have a quick look at a few of the leading chains, and from there we'll determine which seems to be the favorite amongst its patrons. We're going purely on the basis of reviews, awards, and trends throughout the nation.

Coming from someone who's eaten many burgers, I can say that it's really hard to narrow this down to just one or two, but I'm basing my answers on those of the masses here, as awards and surveys speak for themselves.

It's true that the staples of fast food are the Whopper and the Big Mac, but you'd be surprised to know that these aren't the top rated burgers in the country. The West Coast chain, In-N-Out, wins the battle here.

Patrons absolutely love the fact that its meat is never frozen and the fries are hand cut. Everything tastes extremely fresh for fast food, they say. You won't even have to spend much money for it.

In N Out does great with reviews but it's only present in the West coast. What won on the other side of the country? Well, the favorite burger of the East coast is Five Guys. Everyone in the East loves Five Guys, including United States president Barack Obama.

While many other chains are loved by Americans, these two have done the best in recent years. Can any of the other giants catch up?

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Sushi Fish Rolls - A Connoisseur's Delight

By Kimikoshi Sumo

Sushi rolls are the most popular form of sushi. Japanese and American restaurants serve two types of sushi to their patrons.

Sushi rolls served with seaweed or nori outside are one variant. The second type is the one which has nori inside the sushi roll.

Whether or not the nori is on the outside or inside of the roll can dramatically change the flavor and texture of the sushi.

Those who enjoy nori often prefer the style of sushi roll where the nori is on the outside of the roll. This style of sushi roll is called futomaki.

Sushi rolls that have nori inside them are called uramaki. People who like sushi prefer futomaki as it is more popular and traditional compared to the other form.

Futomaki is the more popular type of maki sushi roll, as it is considered the more traditional form. When you purchase a sushi roll from a restaurant, at a sushi bar, or even in the grocery store, you will generally see futomaki.

A typical futomaki sushi is vegetarian but has fish eggs as toppings. Generally futomaki is cut into pieces and then served. However, on certain Japanese festivals it is offered as a roll.

Since Japanese prefer to eat with their fingers, uramaki is not a preferred choice. Uramaki is sticky and difficult to eat with fingers or chopsticks. On top of that it falls apart under pressure. Moreover, a uramaki sushi roll is essentially non-vegetarian with fish eggs or sesame toppings.

Uramaki is primarily a North American dish, as Americans are not typically fond of the black coating left on futomaki.

In the entire spread of sushi rolls hosomaki is the clear winner. Hosomaki, like futomaki, has seaweed on the outside and is served as such.

Hosomaki has four variants known as Kappamaki, Tekkamaki, Negitoromaki and Tsunamayomaki.

Kappamaki that has cucumber as its main ingredient is said to cleanse the palate after eating raw fish dishes and its accompaniments.

The red color of tuna fish gives tekkamaki its name and base ingredient.

Negitoromaki variety of sushi rolls has scallions and tuna in them.

The fourth variety of hosomaki, that is Tsunamayomaki, has canned tuna and mayonnaise in it. Such sushi rolls are easy to prepare at home and can be tried by any sushi enthusiast.

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Great Spice Racks

By Donna Jonston

A spice rack is a stable feature of each kitchen - yes, even if you never cook. Face it, it looks good and it makes you seem like you do cook. Spice racks are available in department shops, specialty stores, kitchen accessory stores, and online . Keep in mind this stuff also make nice house warming gifts, or any-occasion gift for an individual that likes to cook. Spice racks come in several different sizes and styles : wood, metal, plastic, and acrylic. They also come in countertop style, wall mounted style, and in drawer style.

So the next question is after getting a spice rack, what spices should be placed in it? Some spice racks can be purchased with spices included in nice containers ( again in either wood, metal, plastic, or acrylic ). Some spice rack continues has the kind of spice preprinted on the apex of every one of the individual boxes.

Spices are outlined as a dried seed, root, bark, fruit, leaf or vegetables used in little quantities to add flavor or color to your food. You may commonly find the following spices in a spice rack, particularly if you purchase a spice rack that already contains spices : rosemary, dill seed, basil, bay leaves, cardamom, caraway, marjoram, paprika, parsley, thyme, mustard powder, and tarragon. Refills of these spices can be discovered at grocery stores, connoisseur stores, health and organic food stores, and online.

Rosemary - used to flavor roasted birds, fish, beef, and plants.
Dill seed - employed in spreads, salads, vegetables, stews, soups, and pickling.
Basil - used to flavor stuffing, soup, stews, sauces, chickens, fish, and meet.
Bay leaves - employed in many dishes throughout the world, particularly in soups, sauces, and stews or seasoning of fish, meat or poultry.
Cardamom - used mainly in dishes from the Near and Far East.
araway - used mainly in dishes from Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe,a d Scandinavia.
Paprika - used principally with Hungarian dishes, employed in the remainder of the world as a garnish.
Parsley - used to flavour soups, sauces, stews, rice dishes, veggies, and fish.
Thyme - used to flavor beef, lamb, veal, fish, poultry, stuffing,veggies, and casseroles.
Mustard powder - used to flavour developed eggs, beets, barbecue sauces, baked beans, and many beef dishes.
Tarragon - used to flavour salads, tartar sauces, and veal.

There are benefits and downsides of getting a spice rack that already contains spices. The advantage of buying one with spices included is that you will not have to purchase them individually which would be an additional expense, and take the time to individually fill each container. On the other hand, if you are going to buy the rack without the spices included, and the containers don't have the names of the spices preprinted on them, you can fill the spice boxes yourself with the spices that you use most often.

The benefits of having a spice rack in your kitchen, assuming you do cook, is most definitely organization and the convenience of having all your spices in one location, and a space saver in a kitchen that can all too easily become cluttered. Just a word of advice on the position of your spice rack, don't place it too closely to the oven because heat from the cooker can be harmful to the virility of the spices.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teach Your Kids To Cook. Make Homemade Candy.

By Peter Bertonich

There seems to be an essential skill that isn't taught to our kids much these days. Cooking. Who teaches their kids to cook now? Well you should, and the best place to start is with homemade candy.

If you want to teach kids to cook successfully you've got to get them cooking something they love to eat. All kids love to eat candy. So teach them how to make great homemade candy and they'll be back to cook, and eat, more.

Last night I was doing some cooking with my kids who are 11 and 8. They had a great time and of course they got to lick out the bowl too. Kids get so much enjoyment from cooking something that is simple to cook and great to eat. And homemade candy is always great to eat.

And once kids learn to cook they have a skill for life. And they graduate pretty fast from homemade candy onto other stuff.

There's some basic things to remember. And it applies whether they're cooking candy or anything else. Allow plenty of time and expect a mess. That's normal, and part of the learning to cook process for kids. Start them on a simple recipe and start them on simple steps from that recipe, so the hard ones yourself.

And always remember to keep them away from heat. Many homemade candy recipes require that you make a syrup from water and sugar, and a syrup is extremely hot, hotter than simply boiling water. So watch out, a syrup burn is nasty.

And another reason to stay away from syrups is that they are a little tricky to get right, you have to heat them to just the right temperature. There are some fantastic simple homemade candy recipes, so start with something like pralines or truffles.

But when you've got the kids confident at their cooking they can try so many different candy recipes. I just love toffee, especially the chewy type of toffee, how about truffles, or nougat. Yumm.

Now all that has made me hungry.

Seriously though, teaching the kids to cook candy gets them on the road to cooking for life, and they learn to love to cook anything with time.

So grab some great homemade candy recipes, there's lots on my website. And it's cheaper and makes better candy than the store bought candy. Get the kids involved, they'll thank you for it when they get older.

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By George Napoli

Learning about breakthrough-breakthrough beverages- n. 1. a productive insight to drinks. 2 a sudden change of situation, such as making an important discovery that allows more rapid advances toward an objective.

Breakthrough beverages encompass a wide selection of products that are relatively new to the beverage industry. While most of the beverages hydrate, some also claim to provide the critical nutrients your body requires. Some breakthrough beverages go a step further and even claim their beverages relax you, others claim they can energize you.

Some of these breakthrough beverages are meant to simply satisfy your body's natural cravings for sweets - with calories or without. Breakthrough beverages even go as far as to claim you can perform your best when you drink them, while others claim to even help you manage health concerns. Here's a short review in no particular order of importance, the different types of breakthrough beverages currently in the market.

A "sports drink" is any beverage blended to rehydrate you while replenishing minerals and nutrients spent during physical activities. Most sports drinks on the market contain carbohydrates and electrolytes to help a sports enthusiast maintain a high level of performance over an extended period of time. Sports drinks are typically high in both calories and carbs.

Energy beverages are soft drinks marketed as containing energy to improve sports activity when used. Instead of providing food energy (usually calories), energy drinks are created to enhance our mental alertness and physical activities. This is accomplished by adding caffeine, vitamins, and herbal supplements. These additives may interact to give us a stimulant result over and above that obtained from caffeine. Energy drinks are usually very high in carbs.

Smart drinks, also known as nootropic drinks, are beverages made from a mix of fruit juices, vitamins, herbal supplements, and a variety of amino acid supplements. Sometimes called Enhanced drinks with more and more ingredients being added to what used to be the simplest beverages around, and they're not just adding vitamins and flavors. Smart and Enhanced drinks are typically high in both carbs and calories.

Nutriceutical beverages contain a food source or naturally occurring food additive that gives us a beneficial effect on our health. Some define it further and say that they also encompass the prevention and treatment of disease. Nutriceutical categories include dietary supplements, including botanicals. Nutriceutical beverages are usually high in carbs and calories.

Mineral waters is water has minerals or other dissolved ingredients that alter its flavor or give it therapeutic value. Salts, sulfur compounds, and gases are part of the substances that can be dissolved in the water. Mineral water can often be effervescent. Mineral water is a word used to mean carbonated water, which is usually carbonated mineral water. Mineral water may have no calories or more than usual.

Flavored water is typically plain or bottled water that is flavored. Some beverages contain a sweetener to enhance the taste, other times it's added to just sweeten it. There are two types of flavored waters: unsweetened and sweetened, with various natural or artificial sweeteners. Flavored water is the biggest selection having no carbs, no calories. Other bottled flavor waters contain more than their share.

Vitamin water is great-tasting and contains nutrients. In addition, vitamin water varieties have a unique combination of nutrients to deliver a specific benefit to get you through your day. Some relax, others refresh. Vitamin water may have no calories or more than usual.

Next time you drink the next breakthrough beverage; remember the role beverages play in weight and diets. If you are looking to shed some extra weight, then look at the nutrient ingredients and make your pick is based on 0 carbs and 0 calories, or low carbs and calories. These beverages are available for people looking.

In closing, three world class institutions editorialize on high caloric drinks: 1st Johns Hopkins- Bloomberg School of Public Health researcher's say we should focus as much on what we drink as what we eat. 2 NC University says we're drinking more calories than before. 3 Harvard sugary beverages raise blood sugars one precursor to diabetes. This is not the final word spoken.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Web Surf Saves Your Aging Brain

By Carlo Mueres

Surfing the Internet just might be a way to preserve your mental skills as you age.

Researchers found that older adults who started browsing the Web experienced improved brain function after only a few days.

"You can teach an old brain new technology tricks," said Dr. Gary Small, a psychiatry professor at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the author of iBrain. With people who had little Internet experience, "we found that after just a week of practice, there was a much greater extent of activity particularly in the areas of the brain that make decisions, the thinking brain - which makes sense because, when you're searching online, you're making a lot of decisions," he said. "It's interactive."

Small is co-author of the research, which was scheduled to be presented Monday in Chicago at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting.

"This makes intuitive sense, that getting on the Internet and exploring and getting new information and learning would help," said Paul Sanberg, director of the University of South Florida Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair in Tampa. "It supports the value of exploring the Internet for the elderly."

Most experts now advocate a "use-it-or-lose-it" approach to mental functioning.

"We found a number of years ago that people who engaged in cognitive activities had better functioning and perspective than those who did not," said Dr. Richard Lipton, a professor of neurology and epidemiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City and director of the Einstein Aging Study. "Our study is often referenced as the crossword-puzzle study - that doing puzzles, writing for pleasure, playing chess and engaging in a broader array of cognitive activities seem to protect against age-related decline in cognitive function and also dementia."

The new study takes the use-it-or-lose-it concept into the 21st century.

For the research, 24 neurologically normal adults, aged 55 to 78, were asked to surf the Internet while hooked up to an MRI machine. Before the study began, half the participants had used the Internet daily, and the other half had little experience with it.

After an initial MRI scan, the participants were instructed to do Internet searches for an hour on each of seven days in the next two weeks. They then returned to the clinic for more brain scans.

"At baseline, those with prior Internet experience showed a much greater extent of brain activation," Small said.

After at-home practice, however, those who had just been introduced to the Internet were catching up to those who were old hands, the study found.

"This is a demonstration that, over a relatively short period of time, patterns of brain activation while engaging in cognitive activities change," Lipton said. "That is at least a first step toward gaining insight into the mechanisms that might allow cognitive engagement to influence brain function."

But, Small said, beware how you use the Internet.

"You can exercise your mind by using the Internet, but it depends on how it's used," he explained. "If you get hooked on gambling or eBay shopping, that may not be positive.

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Which Espresso Coffee Maker Is Right For You?

By Mark Knowles

Espresso has become very popular in the last 10 years or so. Almost every city has one or more Starbucks or similar stores where you can buy an espresso on your way to work. May gas stations also feature the European coffee. However, the cost of buying exclusive coffee every day quickly adds up, and you may find it makes sense to buy your own espresso machine so you can make your own cup of espresso at home. Below, we are going to tell you about a wonderful coffee maker that will be worth waking up to each morning...

There are two types of home espresso coffee makers. The cheaper coffee makers are steam driven, while the fancier machines are pump driven.

In any case, there are several factors to consider when deciding upon an espresso maker. First, think about how much space you have in your kitchen to devote to such a coffee machine.

Many kitchens are short on space because of the sheer number of appliances in the kitchen. This leaves you shuffling appliances every time you need to do something in your kitchen.

A small machine that can be easily put away might be your best bet if you are facing this situation. You also want to think about how easy the coffee machine is to clean, whether it has a programmable timer, and so on.

The most important factor is how the espresso tastes. Unfortunately, you can't try out the maker in the store. So if you know anyone who has an espresso coffee coffee maker you should taste the coffee it makes and see if you like it before buying your own coffee maker.

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Caterers Colchester Can Be Proud Of

By Stan H Smith

Whether you are wishing to hold a wedding reception or cater for business colleagues, you will of course want to concentrate on the vent or meeting it, rather than having to worry about the meal, which is why you should leave it to caterers Colchester can offer, as many happy customers have done beforehand. This article will tell you the reasons why.

Within Colchester you will even find caterers that will come with the hire of a function room if need be and as they will be catering for both the room and food you will find that you can get them at a discounted price.

You could just get them to cater for you at your chosen venue instead, whether it be a hotel, home, or even outdoors. This means that you are able to have the food you wish as well as the venue you want.

You can cater for different amounts of people whether it is for a business function or a large wedding, even for something as big as a carnival or fete, and you will find that there are a lot of different kinds of foods available.

The kinds of meals that you are able to purchase are anything from finger foods to a full banquet and you will find that they will cater for dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan or diabetic, even religious requirements can be taken into account such as providing halal foods to Muslim guests.

As you can see there are many benefits to getting a caterer within Colchester and there are a wide range of caterers to choose from that will be able to meet your needs, no matter how big or small. With Colchester being in close proximity to London you will also find that you are able to get a caterer to deliver outside this area and they will be especially happy to do so for larger orders.

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Health Advantages Of A Vegetarian Diet

By Wayne Truter

While many people lament the nutritional disadvantages of a poorly planned vegetarian diet, few stress the health advantages of adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. In this article, I will cover the major three nutritional advantages of becoming a vegetarian.

Consuming animal proteins might yield close to a 1:1 absorption ratio, while consuming plant proteins, such as wheat, might only yield 50% of the amino acids needed to build a "complete protein" or a protein that can readily be assimilated into the human body.

In order for vegetarians to absorb a healthy amount of protein, they must consume a variety of plant proteins to form complete amino chains. By eating vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits, and whole grains, vegetarians can increase the amount of complete proteins they create by combining a number of varieties of amino acid chains.

Vegetarians must also consume more foods that contain proteins because plant proteins are generally harder to digest. While a nutritional label may suggest that pasta has 5 grams of protein per serving; you may only be able to digest 2-3 grams of that protein, which means you must complement the pasta with other sources of protein.

In addition to natural sources of protein, vegetarians should also seek foods that are "protein-fortified"-- or artificially-infused with protein.

As a result of this counter-evolutionary trait, the Merino sheep that exists today often has far more wool than it needs, which is evidenced by the high amount of sheep that die of heat exhaustion. In addition to overheating in hot temperatures, many sheep end up freezing to death after they are sheared.

Vitamin E can be found in wheat germ, seed oils, walnuts, almonds, and brown rice--all foods that are commonly a part of a well-balanced vegetarian diet.

If you currently are a vegetarian for ethical reasons, take some time to consider whether or not wearing wool compromises your commitment to end or at least stop contributing to animal suffering.

For some vegetarians, wearing wool is just as bad as eating meat; and for others, it simply isn't an issue because they do not believe it causes an unreasonable amount of suffering. Which are you?

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Easy Meals With Sandwich Wraps

By Laura Cokherell

Quick meals are important with the hectic schedules we deal with everyday and sandwich wraps are a great way to make a quick and healthy meal anytime. With just a few ingredients you can create a meal in minutes when you are short on time or just want something simple and flavorful. They are the perfect grab-n-go quick meal.

It's really simple to put a sandwich wrap together. Here is a basic recipe that you can use and adjust to your taste or to whatever you have on hand in your refrigerator or cupboards. Place the ingredients that you choose in layers down the center of the wrap, leaving an inch or so at the bottom to close the bottom when you are done filling the wrap sandwich.

1. First choose the kind of wrap that you want. Soft tortilla shells come in a wide variety of flavors today such as spinach, tomato, whole grain and more. You may also want to try some kale leaves (raw or lightly steamed) with the stem cut out so you are only using the leafy part or try some large lettuce leaves or even some steamed cabbage leaves.

2. Pick a spread. This will be the flavoring that goes underneath all your ingredients. Spread a layer of your chosen spread over the surface of the wrap. Some simple ideas for spreads are cooked, mashed beans (like black beans, cannellini beans, kidney beans), nut butter, mustard, or cream cheese (either the whipped or regular variety).

3. Fill the wrap. Choose a single item or a combination of items and place as much as you like down the center of the sandwich wrap. Try tofu (bake and seasoned), cheese (sliced or shredded), leftover cooked chicken or steak, avocado, canned salmon or smoked salmon slices, etc.

4. Pick out some vegetables or fruit to add to your wrap sandwich. Make it a healthy quick meal by adding a variety of these delicious and nutritious foods to your sandwich.

Vegetable Suggestions: shredded lettuce, peeled and thinly sliced jicama, thinly sliced cucumbers, marinated artichoke hearts, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, fresh tomato slices or diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, sliced scallions, sliced roasted red peppers, sliced sweet bell peppers, very thinly sliced fennel, chopped or diced onion, etc.

Fruit Suggestions: diced or sliced apples or pears, peach slices, sliced strawberries or mango, raisins or dried fruit of choice, cubed papaya, etc.

5. Add a little flavor topping. This just puts a little extra zip into the wrap. Place as much of the flavor topping as you like on your vegetable or fruit layer. Depending on the type of wrap you are making, here are some topping suggestions.

Crunchy/Salty/Spicy Flavor Toppings: salsa, pickle relish, peanut sauce, oyster sauce, a sprinkling of soy sauce, cooked and crumbled bacon bits (regular or vegetarian), chopped nuts, a little chopped fresh herbs of choice like basil, dill, oregano, mint, or cilantro

Sweet/Spicy/Crunchy Flavor Toppings: a spoonful of marmalade or all-fruit spread, nutmeg or cinnamon, a little chutney, or something crunchy and/or sweet like granola, chopped nuts, mini-chocolate chips, shredded coconut, etc.

After all the ingredients have been added to the wrap, simply fold up the bottom flap and then carefully fold in the sides to close the sandwich and enjoy.

Sandwich wrap ideas are easy to come up with and here are a few quick meal ideas to get you going.

- tomato flavored tortilla wrap, bottled marinara sauce, provolone cheese slices, cheddar cheese slices, pepperoncini rings, spinach leaves, pine nuts

- whole grain tortilla wrap, peanut butter, canned (drained) fruit cocktail, brown sugar

- spinach flavored tortilla wrap, garlic hummus, grilled chicken slices, thinly sliced cucumber, sliced apples, chopped fresh mint

- whole grain tortilla wrap, peanut butter, sliced pears, blueberries, honey, nutmeg

- lettuce leaf, mustard, smoked turkey slices, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese

- whole grain tortilla wrap, mashed avocado mixed with cumin and a little chili powder, cooked cocktail shrimp, corn kernels and diced celery, prepared salsa, chopped fresh cilantro

- whole grain tortilla wrap, apple butter, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, shredded apples, raisins, nutmeg

- whole grain tortilla wrap, mayonnaise, cooked and flaked crabmeat, chopped celery and scallions, lemon zest, diced avocado

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Learn About The Safe Colon And Body Cleanse

By Jared Rite

Living in the modern era has its upside and downside. People are more prone to anything that is immediate and instant including the food that they consume. Although this can bring them the convenience they enjoy, it has also a harmful effect to the body. Most of the fast and instant foods bring toxic wastes that contribute to the deterioration of the good health condition of the body causing symptoms such as poor metabolism, indigestion, gas pain, constipation, lethargy, body malaise, arthritis, among many others health issues. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to consider having a good colon and body cleanse for your needed detoxification.

There are countless of colon and body cleanse products that you can find in the market these days. These products have their own promises to get rid of the toxic substances and wastes from your body. You can find them from health stores and even groceries near you. Although they all promises to be effective in cleansing your colon and body, each one of them may have their specific features. It is essential to carefully inspect what they can do for your body and how they fit into your specific cleansing needs. It will also help to comply with the right dosage and instructions.

If you are doing your colon and body cleanse for the first time, it is prudent to choose the natural cleansing system as this is proven to be the safest way. You can start by being careful with your food intake. Avoid junk foods as well as foods that contain too much fats and sugar. Load up on healthy food including fruits and vegetables.

There are also specific diets that promote colon and body cleanse such as diets that are high in fiber, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxic wastes from your system. IF you combine your healthy diet with a natural supplement that cleanses your body then you will be able to enjoy the benefits from this powerful combination.

With a good natural colon and body cleanse, you will be able to get rid of the harmful toxic substances in your body while absorbing the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from eating a healthy diet. You will feel revitalized as your body is cleansed of all the waste materials that cause harm to your body.

With your body free from these harmful toxins after performing your natural colon and body cleanse, you can start to enjoy your revitalized health. Now, all you need to do is to maintain your healthy lifestyle including watching your diet and performing colon and body cleanse from time to time. Your good choice and efforts will pay off with a good healthy body.

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Ten More Ways To Lower Anxiety

By Carlo Mueres

Skimming through Real Simple magazine at the check out line of the supermarket, I came across Dr. Robert Leahy's "10 Ways to Cope with Anxiety." Dr. Leahy is the director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy and the author of many books on the subject. His suggestions will help you calm your nerves:

1) Repeat your worry until you're bored silly.

"take the troublesome thought that's nagging at you and say it over and over, silently, slowly, for 20 minutes. It's hard to keep your mind on a worry if you repeat it that many times."

Dr. Leahy calls this technique "the boredom cure. "Behavioral scientists call it 'flooding'. I'm not so keen about this technique for my extremely anxious patients who are having trouble regulating their thoughts and emotions. If your anxiety is on the milder side, however, and you have the courage to do this, I recommend you think about your worries while practicing relaxation techniques to keep your body as calm as possible.

2) Make it worse.

"When you try too hard to control your anxieties, you only heighten them. Instead exaggerate them and see what happens."

This is a good one. When I suggest it to my patients I call it the 'Bring it on' technique or 'Fake it 'til you make it'. By inviting what scares you, you learn on your time that you can survive your fears instead of waiting to be bushwhacked by them.

Sports psychologists use this all the time. When I was terrified my horse would shy and dump me on the ground, my coach told me to stop trying to keep my mare from bolting. Instead she told me expect her to shy, to look forward to it. That attitude helped me relax and so did the horse.

3) Don't fight the craziness.

"You mayhave thoughts that lead you to think you'll do something terribleor that you're going insane Remember - our minds are creativeevery now and then 'crazy' thoughts jump out. Everyone has them."

In the weeks after my first child was born, when I was exhausted, sleep deprived and in the grips of baby blues, I had thoughts of throwing my screaming baby out the window. Those thoughts terrified me. Tearfully, I confessed my horrible thoughts to my mother who shrugged and said, "We all think something like that at some time. You didn't act on it, did you?" She assured me I wasn't crazy. I could relax.

My patients are sometimes surprised when I suggest they allow themselves to imagine doing something outrageous like throwing a banana cream pie at their nasty boss's puss. Unleashing our creative minds may be just what we need to de-stress.

4) Recognize false alarms.

"Many thoughts and sensations that we interpret as cues for concern-even panic-are just background noise. Think of each of them [rapid heart beat, tensing of muscles] as a fire engine going to another place."

5) Turn your anxiety into a movie.

"..imagine that your anxious thoughts are a show while you sit in the audience, eating popcorn, a calm observer."

This is a good way to exercise 'detachment,' stepping outside of the anxiety just enough to keep your thinking brain working. Another technique I suggest is to imagine the worry happening to a friend, not you. Then imagine talking to your friend. What would you say to them? How can you be supportive?

6) Set aside worry time.

"Try setting aside 20 minutes everyday-let's say 4:30 PM-just for your worries. If you are fretting at 10 AM, jot down the reason and resolve to think about it later. By the time 4:30 comes around, many of your troubles won't even matter anymore."

7) Take your hand off the horn.

"When you desperately try to take command of things that can't be controlled, you're more like the swimmer who panics and slaps the water screaming Instead, imagine that you are floating along on the water with your arms spread outIt's a paradox, but when you surrender to the moment, you actually feel far more in control."

Breathe it out.

"Focusing on breathing is a common but effective technique for calming the nerves."

This a classic, oldy, but goody. If you do it right, deep, mindful breathing is better than Valium.

9) Make peace with time.

"Every feeling of panic comes to an end, every concern eventually wears itself out, every so-called emergency seems to evaporate."

When we are in the midst of a panic attack we feel it will last forever or else we will die. Remembering the fact that panic attacks and anxiety in milder form is finite, usually not lasting more than ten minutes. Dr. Leahy also counsels:

"Ask yourself, 'How will I feel about this in a week or a month?' This one, too, really will pass."

10) Don't let your worries stop you from living your life.

"What can you still do even if you feel anxious? Almost anything."

Not all anxiety is bad. Keep in mind that some highly productive people transform their anxiety into motivation to do better and achieve much, both great and small.

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Quick Sandwich Ideas For Meals In Minutes

By Laura Cokherell

For busy people who want a quick grab-n-go meal, sandwich wraps are the perfect choice. Using only simple ingredients that you have on hand, you can put together delicious and healthy meals in minutes. They are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks whenever you are short on time or energy.

Here is a simple procedure to put a healthy and delicious wrap together in just a little bit of time. It's quick, easy, and flexible and allows for your own tastes, the seasons, or for what you may have on hand at the time you make your sandwich wrap. Just take the ingredients you are using and layer them down the center of the wrap, leaving an inch or so at the bottom to close the wrap when you are finished.

1. First choose the kind of wrap that you want. Soft tortilla shells come in a wide variety of flavors today such as spinach, tomato, whole grain and more. You may also want to try some kale leaves (raw or lightly steamed) with the stem cut out so you are only using the leafy part or try some large lettuce leaves or even some steamed cabbage leaves.

2. Choose a flavorful spread. This is the base upon which all your other ingredients will be placed. Spread on some of your chosen spread as thin or as thick as you like over the wrap you have picked. You might like to try any of the following ideas for spreading on your wrap: Greek style plain yogurt, pesto (basil pesto, artichoke pesto, roasted red pepper or olive pesto), hummus (regular, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, dill or lemon), or plain cream cheese (regular or whipped style).

3. Fill the wrap. Choose a single item or a combination of items and place as much as you like down the center of the sandwich wrap. Try tofu (bake and seasoned), cheese (sliced or shredded), leftover cooked chicken or steak, avocado, canned salmon or smoked salmon slices, etc.

4. Add some vegetables or fruit to the wrap. This is a painless way to get vegetables and fruit in your diet. Place your chosen vegetables or fruit on top of your filling. Here are some simple and flavorful suggestions:

Vegetable Suggestions: shredded lettuce, peeled and thinly sliced jicama, thinly sliced cucumbers, marinated artichoke hearts, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, fresh tomato slices or diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, sliced scallions, sliced roasted red peppers, sliced sweet bell peppers, very thinly sliced fennel, chopped or diced onion, etc.

Fruit Suggestions: dried cranberries, orange slices, diced or sliced apples or pears, peach slices, sliced strawberries or mango, raisins or dried fruit of choice, fresh blueberries or blackberries, sliced mango, diced cantaloupe or honeydew melon, etc.

5. Add an extra layer of flavor. These are food items that boost the flavor of your sandwich wrap. Use as much and as many as you would like. Here are a few ideas for flavor accents to add depending on the type of wrap you are creating.

Crunchy/Salty/Spicy Flavor Toppings: cooked and crumbled bacon bits (regular or vegetarian), pickle relish, peanut sauce, a little chopped fresh herbs of choice like mint, basil, dill, oregano, or cilantro, chopped nuts, salsa, oyster sauce, or a sprinkling of soy sauce

Sweet/Spicy/Crunchy Flavor Toppings: a spoonful of marmalade or all-fruit spread, nutmeg or cinnamon, a little chutney, or something crunchy and/or sweet like granola, chopped nuts, mini-chocolate chips, shredded coconut, etc.

Once you have placed all of your ingredients in layers on your wrap, simply fold up the bottom end and then fold in the sides to close the sandwich.

A few simple and flavorful wrap sandwich ideas are listed to get you started making these quick meals in minutes.

- whole grain tortilla wrap, mayonnaise, cooked boneless chicken breast (thinly sliced), shredded lettuce, mango chutney

- whole grain tortilla wrap, peanut butter, canned (drained) fruit cocktail, brown sugar

- kale leaves, whipped cream cheese, refried beans, jalapeno slices, salsa, chopped pitted black olives

- whole grain tortilla wrap, almond butter, sliced peaches, sliced strawberries, honey, cinnamon

- spinach flavored tortilla wrap, basil pesto, cooked vegetarian sausage links sliced lengthwise, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes

- whole grain tortilla wrap, mashed avocado mixed with cumin and a little chili powder, cooked cocktail shrimp, corn kernels and diced celery, prepared salsa, chopped fresh cilantro

- whole grain tortilla wrap, Dijon mustard, scrambled egg, marinated artichoke hearts (drained and chopped), sour cream, pitted and chopped green olives

- whole grain tortilla wrap, mayonnaise, cooked and flaked crabmeat, chopped celery and scallions, lemon zest, diced avocado

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Coordinating A Photographer For Your Wedding Day

By Lenie Patel

Preparing for your wedding can be overwhelming, and selecting the right wedding photographer is a huge part of your wedding. It's important that you look at a wide variety of photographers and choose on the styles and techniques that you would prefer on your wedding day.

(1) Inspect the photography closely.

When it comes to picking a wedding photographer, the main thing is what kind of pictures they take! Are the photos likeable: when looking at their work, be honest. What is your opinion of the layout, design, and construction of the album? Are all of the photos focused with colors clear and bright?

(2) Investigate the company.

The bigger wedding photography studios will have multiple photographers, so verify which will be working at your wedding and review their past work. A smaller operator is the other choice. Typically you know who to expect on your wedding day, you are familiar with their work from their photos, and you get a better quality of service when you only work with a single person.

(3) Planning Your Photographic Requirements.

When you locate the professional wedding photographer you want, you should schedule a meeting to discuss the photos you want taken and to plan the photo sessions. It's worth it to plan ahead, because on the big day the photos will look more relaxed and beautiful. When you schedule things, you give yourself enough time to meet all of your goals like a slow paced photo shoot with flattering light.

Take time to talk with your photographer about the amount of coverage you want for your wedding day. There are 4 portions of the day for photography -- pre-wedding, ceremony, organized shots, and of course the reception.

After signing a contract with the wedding photographer, you can relax and have a good time at your wedding.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Breast Cancer Support: Being There With Food

By Brit Winfield

Sharing food is a central act in life. It has a power that extends beyond providing for nutrition and physical survival. The offering of bread is central to so many of the world's religious celebrations' it obviously feeds the soul along with the body. There is a healing power in these food traditions which is rooted in the heart of community.

Hearing of a friend's breast cancer diagnosis sets the mind in motion and if you have received such a phone call recently, you are most likely mulling over the best possible way to help support your friend over the coming months of her treatment. It wouldn't be at all unusual for you to think about providing food for her or her family. This idea is often one of the most immediate and beneficial. But it is essential that you first ensure that your efforts do not become burdensome for your friend. Otherwise, your good intentions will get in the way of the help you had hoped to offer.

If you want to remain a welcome sight on her doorstep during the arduous months of her treatment, there are a few thoughtful considerations you should make before taking on any action. The first would be to determine if cooking help is indeed something that would be welcomed. Sometimes there is another family member who was counting on this assignment to help keep themselves focused during this challenging time. Maybe laundry, cleaning or running various errands would be more helpful to the household in that case. These are often tasks that are overlooked by those offering regular assistance.

If meal provision still appears a viable way to really contribute, ask your friend or her spouse to be up front about food preferences and allergies. Perhaps they can name some favorite dishes or recipes the family would enjoy. Ask what days of the week would be best for delivery of hot meals. Avoid cooking rich foods that would cause the family to suffer from the same after affects of being on a cruise liner. Remember to respect the dietary guidelines of vegetarians or religious dictates.

Deliver food in containers that do not require returning. Individual sized portions prepared for the freezer is often an excellent idea for a busy family or a sick person whose appetite is unpredictable. The breast cancer patient will have dietary ups and downs with her chemotherapy, so be sensitive to any food requirement that may help her.

Enlisting mutual friends to help with the cooking and delivery schedule can make this a beneficial community experience for everyone. You can get friends together for a cooking party, making numerous casseroles or self-contained meals to stock a freezer. This can be a fun-packed event bringing everyone closer while fulfilling an important need. Ensure that your friend and her family know you do not want them to be weighed down by any notion of Thank-you notes. Her return to wellness is the best thanks anyone could receive.

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Uk Food Market Growth

By Cristian Truers

Nostalgic and 'retro' foods have helped drive continued sales value growth in the UK food and beverage market even as the country entered recession, according to a new report from Leatherhead Food Research.

The global movement toward comfort eating has grown as the economic climate has worsened and many food companies have sought to cash in on the trend by reintroducing discontinued product lines and expanding in categories like frozen foods and desserts.

Market research manager at Leatherhead Chris Brockman told "The nostalgia trend has intensified this year: People are going back to comfort foods and emotional eating. Canned foods have been doing quite well and sales of things like jellies and frozen desserts are performing well."

Leatherhead's UK Food and Drinks Report 2009 covers market information from 2004 to 2008, so although it reports three percent annual sales value growth during this time, the full effects of the recession may not yet be apparent.

"Clearly the recession intensified at the beginning of this year so the figures are likely to get worse," said Brockman.


However, products that hark back to better times have proved popular with cash-strapped consumers.

Brockman gives the example of Birdseye's Arctic Roll, a frozen dessert which was popular in the UK during the 1970s and 80s, but lost fans in the early 1990s, leading the company to discontinue the product. It was reintroduced in December.

In addition, he said that consumers are treating themselves to chocolate and confectionery products, even as they are choosing private label products and cutting back on non-food luxuries.

"People are trading down to own label versions but they are always buying treats as well. There is still quite a good market for that," said Brockman. "We always say that chocolate does very well in a recession, and it has done."

He said that Mars in particular has done well - and it has also tapped into the trend for nostalgia, by bringing back Treets, its brown-shelled chocolate-covered peanuts, for a limited time, even though it discontinued them in 1988.

Meanwhile, there are marked differences across Europe when it comes to which sections of the food and drink market are doing well.

For example, while the retail sales value of carbonated soft drinks increased in the UK by a modest 5.3 percent from 2004-2008, it shot up in Spain by 22.7 percent. And the sales value of ice cream fell by 10.9 percent in the UK during the period, while it grew by 7.1 percent in Italy.

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Organic Honey - The Healthy Alternative

By Esther George

Organic honey is a delicious and naturally sweet way to benefit your health. It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients which may help the immune system stay strong. The process to make organic honey is carefully done to keep it from being contaminated with chemicals and toxins. If the label on honey says it's certified organic then it doesn't have any traces of things that are harmful. The USDA regulations are very strict about this.

Essentially, it all starts with the bee keepers who produce organic honey, in that they need to follow certain standards. In fact, even the natural habitat of the bees being used is protected so that the bees don't become exposed to any form of chemicals or antibiotics which are sometimes use to control agricultural diseases. The main reason why organic honey is known to be so good for you is that it doesn't contain any artificial ingredients.

There are scientific studies that prove that organic honey is good for you. It can help ease stomach problems, ulcers and other intestinal problems. It also has natural enzymes that help you digest your food better. Honey can be known to ease sore throats, colds and bronchial problems. Another benefit of honey is its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help heal wounds faster and reduce inflammation. Its thick substance puts a shield or barrier over wounds.

Because honey has a low PH and high sugar content, it can be used effectively to prevent bacteria from infecting wounds. In fact, honey has an antiseptic action very similar to that of hydrogen peroxide. Honey is also recognized as being an effective remedy for treating burns, because not only does it reduce the pain by keeping the burn moist, but it also seals the burn which helps to prevent further contamination. Another benefit of using honey to treat burns is that the resultant scars tend to be less prominent than they would be if the burn had been treated with a different compound.

It simply cannot be denied that the vast majority of people believe organic honey tastes far better than honey which has additives. Either way, organic honey is certainly easier for your stomach to digest, not to mention the fact that it contains beneficial bacteria as well. Honey is also a fantastic source of energy due to glucose and fructose, both of which result in glycogen being stored in your liver and muscles, thus resulting in an increase in energy levels. Studies also suggest that organic honey can help to boost the immune system due to the fact that it contains antioxidants.

Organic honey crystals are a convenient way to use organic honey. It's a natural and certified organic sweetener but it's dry and non-sticky. It's made from organic cane juice and organic honey and doesn't have any preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors. You can easily pour it into your beverages and food which adds the wonderful taste of honey. It's also great to put in recipes because it won't change the consistency. Some things you can add organic honey crystals to are coffee or tea, smoothies, cereals, breads, salads, pudding and cookies.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adding Different Flavors to Your Favorite Cup of Coffee

By Damian Papworth

Coffee is something of an acquired taste, owing to the bitterness that most coffee drinkers experience when trying the drink for the first time. With some milk or sugar (or both), that bitterness quickly disappears and it is no surprise that coffee is popular all over the world, in some cases ranking in a consumption ratio of 1 to 3 when compared to water. After introducing new flavors to a favorite drink, it isn?t difficult to see why flavored coffees continue to increase in number and popularity.

In the past, the number one flavor added to coffee was chocolate, or mocha. With origins in European espresso-based cafes -- most of which serve hot chocolate -- it was not much of a leap for coffee drinkers looking for a slight change to add some chocolate to an espresso drink, creating the ?caf? mocha? now served in coffee houses big and small all across the world. After that, the practice of adding syrup ?shots? to coffee became popular, mimicking the flavor of liqueurs (amaretto, hazelnut etc.) as well as supplying distinct flavors (orange, mint).

Beyond that, coffee flavors have been taken all the way back to the bean itself. Coffee is now available in whole bean form in flavors such as hazelnut and mocha. The coffee drinker has to be aware that coffee simply cannot be grown in different flavors, so any way the gets the flavor must by nature be artificial (though the ingredients don?t have to be). If you see coffee being offered in machines with different flavors, you can be assured that you are not getting a natural brew.

Popular coffee flavors include hazelnut, Irish cream, almond, pistachio and white chocolate, just to name a few. If you are looking for more than just a caffeine fix to keep your work day going, you will be able to find a flavor of coffee to match any mood. The latest flavor syrups are even available in organic options.

Coffee flavors like chocolate do have an authentic element to them, as chocolate has been produced in powder and syrup form for some time. Production methods need not always spoil the natural intentions.

Intense coffee drinks that have elements like pumpkin and cinnamon may seem more like a winter cider than coffee, yet they have become extremely popular.

While it may be a new and pleasant experience for some people, coffee drinkers should remember the difference in calories from a basic cup of regular coffee when compared to a drink in which syrup is added along with whipped cream and other sugary embellishments. You will see sugar and fat contents rise considerably, so take note of your expectations from coffee drinks.

For daily coffee drinkers who see an espresso or black coffee as a staple of life, it is unlikely that a variety of flavors and embellishments on the classic form will be appealing. For others with a notable sweet tooth, the different flavors will add a new wrinkle to the idea of coffee.

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Insider Weight Loss Diet Secrets

By Kristi Rossi

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with fast free weight loss tips.

Other behaviours associated with increased weight loss include more minutes spent exercising and attending group sessions. Since there are a huge number of people who are suffering from weight problems, several weight loss products and diets have been developed to help you lose weight. Fad diets are popular because they promise rapid weight loss. However, fad diets or crash diets do not allow the body to burn fat calories as you would think, they actually produce a net loss of lean muscle mass, water, and stored energy.

Most weight loss programs provide little to no support or motivation once they've "got your money" and you've purchased their program. You'll get a 12-week audio motivational program designed specifically to help you lose weight and keep it off. An easy weight loss program I mean. For a long time I was absolutely sure that this only existed in people's dreams.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following quick weight loss tips:

This brings me to the halfway point of my initial weight loss goal (145, if you do the math). I can't say that this lifestyle adjustment has been simple, but I will say that . Drinking water helps weight loss but you should do it in moderation. It's not so much as drinking too much water as drinking too fast that should be your concern.

All your meals will be smaller, and while you may be eating the same amount of calories, it gives you a better shot at weight loss. We would be happy to help you create or customize any weight loss meal plan for you or simply assist and answer any questions you might have about our weight loss meal service.

They realize that hoodia is just one small piece of the weight loss puzzle. They understand that diet and exercise are the cornerstone of any weight loss program - NOT diet supplements - hoodia included! This site was made to show studies about weight loss and tea, describe its health benefits, and answer any other questions you may have about green tea for weight loss.

Sometimes it's tough to sort out all the details related to the subject of free weight loss tips, but I'm positive you'll have no trouble making sense of the information presented above.

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Regain Your Health By Using Natural Sweeteners Such As Organic Sugar

By Esther George

Sugar is sweet, but that is its only redeeming value. Americans eat sugar to excess; it is hidden in many of the foods we eat today. Our national sweet tooth has led to an epidemic of obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes. Refined sugar has no nutritional value and is simply empty calories as opposed to natural sweeteners that at least offer some nutrients. What is worse, refined sugar leads to an increased production of insulin and diabetes.

Sugar is basically sweet poison, and there is no good reason to use it. Natural sweeteners can provide the same sweet taste without the harmful effects. Honey, for example, is a natural sweetener that has a good taste and is good for you too. Honey does have a disadvantage in that it is sticky and too thick to spread over cereal or dissolve in cold drinks like tea.

However, there are some great products on the market now that solve the honey dilemma. You can buy dried honey crystals and sweet honey flakes so you can shake honey onto any food you want to sweeten. The flakes easily dissolve in cold tea or hot coffee and are an ideal natural sweetener to use as a substitute for sugar.

You can dramatically reduce the amount of sugar your family consumes by buying unsweetened foods and flavoring them yourself at home with natural sweeteners. Rather than buying those sugar coated cereal flakes for your kids, buy the healthier non-sweetened variety and let your kids add their own honey flakes. Buy unsweetened tea and add your healthy natural sweeteners rather than buying store brands that are loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or chemical sweeteners.

It is almost impossible to avoid products today that contain high fructose corn syrup and white sugar. They are in nearly everything because they are so addictive and cheap. Food manufacturers sell more products because sugar addicted consumers keep lining up for more in order to get a quick fix for their sugar cravings.

Organic sugar and natural sweeteners are a better choice for your health. Organic sugar is cane sugar that has not had all of the nutrition processed out of it. Its appearance is not white and pure because it still retains the healthy parts that give it color.

Organic Sugar is a great alternative to regular sugar for all your cooking and baking needs. It will go a long way towards keeping you and your family healthy if you make the switch. Sugar does not make you feel sick when you eat or drink it, (unless you have too much), but over time it is very bad for you.

Any time you can substitute healthy natural sweeteners for refined sugar, you are taking a step in the right direction. Everyone is busy these days and it is tempting to grab fast food or heat up a frozen dinner. Next time temptation strikes, take a minute to think about the sugar content of convenience food and the cost you pay for it with your health. Every step you take can lead you to better health. A good place to start is by switching to natural sweeteners like organic sugar and honey flakes.

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A Colon Cleanse Diet Equals A Long and Healthy Life

By Jared Rite

Next to lung cancer, it is colon cancer that is serves as cancer killer to many. This is basically because of the sad fact that the body have not changed but the food that the body is taking have greatly become quite harmful. The ingredients of many of the food we can but in the market has proven to have adverse effects that turns into various forms of diseases including various types of cancers.

Some of the examples of foods that are unhealthy for the body include those with antibiotics, preservatives, and hormones, refined sugar, white rice, white flour, hydrogenated oil, pasta, corn syrup that is high on fructose, and a lot more that are destroying your system slowly while you do not even have the slightest idea about it. Thus, it is essential that these harmful substances be removed from your body immediately. This is the purpose of bowel movements-to expel wastes from your system.

You can easily determine that you are healthy if you have a regular bowel movement. Regular would mean once a day. If this does not happen to you, you may likely form some diseases. Today's most common bowel problems include constipation. You have it if the toxic debris in the bowel system is not immediately washed away causing it to putrefy and ferment in the body and even be reabsorbed by it. If this happens, your body becomes open to diseases that can lead to death including colon cancer.

A colon cleanse diet is best done to detoxify and therefore prevent the foregoing from happening to you. The process by which toxins are neutralized or removed from the body as well as other unwanted congestion's in it is what we call detoxification. This is done through a healthy lifestyle and a colon cleanse diet.

On the whole, a colon cleanse diet is a diet which comprises foods and drinks that are free from preservatives, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and such substances that contain toxins. If you are a smoker, stopping the use of cigarettes or tobacco will e of substantial help. It is also advisable that you incorporate probiotics in your colon cleanse diet for replenishing the intestinal flora. In essence, a colon cleanse diet would, by and large, be comprised of fruits and vegetables. If you cannot completely remove them from your diet, then try your best to cut down on your processed food intake to hold off toxins from your digestive system and prevent mucus buildup and plaque from forming in it.

For those digestive systems however that already built up toxins and plaques, you can still free your system from these undesirables. The rule to follow should be a slow but regular elimination so that toxins will stop from building up and food intake will be properly digested and used by the body. This will allow your nutrition to be optimized to its fullest use that will allow for your body's vitality and rejuvenation. The process may take years, even decades. The important thing is you start it now before it becomes too late.

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Coffee Makers - Tips on How to Buy One

By Bobby Zoine

Stainless steel coffee makers can really prove to be beneficial as they are a brilliant way to get your afternoon started so you're not feeling tired throughout the day. There are several different types out there and opting for the correct one may certainly be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, it's not so bad once you are aware of what factors to contemplate so here are tips to help you get the right brewing machine.

1. Consider how much you will drink

Before you rush out to purchase a machine, be certain to think about how much you intend you to brew as there are machines specifically designed to create 1 cup or full pots. This can help to stop wasting any money as you can brew the precise quantity which you plan on drinking.

2. Safety options are a must

Getting a brewer which has safety features are highly recommended as this will facilitate to prevent any damage to your unit. Be sure to get a machine that shuts off automatically after some hours once the coffee has been totally brewed.

3. Pause features are a must

If you choose to get a maker that brews a full pot, then be certain that it has a pause and brew feature so that you can quickly grab a cup. Having to wait for your brewer to complete can actually waste precious time so this feature is useful for most reasons.

While many models can generally exceed a hundred dollars, you can obtain great prices by checking online retail stores and even auction sites. Don't forget to check local department stores as they can have clearance sales that you can easily take advantage of. Purchasing a stainless steel coffee maker is an excellent option so be sure to keep these above factors in mind when buying one for the home.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Restaurant Design-Excellent Design Elements Lead To Restaurant Success

By John Tan

Many restaurants tend to do very good business. This is because they can give a large number of people an enjoyable experience at the same time as a good meal away from home.

Some restaurants do better than others. There are a variety of reasons for this, but there are some steps that can be taken to make success more likely.

Hiring an interior designer that has a lot of experience working with restaurants can help make it easier to come up with a good restaurant design that will help the restaurant to be successful.

Most restaurant owners would do well to do some research on possible restaurant designs before deciding exactly how to lay out and decorate their restaurant.

By taking a look at the competition in the area, many restaurant owners can easily see what works and what doesn't. They also find that talking to their current customers or the demographics of the area help with knowing what styles are most popular.

Some restaurant owners fall into the trap of following the latest trends in restaurant design. This isn't usually a good idea because trends often change, and then a redesign of the restaurant will be necessary in order to keep it from looking outdated. Using classic design elements tends to result in a longer lasting and more successful restaurant design.

Choosing the appropriate dinnerware and silverware is also an important aspect of restaurant design. Dining establishments that serve international delicacies, such as Oriental, Mexican, and Italian foods, will find that using colorful dinnerware that complements the food enhances the dining experience.

Whatever choice is made for these elements, make sure they are durable and strong to hold up to extended use. This also goes with the tables, chairs and other decor within the restaurant.

The decor and lighting along with the overall theme in any restaurant should really make the customers feel as though they belong. Whether the theme is focused on elegance or casual dining, it is essential that the lighting be soft and the chairs be comfortable so that it feels welcoming to anyone who enters.

As with any restaurant operating today, it takes a lot of combined elements within the exterior and interior design, to create a welcoming atmosphere that will make the customers keep coming back for more.

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How To Find The Best Wedding Caterers Essex Can Offer

By Tim Travers

If you are in the throes of planning a wedding, you may want to find a complete listing of the wedding caterers Essex has to offer. If you have left enough time before your wedding is to take place, you can afford to research a list of caterers. The internet is one of the best tools for you to locate a complete listing of wedding caterers for you to choose from.

Wedding caterers in the Essex area range from family run companies to award winning chefs. It all depends on the style of reception you want and whether the caterer you have been eying up is available.

Look for websites that include testimonials from past clients. Ideally, you should be able to contact other couples who have hired the person or business you are considering for your wedding. You want to know that your deposit will reserve your date and not simply vanish along with the company or individual you have hired on. The Local Authority may be particularly useful in determining reliability although you should always do fact checking in addition to relying on a list.

Do you have friends who have married recently? Who did they hire on as their caterer? If you attended the reception, did you like the food? Did you get the chance to meet the caterer while at the reception? What was your impression of them? All of these are good things to consider when selecting a wedding caterer.

If you want to make sure you have some protection, make sure that you and your caterer sign a very clear contract saying what their responsibilities are, and specify what you are agreeing to pay for. This can avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings when it comes time to settle up with your caterer.

Doing a bit of legwork at the start will help you be satisfied with your reception in the end. When your wedding day is over and you are looking back at your reception, you can remember the amazing meal that you had and be pleased with your choice of wedding caterer.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

3 Astounding Benefits of a Raw Food Vegan Diet

By Alistair Bedingford

The widely accepted definition of a raw food vegan diet is one where 75% of the time you are eating raw and the widely accepted definition of raw food is food that never gets heated beyond 115F. That being said, why would you switch to such a diet?

Benefit 1 - Rapid Weight Loss

It is a widely studied fact that consumption of raw food results in rapid and drastic weight loss. The reason is incredibly simple. Raw plant foods have a very high fiber to calorie ratio. They are packed with very filling fiber but are comparatively low in calories. As a result, people on raw food vegan diets eat as much as they feel like and still lose weight.

Benefit 2 - Improved Health

Besides the obvious health benefits of weight loss (reduced likelihood of heart disease and diabetes) there are many other ways that eating raw food improves health. Cooking food destroys many of its beneficial components such as vitamins, good bacteria and enzymes. Raw food eaters find digestion much easier and have reported improved energy levels and better skin quality.

Since raw foods don't have preservatives and have significantly less sugar. Eating a raw food vegan diet can make a marked improvement for your overall health and well being.

Benefit 3 -More Environmentally Friendly and Ethical

The vast majority of the meat consumed comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). These industrial operations are notorious for very unethical animal treatment, significant environmental degradation and disease. An organic raw vegan diet is a vote against a system that is unhealthy, unethical and unfriendly to the environment.

Note: B12 supplements are required in a Vegan diet

So be healthier, look better and do something that great for the planet

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Now Stop Chewing The Fat, Loss The Fat, Free Tips To Loss Fat,

By Christopher Rom

Try to cut back on fat, here are several tips to not chew the fat in your diet.

"Now hold the Mayo!" or at least use half a tablespoon of mayo packs in 80 to 100 calories and from 10 to 13 grams of fat depending on the brand!

The reduced-fat varieties of mayo have become more satisfactory in taste over the years.Other alternatives include fat-free condiments like: salsa, chutney, pickle relish, mustard, or horseradish.

"Do try other foods" Trying a new ethnic food to keep things interesting and a lot of the different kinds are healthy for you? Mid-east restaurants have healthy entrees, such as: baba, ghanouj, rice pilaf, dolma, lentil soup, and kufta.

"What about the buttertins" Top toast with a tablespoon of regular butter and you've already downed an extra 10to 12 grams of fat before your day even starts! Switch to yogurt-based spreads, orfruit butters (like apple butter),reduced-fat margarine.

"Steer clear of the Bread Basket!" Watch your carb-intake. But if fat's your foe, munching a bread stick or a roll before your meal can help your weight loss efforts by curbing your hunger and possibly preventing over-eating.

Next "People just Love Salsa!" You have been told one reason people adore salsa, but it is naturally fat-free.It tops lots of foods deliciously in lieu of higher-fat condiments: baked potatoes; grilled chicken; salads; snack crackers; and of course, chips.Treat yourself to freshly-made salsa by mixing together diced tomatoes, green onions and chilies, and cilantro.

"Have half a Lunch" A normal slice of bologna has about 11 grams of fat. The reduced-fat varieties of lunch bologna have less fat content. Chicken and turkey are naturally lean and better for you also and the taste has become better over the years, But most processed lunch meats can contain around 80 percent of there calories from fat. Plus are very high in saturated fat. So in favor you can get deli meats or poultry and yes the price might be a little higher but maybe that will help you.

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Picking The Right Diet

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

There are way too many diets out there. Unfortunately, not even the medical community can reach a consensus on the best one. So how are you going to?

Picking the best nutritional plan can give you a severe mental hernia.

Thus, here are some things to look out for when picking the right diet for you:

1. Amount of calories. If it recommends that you eat like a bird, find something else. If you eat less than twelve hundred calories, the health risks become very salient. You can also damage your metabolism.

2. Sufficient carb intake. Your body and brain needs a bare minimum amount of carbohydrates for proper functioning. Less than about one hundred grams per day and you will lose calorie-burning muscle in addition to low levels of focus.

3. Balance. Without balance you will miss out on a lot of health benefits. After all, the nutrients found in different foods interact with each other to improve health in ways that we still do not understand. You also need the extra energy from a balanced diet when trying to lose weight.

4. Sufficient variety. Any plan should have sufficient variety to keep your palate appeased. The level of variety needed will vary from person to person. And if a diet requires a very narrow intake of food items then it will probably not be sustainable.

5. Affiliate promotions. If you find that the diet plan recommends many products that the author is involved with, then there is probably some bias. Your best bet is to find a plan that does not recommend products the author can profit from.

6. Supplement centrality. If the whole plan is central to a single dietary supplement, then it probably is based on faulty science at best. Stay away from one-hit-wonder programs.

Wading through all the different diets out there can be very overwhelming. And trying to figure out which ones are based on solid science can be virtually impossible for the average consumer. So follow my tips so that you can make an informed decision.

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