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Weight Loss Diets Simplified - How To Lose 20 Pounds

By Scott Edwards

Food diaries are an excellent self-monitoring method for those who like to be in control of their weight loss. For seven days, stick to your usual pattern of eating. Each day, enter everything that's passed your lips, however small. Then you'll have a good idea of what needs modifying and by how much.

Obviously, if there are several take-aways and other high fat foods, cutting those out would be a start. But if that's not the case, and what you're eating looks OK, then just reduce the amount. Either way, use your food diary as the basis for the changes you wish to make.

Write down an Action Plan for the next week. On a blank page, write down detailed notes to cover the following: With regard to food, note what you can't eat, and what you'll only eat occasionally. Then make a list of food that you can eat freely.

As far as alcohol is concerned, keep it to a minimum. Write down when it's not allowed, and when and how much it is allowed. Cans of soft drinks containing sugar are out. Next comes physical exercise, and whether it's a walk in the park, or visits to the gym - write it down.

Accurately weigh yourself the morning your regime starts. Each week, repeat the process, modifying your plan according to the results you're achieving. Make a note of your weight in your diary once a week.

A plan such as this will allow you to manage your weight loss programme and adjust it to suit yourself. Make comments as you go - keep the diary as a working document. Also enter the exercise you're doing, to make sure this isn't getting left out. A diary is a very simple way to monitor your progress - and a remarkable tool for staying with the program!

Do keep your expectations reasonable though. At first, it seems to be all effort and no reward! Patience and perseverance are everything. Keeping up your motivation is sometimes tough, so try to dwell on the end result and the joy it will bring!

If you do get demoralised with your results, analyse what's been happening. It's possible your programme needs some adjusting. Exercising more regularly can do a lot for your metabolism. Why not take a twenty minute walk every lunch time, and increase the pace each day?

Feel good about every pound you lose. Quantifying the results you achieve makes dieting a great deal easier to maintain long-term. You may not want to splash out on clothes until all the weight has come off. But you could spoil yourself with a pamper session when you reach a mini-goal.

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Tips On Event Catering In Essex

By Jack Lovett

If you are planning any kind of big social event, or a business function, then you may well want to look at event catering in Essex. Essex, being home to some of the best catering companies in the country, leaves you in a lot of luck when it comes to finding some extremely good and reputable companies with years of experience in the business.

If you are organizing a big party, you want to take the stress of it somewhat. You want to be able to enjoy the party yourself just as anyone else so in order to do this, you need to hire the services of companies that can do the job for you.

Catering companies do typically have preset menus but they should be various ways to customise the options. They should also be able to accept certain special requests.

The catering company usually has extensive menus for every mealtime of the day and for various types of parties. You should be able to choose from a considerably wider range of canap?s and antipasto type layouts as well as full proper meals.

There should also be vegetarian options available for those amongst the people invited you have any kind of special food needs. You should also be able to make personal requests to add another personal touch to your party.

There are many different scenarios where you would consider hiring services of a catering company, an typically they can be very appropriate for any party which has a couple of dozen people coming up or more. Try to cater for these people yourself is usually not an option unless you are real glutton for punishment and you have a lot of people to help you. If you are going to throw big party, you want to have everything done right and to minimize the stress.

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Hawaiian Macaroni Salad For All Salad Lovers

By Mike Jackson

I love making and eating Hawaiian Mac Salad. It reminds me of the luau in the warm hawaiian sun and chowing down on pork, salmon and mac salad while watching the polynesian show of dancers and entertainers. Now, you can make this delicious dish at home, quickly and with minimal ingredients. Homemade Hawaiian Macaroni Salad can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Six ingredients are all that is needed to make what I think is the best mac salad around. In under 30 minutes, you'll have Hawaiian Macaroni Salad for your family. This is the perfect recipe for a time crunch and you are sure to please your family. Also, it's great for parties because everybody loves Hawaiian Macaroni Salad and it looks like it took time to make, because it's so delicious, but little do they know it takes less than 30 minutes. You can add more mayo or more spice depending on the guests. You can even make multiple batches for the guests, so everybody gets what they want. 1 for those that love mayo and the other for those that love spicy mac salad.

Here are the first couple steps: First step, go to the store and buy these ingredients: carrots, macaroni, mayo, pepper, salt, and milk.

Second, cook the macaroni for 8 minutes or so, or until tender. This is the key to your salad because the texture and softness of the macaroni is crucial.

3rd step is to add grated carrots, mayo, and milk until well coated. Salt & Pepper, as desired. Use more mayo if needed or if desired.

Fourth step, cover and put into the refrigerator to chill. You can serve later on in the day, so it's a time saver since you can make it in the morning. Perfect easy recipe for parties.

Once you try this recipe, you will never try another Hawaiian Macaroni Salad recipe and this will become your go to dish for parties. Your family will beg for mac salad at least once a week and it only takes 30 minutes to prepare, so you won't mind making this recipe each and every week. This recipe is so easy and delicious that your family will be happy you tried this recipe. Be sure to bring this dish to every party you attend and you'll be happy with everybody's reaction.

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Being Positive About Your Weight Loss

By Patrick Thorntonson

Once you have decided that you really want to lose weight, you need to make that a firm commitment and approach your goal with a positive attitude. Everyone knows that losing weight can be very challenging. It won't happen over night and it take a lot of practice and time to change habits that you have established over your lifetime.

However, you are the the one that controls you own destiny for shedding those extra pounds. You need to think positively and like a winner rather than a loser. Negative thoughts can cast doubt on the efforts you take to lose weight and will impede your progress.

The key to losing weight isn't finding the perfect diet or magic pill. It lies in establishing good habit that will allow you to lose weight as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off. Try to find a weight loss program that seems sensible and realistic to you and one that you will be able to incorporate into your life not only now but for the long term.

Although it is true that you can control how you think as well as your destiny, it can be quite helpful if you have support from your family friends. There may even be people you know that would like to join you in your weight loss efforts who would not only support you but give you someone to exercise with and help hold you accountable to your goals. This can really be helpful in maintaining a positive outlooking and staying on track.

Weight loss programs and diets of today are more flexible than ever before. There are even diets where you can buy the food already prepared for you, if you want to go that route. You have a lot of options when it comes to finding a weight loss program that will work for you.

One key aspect that you need to keep focused on is becoming more knowledgeable on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Find a diet or weight loss program that helps you with your education and that is not rigid, but flexible in the foods that you are allowed to eat. This way your diet will be varied and you will learn more when you are forced to make choices about what to eat.

Good weight loss programs also incorporate exercise into your daily routine. This something else that you want to focus positive thoughts on and and look forward to enjoying getting some exercise rather than dreading the thought of it. You will have lots of choices when it comes to selecting physical exercise and you can look forward to a stronger and well toned body as well as a slimmer one.

Walking is always a good place to start when it comes to exercise. There are also lots of other activities such as swimming, aerobic, jogging, bicycling, and lifting weights just to name a few that you can choose from. Above all, when it comes to losing weight keep a positive attitude and stay committed until you meet your weight loss goals.

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What Is Lurking In Your Acai Juice?

By Peter Marks

Acai berry juice has been around for quite a while and in recent years has become more popular. You owe it to yourself to give it a try if you have not tried it before. However, there are a few things or facts you should be aware of when you purchase this wonderful juice.

Acai has high amounts of antioxidants which are thought to help aide off illnesses and disease. Not only is it loaded with antioxidants it contains other essential elements that could be helpful to your body. Along with the antioxidants it also contains some essential fatty acids, fiber that can help with digestion and other trace vitamins and minerals.

Acai is found in the Amazon rain forest in the Amazon flood basin in a region around Brazil that covers a vast area. The local native tribes have known about acai for thousands of years and use it in their diet. Brazilians have enjoyed it in acai bowls, beverages and other foods in more recent times.

Similar in flavor to blueberry juice it has a flavor of its own. Acai mixes well with other juices such as grape, blueberry or pineapple. Acai is more expensive than most juices so it is usually best to mix your own blends.

When acai berry juice is watered down or mixed with other juices it can be found cheaper. Pure acai berry juice is more expensive because that is all it contains. Some brands may even be mixed with fillers or sugars.

When you buy acai berry juices consider a brand that is pure and 100% organic. Consider a brand that is kosher. If it is not on the label check out the company's website or e-mail them directly.

You may have questioned where you can find acai juice that meets these criteria. Your local health food store may have it but chances are you will easily find it online and at lower prices. You will find it much easier to find acai berry juice online.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

4 Reasons Why Arm Flab And High Carb Diets Don't Mix

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

Picking the right diet for losing arm flab can be extremely frustrating. Why? Because there is so much marketing hype that the truth has become hidden amongst all the lies.

I'm pretty sure you're having a challenge finding the perfect diet

If you are, don't worry. I suspect many women are in your exact same situation. I remember when I used to get so frustrated with all the different diets out there.

Thus, here is why you shouldn't go high carb to lose arm fat:

1. Sugar overdose. Being around lots of carbs means being around lots of sugar in one form or another. And if you have a sugar addiction you should definitely stay away from high carb eating. After all, once you start having sugar it will be very hard to stop.

2. Reduced insulin effectiveness. If your body gets too many carbs at once, it will become insulin resistant. This horrible state makes it hard for muscles to absorb nutrients. And if your muscles aren't absorbing nutrients then your arm fat is.

3. Massive hunger spikes. If you do not eat a LARGE amount of vegetables when going high carb expect some major hunger swings. Why? Because carbs will drive your blood sugar levels up and then down.

4. Very slow arm flab loss. If you want toned arms now and not later, then this diet is not for you. With high carb intakes, weight loss comes at a slow crawl.

Now high carb diets can work for some women. Who? Those with fast metabolisms and no insulin resistance. How can you tell if you're insulin resistant? Look at your stomach. If it's disproportionately large compared to your other body parts, then you may be insulin resistant. Insulin resistance increase visceral fat, the fat that is around the organs in your stomach.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Natural Diet?

By Jose Bautista

A good health is based on the consumption of natural foods that provide the nutrients necessary for a good balance in the body. A high dose of energy is lost every day by the body, which fights against toxic substances. Choosing to follow a natural diet is the best you can do to eat healthy. By consuming natural foods, the harmful effects of chemical pollution are reduced.

The consumption of raw food has countless benefits for our health. Many products contain enzymes that help in digestion. A natural diet provides phytochemicals, whose effects on health are similar to those of vitamins and minerals. By cooking, most enzymes are destroyed.

Keep in mind that your health is threaten every day by harmful factors from food, air and water. By consuming natural foods, your body will fight effectively against these chemical substances. Eat as often as possible vegetables, fruits, beneficial fats and whole grains.

Fruits and vegetables are the key element of a natural diet. The body needs more energy to digest these foods; thus, you'll never face any weight problems. Replace your daily cereals with whole grains, because they are healthier, fighting against colon cancer and other diseases of the digestive system.

As I mentioned before, a natural diet can be followed anytime, by anyone. Just consider the huge benefits brought by such a lifestyle. Remember to add in your daily menu vegetable proteins; all you have to do is to consume seeds, whole grains, soy and peanuts.

A natural diet requires a plan, a purpose and the motivation to consume a variety of healthy foods every day. It is important to pay attention not only to the food consumed, but also to those nutrients that are not part of our diet. Food is one of the great pleasures of life. All foods can be part of a natural diet, if they are consumed with moderation, in the right way.

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The Anatomy of Cells in the Body

By Dr. Lorna Mistranski

The human body is comprised of various kinds of cells and by looking at the body from this perspective is the best way to comprehend what free radicals are.

The chemical bond of a cell is comprised of various types of molecules that are held together with one or more atom.

Atoms are comprised of protons, neutrons, and electrons whereby the total amount of protons that are in the nucleus determine how many electrons will surround them.

The role of the electrons is to manage chemical reactions that occur inside the atom as well as the substances that makes the atoms form molecules. Much like planets, electrons revolve around the atom in one or more shells.

A atom is considered full when two electrons occupy the innermost layer. When the second layer is filled with electrons, the process starts all over again

The most important structural characteristic of an atom for determining its chemical behavior is the number of electrons in its outer shell.

Maximum stability is reached when the atom has a full outer shell. This is the ideal condition every atom seeks to attain and is achieved by the following conditions:

Adding or dropping electrons that will either fill or empty the atom's shell

Bonding with other atoms to share electrons to complete the outer shell

The typical way an atom achieves maximum stability is sharing electrons with other atoms. This allows the conditions to for the atoms sustain the molecules in the most efficient way.

Often, the bonds that the atoms form remain in tact so that maximum stability is maintained. However, when these bonds do tear, the highly unstable free radical is born and swiftly seeks to make itself more stable.

Free radicals like to attack by locating the closest cell that has maximum stability and begins to steal electrons. Eventually these attacked molecules become free radicals themselves. The process will continue until eventually cellular damage occurs.

The process of metabolism is frequently when free radicals occur and sometimes even when fighting off viruses and bacteria. Other producers of free radicals derive from pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, and pesticides.

The body is usually able to fight off free radicals unless it's empty of antioxidants or free radicals production accumulates too much, damage can occur. The older you get the more free radical damage occurs.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines - Great Coffee When You Want It

By Abby Cardin

When you get tired of grinding your own coffee beans or sipping down barely drinkable coffee from an inferior machine, consider getting a bean to cup coffee machine. This is the easiest and fastest way to get high quality coffee in your own kitchen or place of work. Whether you need something that brews quickly for a business setting or just want the best for your home, you will never have to grind your own coffee again.

You simply purchase the best beans you can afford and put them into the machine. After programming in the settings with easy push button operations, you sit back and wait while the machine does all the hard work. Not only will it deliver perfectly brewed coffee a short time later, but it will perfectly grind the beans for you as well.

The biggest concern most people have when purchasing professional coffee equipment is the size. Many of the units are quite large, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the amount of space you have to devote to this item.

If you do have some space to spare, consider getting a unit that includes space to stack cups, creamer, and other commonly needed condiments when making a cup of coffee. This will keep everything in one spot so it is easier and much quicker to grab a cup on the go.

There are space saver units on the market right now for those who have less space to give up. These are often used for residential settings or offices offering coffee to employees, clients, and customers. You will not have as much space to stack cups and other items right on the machine, but they are easier to fit in with other items in a crowded room.

To show what a professional machine like this can really do, you can expect your machine to brew at least 100 cups of coffee in a single day. Larger units can often do 300 or more cups in a single day.

The best use for such large units and all of the resulting coffee would be a very busy kitchen or possibly a catering business. Some offices are now using these large machines to offer free coffee to their employees and any customers who wander into their business every day.

For home use or in a lighter use setting, you may get by with a smaller unit that is only capable of brewing 100 or so cups a day. It is important to assess how much coffee you may need and how much you could need in the future before you start looking around. This will prevent you from purchasing a machine that is more than you really need.

Of course, you can expect to pay considerably more for this type of professional quality machine than you would for a smaller coffee machine that does not grind up the beans itself. You get what you pay for, and this is definitely intended for business and luxury purposes only.

If you look around online you can now find a bean to cup coffee machine within your budget. There are many sellers offering them at value prices or holding sales on a regular basis, making them more affordable to anyone who wants the luxury of a better coffee machine in their home or business.

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Coleslaw - You Need To Try This Recipe

By Mike Sasaki

Coleslaw is a delicious salad, I don't like to consider it a salad, consisting mostly of shredded raw, white cabbage. It sometimes includes carrots, too. There are tons of variations of the recipe which include the addition of other ingredients, such as red cabbage, pineapple and apple. Coleslaw is always mixed with some sort of dressing which traditionally consist of vinegar though modern cole slaw often contains mayonnaise, milk, or creme fraiche. A variety of seasoning may be added. The dressing is allowed to settle on the blended ingredients usually for several hours before being served. It is served chilled and probably tastes best if the ingredients are allowed to sit together.

The term arose in 1794 as a partial translation from the Dutch term "koolsla" meaning "cabbage salad". It was commonly called cold slaw in England until the 1860's when "cole" meaning cabbage was revived. "Cole" originated from the Latin colis meaning "cabbage", and is the source of the Dutch word as well. The term coleslaw is a late 19th century term, which originated in the United States.

This is my absolute most favorite coleslaw recipe.

Ingredients: 1 1/2 Pound Cabbage, 3 Tablespoons Cider Vinegar, 2/3 Cup Mayonnaise, 1 Small (grated) Onion, 2 (grated) Carrots, Salt.

Directions: 1. In a large bowl, toss cabbage with vinegar and salt. Grate the carrots and onion directly into the bowl. Add the mayonnaise and toss.

2. The coleslaw can be served now, but it is much better, more melded, if allowed to stand and tossed occasionally for 1 hour.

Regardless of what you think of coleslaw, you are guaranteed to love this recipe. And the great thing about coleslaw is that you can easily modify it to suit your taste. For example, if you like things spicy, you can add spice. If you like mayo, you can add mayo.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Look for Foods That Promote Youth

By Dr. Mathias Wikenslop

A recent study done by USDA scientist found that artichokes, beans, and acai berry were among the best foods to find the highest levels of the disease fighting compound known as antioxidants.

It was also confirmed that already well-known high antioxidant foods such as cranberries and blueberries--the researchers also found that Russet potatoes, pecans and even cinnamon are all excellent--although lesser-known, sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are thought to fight cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's.

"The bottom line is the same: eat more fruits and veggies," says Ronald L. Prior, Ph.D., a chemist and nutritionist with the USDA's Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center in Little Rock, Ark., and lead author of the study. "This study confirms that those foods are full of benefits, particularly those with higher levels of antioxidants. Nuts and spices are also good sources."

This is the most comprehensive and complete study ever done on foods with antioxidants as the USDA used high tech equipment and analyzed more foods than in the previous studies. The researchers analyzed over 100 foods like acai berry, fruits, vegetables, spices and nuts.

The foods were analyzed and measured for the concentration levels of antioxidants and the capacity per serving of the antioxidants. Research showed the top fruits were the acai berry, cranberries, blueberries, and black berries. The highest levels found in the nut category were walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans--Russet potatoes, beans, and artichokes were found to have the highest level antioxidant concentration in the vegetable category.

ground cloves, ground cinnamon, and oregano were found to have high amounts of antioxidants. Spices are usually consumed in small amounts, even though many are high in antioxidants.

The data should prove useful for those seeking to add more antioxidants in their diet. You must still use caution as the total antioxidant capacity of the foods does not necessarily reflect their potential health benefit, which depends on how they are absorbed and utilized in the body.

At the moment, there are no government guidelines for people to know many antioxidants to take and what kinds of antioxidants to consume in their daily meals--this is also the case with vitamins and minerals. A major barrier to such guidelines is a lack of consensus among nutrition researchers on uniform antioxidant measurements.

It is encouraged for the time being to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables that have a high concentration of amino acids like acai berry.

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Pancakes for Breakfast

By Mikey Buttars

No longer will you have to go to the grocery store and buy pancake mixes. With things you have at home you can create your own original pancake mix. It just takes some ingredients you can find in your pantry at home.

The ingredients that you will need for you're at home pancake mix are: flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt, baking powder, baking soda, milk and vegetable oil. Depending on how many pancakes you want is depending on how much you mix.

If you like a thicker pancake then look to adding more flour to your recipe. If you desire a thinner pancake then add more milk. If this is your original mix then play with the ingredients to get it to your desired texture.

After you have a tester pancake you will be able to play around with your recipe. Add a1/4 cup of batter on a skillet, this should make a good size pancake. You can add a little bit more if you so desire.

Once you have placed the batter on the skillet, the top will soon begin to bubble. Once this happens it is time to flip it over.

You can also add some fresh fruit or chocolate chips into the batter to make it a little thicker. Only do this if you have found the right consistency of your batter.

With the new fruit ingredients in there, they will mix in completely when you flip the pancake over.

The pancake mix is not a hard one to create and make your own. No longer do you have to be without pancakes on a weekend morning because you forgot to pick up a prepackaged mix at the grocery store.

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What You Should Know About Natural Sweeteners Before You Make Them Part of Your Diet

By Jamis Hartley

Are natural sweeteners right for you? Many believe all natural is the only way to go, therefore natural sweeteners are right for everyone. At this point the highest level of interest in natural sweeteners is found among those trying to lose weight or those who have a medical condition that is forcing them to reduce sugar intake. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices these days which are great all natural alternatives to sugar. But be careful, some may or may not be the right fit for you. Do a little research and make the right choice. This article will give you a few basics and recommendations to consider.

* Sugar: Has a Glycemic Index of 60 and 4 calories per gram

* Xylitol: Has a Glycemic Index of 13 and 2 and a half calories per gram

* Sorbitol: Has a Glycemic Index of 9 and 2 and a half calories per gram

* Isomalt: Has a Glycemic Index of 8 and 2.1 calories per gram

* Maltitol Syrup: Has a Glycemic Index of 52 and 3 calories per gram

* Lactitol: Has a Glycemic Index of 6 and 3 calories per gram

* Erythritol: Has a Glycemic Index of 0 and .2 calories per gram

Of the available natural sweeteners recognized as safe to consume there is really only one that stands above the rest. When comparing the Glycemic Index and carbohydrate levels (not listed) Erythritol seems to be the clear choice. It is interesting to note that the only two that do not cause tooth decay is Xylitol and Erythritol. Flavor would obviously be a very determining factor, but that is based only on personal preference as each will pass the test of being pleasingly sweet. The biggest and most important factor to separate Erythritol as the preferred natural sweetener is the method by which the body digests the sweetener. Erythritol is digested mostly in the small intestine and excreted through the bladder saving you the discomfort of the digestive issues caused by the other sweeteners.

Found naturally in many fruits and vegetables like pears, melons, potatoes and grapes, Erythritol is abundantly available. Erythritol has many of the desired qualities of sugar and is widely used as a replacement of sugar to sweeten drinks and add flavor to cooking recipes. It is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar but much better for the teeth and body. Diabetics appreciate the fact that Erythritol does not spike the blood sugar levels and makes managing their diabetes easier. There is plenty of information regarding all the different natural sweeteners online and you would do well to read through some portion of it before making the switch.

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Eating Healthy: The Best Gout Home Remedy

By Rashel Dan

The best gout home remedy may be in your own kitchen. You no longer need to jump from one pharmacy to another to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by gout. Commonly used gout home remedy are fruits, herbs, vegetables and roots. These have several benefits and are generally safe to use. They can also be used simultaneously and together with your medication.

A good gout home remedy will do the following:

- Relieve pain. - Reduce swelling - Eliminate stiffness - Detoxify and rid uric acid crystals from the body - Boost healthy blood circulation to aid in the flushing away of toxins - Speed healing of joint tissues to prevent uric acid build-up.

Fruits as gout home remedy:

Potassium composes acid crystals into a solution so they are easily flushed away by the body. Fruits that are especially high in potassium are your best bet when it comes to curing gout. These high-potassium fruits include dried peaches, avocados, cantaloupe, oranges, bananas, tomatoes and dried prunes.

Other fruits have their benefits as gout home remedy too.

Lemon fuels the production of calcium carbonate, which balances acids in the body. Take the juice of lemon, dilute in water and drink as a gout home remedy.

Cherries and berries have been popularly known to fight gouty attacks. You can start by purchasing blueberries, cherries and strawberries from your local supermarket as fresh produce or concentrated juices. These fruits are rich with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and enzymes that neutralize uric acid in the body. Grapes are good, too, since they contain Alkalines that neutralize acidity.

Bananas and apples are also effective against gout. Maintaining a gout-preventing diet is as easy as eating 1 apple a day and 2-3 bananas per day for 4 days.

Herbs as gout home remedy:

People from ancient times have been using turmeric for medicinal treatment. Now it is known to be a potent antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, antioxidant and blood strengthener. It is also considered to treat inflammation just like cortisone. Another herb, cayenne pepper, is known to have the same effect.

Also try artichoke, which contains cynarin. Cynarin is a compound known to prevent liver impairment and joint problems, thus benefiting those with gout.

You can also take in other herbs by drinking herbal teas such as buchu tea, which flushes out uric acid crystals from your system. Other gout-fighting herbs include parsley and saffron, which can be a natural diuretic and acid neutralizer.

Vegetables and roots as home gout remedy: Spinach, potatoes and carrots are rich in potassium. As mentioned earlier, foods high in potassium detoxify the body from uric acid crystals. Also try eating more garlic as a gout home remedy-popularly known to be good for the heart, garlic has also been found to relieve gout symptoms. Finely chop fresh garlic and add to salads and other dishes as a natural gout home remedy.

Although these ingredients safe to use and are excellent gout home remedy, you should still consider consulting a physician.

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A How To For Wedding Venues In Essex

By Gary Mearns

In the UK, there are so many exceptional places to have a wedding, especially when you discover the different wedding venues in essex. There is no shortage of the best in essex. This does not make the choice of what is already hard, any easier.

Regardless to the reason you need a wedding venue, the places in essex can easily accommodate those who just want to have a wedding or just want a place to have their reception or both. When you look in essex, you will find that this choice is one that is large and not easy to make.

With so many choices available, you will want to make sure that you start looking early, that way you have plenty of time to choose, plus you are more likely to get the choice that you want. Here are a few examples of the choices that you will have.

Condon Park Golf Club, features home made cusine and is a place ready for all types of occasions. They are a family owned and run business that prides themselves in the service provided to the customers. The Baronial Hall was built in the early 17th century and then rebuilt in 1997, using a rosewood block floor from the County Hall Westminister. In the Baronial Suite, there is a private patio, along with a garden area with seating and barbecue cabana. They're Ryder room has been licensed for civil ceremonies and also has the ability for use as a reception room.

The Ivory Rooms, Billericay has a civil license to wed, so you're wedding and reception may be help at the same place. They offer the ability to arrange all things to the way that suits you're needs. Dancing is available in the Chantry suite, which comes with the option of DJ, or live music from other bands or acts. Everything can be arranged upon request. Has the option to cater up to 90 seated or a buffet for up to 140.

Always make sure to start your search early, due to the vast choices and your ability to get the place that you want.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Find Out Some Interesting Facts About Coffee Makers

By April Kerr

Coffee has been part of anyone's lifestyle. In cafeterias, offices, homes, or just about anywhere, it has evidently been present either as a plain beverage to awaken you, or as a more useful substance in the field of medicine. Since it's is one of the most commonly aromatic substance, doctors and nurses have used it in hospitals to test the olfaction of an individual.

Years back, people shed their sweat and blood before a cup of coffee can be produced. It involves a lot of processes, from roasting, to grounding and boiling. Then on the 19th and 20th century, people learned that it is pointless to roast the coffee beans because it produces the same delicious drink even if it's just plain ground coffee.

When coffee makers were invented, it was so much easier for people to make a cup of coffee. They need not boil water in another container because water is boiled inside the coffee maker itself. Coffee makers consist of two chambers that work through the automatic drip-brew process. One chamber contains the ground coffee and filter, and the other chamber contains the boiling water.

In the 19th century, vacuum brewers came into existence and became renowned. It has a lower and an upper chamber that works using the vacuum principle. In the lower chamber, water is heated first. The rising temperature causes increase in pressure, pushing the water out through a tube that leads to the upper chamber. Heat is then removed once the lower chamber runs out of contents. Meanwhile in the upper chamber, the coffee grounds are kept, and once water reaches them, their flavors are extracted. After heat is removed, vacuum pulls the brew back into the lower chamber, where the coffee is strained and then poured out.

Still in the mid-nineteenth century, percolators with detachable lid covers came out in United States. Water is first heated until it boils. Once boiling, water travels through a metal tube heading to the coffee grounds. Until the brew is saturated with coffee flavor, the process is done over and over again.

Another type of coffee maker works through another principle called thermosiphon. These coffee makers are known as electric drip or dripolators. Cold water from its storage passes into a hose that opens into the heating chamber. By way of pressure produced from heat and siphoning effects, water moves into a spray head while passing through a separate hose. From the spray head, water goes to the ground coffee. It is then filtered and then poured out.

Manufacturers have made so many coffee maker designs when the years passed, and all of these have made a truly remarkable coffee experience for people.

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Do You Know What Depression Really Means?

By Carlo Mueres

Depression is a mental health disorder that can affect the way you eat and sleep, the way you feel about yourself, and the way you assume about things. A depressive disorder is more than a passing mood. It is not a signal of personal weakness, and it cannot be willed or wished away.

People who are depressed cannot 'snap out of it' and get better. Without treatment, symptoms can last for months or years. A depressive disorder involves the body, mood, and thoughts. Treatments such as antidepressant medications and psychotherapy can reduce and occasionally eliminate the symptoms of depression.

Types of Depression Three of the most usual are Major Depression, Dysthymia, and Bipolar Disorder. Depressive disorders come in different forms. Even within these types of depression there are variations in the number of symptoms, their severity, and persistence.

Major depression is manifested by a mixture of symptoms (see symptom list below) that interfere with the capability to work, study, sleep, eat, and enjoy once pleasurable activities. Some people have a single episode of depression, but numerous have episodes that recur.

Dysthymia is a less severe type of depression that lasts a long time but involves less severe symptoms. If you suffer from dysthymia you probably lead a average life, but you may not be functioning well or feeling good. People with dysthymia may also experience major depressive episodes at some time in their lives.

Symptoms of Depression and Mania These lists are not complete, and not everyone who is depressed or manic experiences all of these symptoms. The severity of symptoms varies with individuals and varies over time.

Depression Persistent sad, anxious, or 'empty' mood Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness Loss of interest or enjoyment in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex Decreased energy, fatigue, being 'slowed down' Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping Appetite and/or weight loss or overeating and weight gain Thoughts of dying or suicide; suicide attempts Restlessness, irritability Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and long-lasting pain

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Weight Control For Health And Fitness

By Peter Werth

Health and fitness is most of the time associated with physical appearance, especially weight. And why not? It is the weight of the person can tell whether he or she is living a healthy lifestyle due to the foods and habits that he or she has.

Through the years, dieting has become one of the most popular means of controlling weight to most overweight people in the world. Although there are seemingly countless testimonies of its effects, many experts agree that there are also side effects when controlling weight is not administered properly.

What you need to know about diet and dieting

People who have finally decided to lose weight should know where to begin. First, he or she must determine the real reason or reasons why they would want to lose weight. By determining and establishing the reason/s why one would want to lose weight, this can help him or her because they can these as motivations during the weight loss phases they are about to face.

But, there are also kinds of diet that are prescribed in order to achieve a particular medical objective while some dieting are actually designed and prescribed to increase body fat or add up to muscle weight gain. By asking one's self if he or she is ready to permanently change what they eat, how they eat, their behavior and their activity levels, the possibility is greater that they would lose weight faster and safes.

Third, they must look for a back up support system in case they can no longer manage weight control on their own. And last but not the least, they must make sure that they are strong enough to deal with possibility of failing if they do not achieve their desired weight or result.

Special diets usually include, exclude, or regulate a set of certain chemicals especially from the foods that contain them and are given to people that have chronic diseases such as diabetes and other illnesses such as epilepsy, celiac disease, kidney diseases, and also those who are lactose-intolerant. One of the most important things to remember before losing weight is that the person should seek professional help.

Experts say that two of the most crucial factors that affect weight loss are food or calorie intake and the frequency of physical activities such as exercise. Although it may seem easy to monitor calorie intake and exercise regularly, it is not always effective especially if the person doing it is not determined and disciplined enough.

Weight Loss management tips

One of the effective means of achieving health and fitness is once a person knows how to manage or control his or her weight. For a person to achieve their weight loss goals here are some tips that they can use:

1. Dehydration makes a person lose appetite and can make him or her lose so much weight which can be harmful to one's overall health. Although dieting or cutting down on food intake can help one lose weight, this cannot assure permanent weight loss because they will tend to eat more the next meal and the meals after that.

2. Taking your time while eating can help you relish the food's flavors well and also helps your body to adjust to the food eaten. Eating in smaller amounts or food portions will help one cut down on calorie and fat intake.

3. Monitor gradual weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds weekly without irritability, fatigue, or weakness. This will allow your body to regain the loss water and fats.

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Selecting Foods That Burn Calories While You Eat

By Dorthy Weatherbush

Timing is everything and now that summertime is here we need every trick in the book to look great in our shorts and swimsuits. Learning how to select foods that burn calories while you eat is just one of those tricks. What a win-win situation eating and shrinking.

This is not a trick but a tried and true manner of losing weight while maintaining better health and fitness. More than 100 foods are available today that will accelerate your metabolism thereby letting you burn more calories while you eat; in all intense and purpose by eating these foods our bodies will burn more calories digesting them than you will get from consuming them. We have highlighted some of the foods found at their peak in summertime, foods like fresh berries and mouthwatering melons. Other foods like sweet potatoes and carrots we'll save for the cooler months.

Apples reign at the top of our mini listing. Not only are these calorie-burners available in great variety year round but are also free of fat and sodium, and they each weigh in at only 80 calories. Apples are high in pectin a soluble fiber which aids digestion. Leave the skin on apples to increase the amount of vitamin C you benefit by.

Yummy, peaches! These fuzzy calorie burners are full of fiber so you feel satisfied after eating one and the high level of ascorbic acid aids in burning fat. Each peach holds about 50 calories, so generously add these to shakes and smoothies, and slice them over cereal; delicious!

Summer and strawberries go hand in hand. These juicy red bite-sized fruits are relentless calories burners. One cup of berries contains about 46 calories and 11 grams of carbohydrates making them an excellent choice for our summer dishes. You can eat them alone, in salads and in smoothies just to name a few ideas. If you are a diabetic this is a great choice as they are also low in sugar and high in fiber.

For a cooling refreshing choice try cantaloupe. These melons are a great source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. At 60 calories a cup you can cool down eating these on that hot summer days. They taste great cold or room temperature.

Known as the King of Fruit - mangos are a source of both vitamins C and A. While still a little green they have more of vitamin C than A, and as the fruit ripens the level of vitamin A increases. Mangos are helpful in maintaining our potassium levels. This is a plus in summer as we are more active and exercising more. At room-temperature mangos are the most flavorful. So peel off the skin and let the eating begin.

As you begin, remember to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet, continue eating some of the foods you normally do, take a dietary supplement, exercise, and drink lots of water. Feel free to give up candy bars, chips, ice cream and replace those sweet processed foods with luscious berries, refreshing melon or a fruit smoothie. Eating calorie-burning foods and exercising accelerates weight loss; increasing consumption of these foods with exercise can double the speed of weight loss. Snack as much and as often as you like; keep eating and burning calories.

You look marvelous, time to show off that bikini.

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How Find Subway Coupons

By Mike Kempton

Searching for subway sandwich coupons? Is it really worthwhile, or could your time be used more realistically with other endeavors? How much is it possible to save with these coupons? Firstly, one of the coupons available is the buy 1 get 1 sub free when you buy a sub of with a huge drink. This can actually save everyone a bunch of cash if you eat at a subway often. One place subway coupons are available is on eBay. You should purchase these in groups of twelve to twenty for terribly low costs. Why should you pay for coupon codes at all when they are normally gives them away for free? The explanation is you are paying for the time savings of having all these vouchers handed to you, vs. You spending hours on end finding them.

This may save you at least one or two hours if not more, and if you are very conscious of your time, this should be thought to be terribly advantageous as you may potentially have better things to do than spend a whole afternoon finding twenty subway sandwich coupons.

This could save you at least a few hours if not more, and if you are acutely aware of your time, this could be considered to be very beneficial as you will probably have better things to do than spend an entire afternoon finding 20 subway sandwich coupons.

Just think about the money this can save you over the course of a year. Still, when you go on eBay, it'll definitely not cost a bomb for these. As an example, one current auction has five of these rebates for sale, that will give you a net savings of fifty dollars, and the present bid is only at $11. Naturally, all of this is well and good if you go to subway all the time, but what about if you need to go out for a fast sandwich today, and need one voucher to use? Do not use eBay for this eventuality.

Just type subway sandwich coupons into Google and go to the initial sites that come up. While you won't be in a position to get groups of chits like you could on eBay, you will find one or two that may apply, and can likely save 2 greenbacks on just one trip.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Organic Gardening - Advice For First Time Growers

By Susan Honeywell

Putting the decision to grow herbs and vegetables organically into practice may look like an overwhelming task, but you will quickly see that growing without artificial fertilizers or pesticides is very rewarding, and also easier than it may seem at first glance.

Organically grown vegetables and herbs are safer, healthier and also taste better than those grown with the help of chemical products, plus you can save get for free what would cost you at the grocer's.

When starting with organic vegetable and herbal gardening, you should prepare a composting box as soon as you can. Good compost is by far the best fertilizer for your garden and also acts as natural pest control. Contrarily to popular belief, your compost heap will neither smell nor look unseemly.

Your home-made compost will also fulfill a secondary purpose: it will help your organic garden to retain moisture, and as a result you will need to water your edible plants less often. Put all your kitchen waste and also any garden cuttings you may have onto the compost heap, but avoid great quantity of fish and meat remains.

You'll also need to source organic seeds or sprouts for your organic vegetable and herbal gardening project. In most cases, commercial seeds are not organic so you will have to make doubly sure to get the right starters.

There probably are specialized shops that sell organic seeds for gardening in your area, but you can also buy them through an online shop and have them mailed to you. Online is probably better for most users, as you get the convenience of choosing from home from a bigger catalogue, and as for all mailed products you can return organic gardening supplies if they are not up to your expectation.

To begin seeding, don't start your organic garden outdoors right away! Use a glasshouse or put your seeds inside the house, where it's warm. Let them sprout on a piece of damp cotton or paper and then transfer them to small pots and let them grow a bit.

Once the first leaves are showing, put them into individual pots as a preparation to outdoor planting in your organic garden. There are some fine composting pots that you can use, plant them in the ground together with your seedling and let them act as extra natural fertilizer for your organic garden.

Next, think about your soil needs for the organic garden. You will need several bags of organic soil, depending on the size of your herb and vegetable plot. Good organic soil will result in fewer bugs and mites, and will make your plants healthier. Substitute old soil with a new batch, if necessary.

Fill your windowsill pots with organic soil, or put a layer of at least six centimeters in your outdoors organic garden as topsoil. Ass compost and you will be on the right track to grow delicious and healthy organic herbs and vegetables.

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Ruby Tuesday Restaurants - Best Foods To Order At A Ruby Tuesday Restaurant With Your Ruby Tuesday Coupons

By Zanesha Etherson

Ruby Tuesday restaurant is an American casual dining restaurant that was founded in 1972 and was named after the Rolling Stones song of the same name. Ruby Tuesday restaurant is loved by many and having Ruby Tuesday coupons can really make the dining experience even more enjoyable.

So what should your order with your Ruby Tuesday coupons? Let us discuss the top menu items that Ruby Tuesday has to offer.

When eating out at a restaurant, the first thing you usually order is the appetizer. Ruby Tuesday has many appetizer choices to choose from but the best appetizer to order with your Ruby Tuesday coupons is their Thai Phoon Shrimp which are Golden-brown fried shrimp tossed in a fiery-yet-sweet chile sauce.

A second appetizer to use your Ruby Tuesday coupons on would be their new Buffalo Shrimp. Their Buffalo style shrimp are crisp, golden-brown fried shrimp tossed in your choice of mild or hot buffalo sauce.

If you desire to eat healthier then you can always order from their selection of low fat salads or just choose to eat from their salad bar. If you prefer a soup, you can always use your Ruby Tuesday coupons to order their White Bean Chicken Chili soup which is made fresh every day with chopped, baked chicken breast, navy beans, and a blend of spices.

When deciding on your main course meal you have several options to choose from. One would be their handcrafted hamburgers. Ruby Tuesday restaurant has one of the largest selections of hamburgers available. With over fifteen different types of hamburgers to choose from, using your Ruby Tuesday coupons on any one of them would be a terrific choice.

If you choose to go in a different direction for your main course meal, you may want to try their Seafood platters with your Ruby Tuesday coupons. You have many choices to choose from when it comes to Seafood but their best Seafood Platter is their new Chesapeake Catch which is a mild, flaky Tilapia, crowned with a jumbo lump crab cake and topped with a Parmesan cream sauce.

This was just a small glimpse of the variety of foods you can order using your Ruby Tuesday coupons. No matter what you choose, having Ruby Tuesday coupons will come in handy for you. The best place to find Ruby Tuesday coupons are online. All you have to do is look for it and you will find it.

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Making the Effort to Eat a Healthy Breakfast

By Juan Valdez

Although we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many of us skip it for one reason or another. We may not be in the mood to eat early in the morning, we might not have time, or we might be trying to cut back on calories. However, this isn't really a good idea. There are a lot of reasons why it is important to get a healthy breakfast.

After sleeping the night, your body needs a healthy breakfast to help fuel it so it can get through the day. Think how long it has been since your last meal; that is a long time to go without food. It is better to eat something healthy so you don't end up eating junk a little later because you are starving.

Studies continue to show that skipping meals just sets you up to binge at later meals, and doesn't really save you any calories. In fact, people who eat a healthy breakfast eat less over the course of the day than people who skip breakfast. They are less likely to binge later in the day.

Benefits of eating a healthy breakfast include being better able to concentrate, getting more vitamins and minerals, being more productive and having lower cholesterol, among others. This really is the most important meal of the day.

The best breakfasts include whole grains, low fat protein, low fat dairy, and fruits or vegetables. You want to try to choose something that will fulfill at least two or three of these food groups.

Breakfast can be a very quick meal if you need it to be. You can even find a lot of healthy options that you can bring with you to eat on your way to your destination, or once you get there. Whole grain toast with peanut butter and an apple would be a good healthy breakfast, especially if you drink a glass of milk along with it.

The easiest way to ensure that you have time to eat breakfast is to plan ahead. Figure out what you want to eat the night before so you can have everything ready. You can even cook the night before to make mornings easier.

Since not everyone likes the foods that are usually considered breakfast food, it is important to add that breakfast can be made up of lunch or dinner foods if you prefer. You can eat a sandwich or pizza with vegetables and still be eating a good breakfast.

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Creativity And Food Photography

By Jessie Wong

Food photography is a very technical area of photography because you have two dimensions to master - film and food. Here are some useful tips to help you.

Lighting the scene

Light is obviously the tool of a photographer second to the camera itself. Getting this right is always the trick with any kind of photography. With food photography though it is super important. Get it wrong and no amount of photoshop work will bring the picture to life.

Using Props

With food photography props often save the day. The reason restaurants use big and fancy plates to serve food on is because we eat first with our eyes! Choosing the right props for a food shot is imperative. Get it right - masterpiece. Get it wrong - roll up your sleeves and start again.

If you do a lot of food photography then shopping at second hand markets can be a great way to build your box of props. You can pick up expensive items like large pots and dishes and vases for a few dollars and a smile. If you do not do much then you may have to go shopping for what you need and bill the client!

Speed is essential

Unfortunately food won't stay appealing for very long. As a food photographer you will want to be well prepared and ready to shoot your picture as soon as the dish is finished. This will give it no time to melt, collapse or lose its color. So knowing what you want the picture to turn out like will help you to prepare for the photo. One way food photographers prepare is to have everything arranged before the food is finished. By placing a temporary stand-in plate is an excellent way to get the lighting right, and when the food is finished you switch it with the finished dish and your picture is ready to be taken.

Simple way to enhance your photos

An excellent food photographer will want to learn this last but not least creative technique when it comes to taking photographs of food. And that is to use a small amount of vegetable oil that you have on hand and brush it on the food. This will make your dish glisten and stand out deliciously in your pictures.

Get to know the chef

You will usually be working with a food professional be it a stylist or chef. Hopefully you are not on a low budget shoot and have to do the displays yourself.

Take a few minutes before the shoot to talk with the chef and ask them how they like to work. Ask them if there is anything you need to know about the food that may not be obvious. If nothing else this will make them feel good so you will then be able to work closer and better together.

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Keep Up With The Latest Trends In Dentistry

By Dawn Enstruthe

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that identifies diseases concerning the mouth, the lower jaw and the face. It also treats these diseases and prevents them by promoting proper oral hygiene. It also involves other activities like dental surgeries, teeth radiology, drug prescription, prosthetics and orthodontics.

So is there something new regarding dentistry since this info is quite common already?

Dentists nowadays recommend that people should really have regular dental check-ups to prevent forms of cancer in the lips, tongue, mouth, and throat. These types of cancer, according to dentists, can be treated when diagnosed early. They also added that smoking still remains the number one risk factor for oral cancers.

Dentists also pointed out in the May/June 2009 issue of General Dentistry that aloe vera can be a good alternative for toothpastes because it works just the same way. It also fights cavities and heals mouth sores due to its anti-inflammatory properties, so they are very useful in caring for the gums and teeth.

And did you know that according to new dental researches, oral health could be the key to obesity cure? This sounds interesting, right? These studies showed that 300 out of 500 obese women were found to have 40 types of bacterial species. Further research will now be done in order to see the link between oral hygiene and obesity.

Another study conducted involves xylitol, a sugar substitute, which has shown some antibacterial properties. Dentists now recommend children to take eight grams of xylitol twice daily as a preventive measure for dental caries. This is a good finding that may help reduce tooth decay in children.

So are there any recent innovations regarding dentistry besides this great deal of info?

Air abrasions, digital x-rays, computerized injection systems and cosmetic imaging-these are the four innovations in modern dentistry.

Air abrasion blows air particles into the teeth to remove tooth decay without any pain.

Digital x-rays, on the other hand, are different from their conventional counterparts because they release 90% less radiation.

Computerized injection systems gradually release anesthesia into a certain area through its electrical impulses.

To end it all, cosmetic imaging is a reliable tool to allow dentists and patients see the present and future look of their dental surgeries. Therefore it is essential in planning the effect of the procedures.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food Alkaline or Acidic?

By Anthony Gutierrez

Food can be either acidic or alkaline and it is hard to tell which it is. An example of this is when lemons are digested the are more alkaline. Lemons are acidic before this digestion. To have a balanced raw food diet it is important to eat a significant amount of alkalizing foods.

Spinach, kale, collards, mustard greens and broccoli, the first green leafy vegetables, are great alkalizing agents. Wild edible grasses are also alkalizing.

Parsley, cilantro, basil, garlic and grasses such as wheat, and barley grass, sprouts and sea vegetables like kelp, nori, dulse, spirulina, blue green algae are alkalizing. To make the body more basic you should eat medicinal mushrooms like shitake, maitake and reishi.

Life is all about balance. This universal truth is especially profound when speaking of body pH levels. Body pH is the human bodys need to stay at a certain pH level. Levels of pH are measured on a scale from zero to 14, in which zero is very acidic, 7 is neutral, and 14 is very alkaline.

The pH of blood in the human body must remain at a slightly alkaline level of 7.35-7.45. In addition to maintaining blood pH, some of your bodys other fluids are maintained at different pH levels to keep you healthy. To sustain these pH levels throughout your body, your cells and organs are constantly working and filtering what you eat.

Bacteria, viruses, yeast and other harmful organisms thrive when the blood system is more acidic. It is important that the pH is balanced for your total well being. If the pH balance is on the alkaline end of the scale it creates an uninviting environment for things that make you ill. Consuming more alkaline foods than acid foods is important and beneficial to your overall fitness.

As consumers learn more about nutrition, many are realizing that a specific ratio of alkaline foods to acid foods determines pH balance and overall health. Human blood registers about 7.4 on the pH scale, which means that it is naturally alkaline. In order to maintain this level, the body needs the proper balance of alkaline foods to acid foods.

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Brinkman Grills - Best Rated Grills

By Jay Williams

If you're out there searching for the perfect grill, you're not alone. There are so many barbecue grills on the market and lots of information to take in. When you're in the middle of a search for one, it can be confusing. It's nice to be able to read reviews on the different barbecue grills out there.

When you're looking for a good grill it's great to be able to read some opinions on the grills you're contemplating purchasing. Brinkman grills are some of the most popular barbecue grills on the market and they've been around for a long time. What are some of the best reviewed Brinkman grills out there? Let's look at a few of the more popular models.

The Brinkman Pro Series 2210 is the entry level model for the Brinkman brand. There are not a lot of bells and whistles, but it can still cook meat, which is the main purpose of the grill. If you just want something to grill your steaks on, this is a quality model to use. If you're looking for something that has all of the more impressive features of a more expensive grill, you're probably not going to find them on this model. However, it is still a quality-made grill that can withstand the rigors of a routine barbecue. Check this one out if you're low on cash.

Another one of the more economic Brinkman Grills is the Brinkman Pro Series 4400. It's a little better version of the 2210 series with a few more features. It can crank out some heat with its 15,000 British thermal units on each of its four burners. It also boasts a side burner with another 12,000 British thermal units of cooking power. It's always nice to have a side burner so you can cook something separately on the grill. It makes a nice place to scramble an egg while looking out over your back yard.

Overall, Brinkman grills offer several choices for the weekend warrior to choose from. If you're looking for a certain set of features, you can undoubtedly find a model that has them.

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Do Negative Calorie Foods Work? What Are Negative Calorie Foods?

By Benny Height

The negative calorie foods diet is an eating plan that has come under a lot of fire and a lot of scrutiny. Considered very controversial, it's sometimes hard to figure out what points are actually true and which are just smoke. The arguments make it even more confusing as it becomes obvious that there are many very different understandings as to what this diet is about and how it should (or should not) be followed.

In a world full of literally hundreds of dangerous fad diets, no one can be blamed for being skeptical of something that seems too good to be true. Being cautious isn't a bad thing. The name "negative calorie foods" is probably a major cause of a lot of the confusion and argument, as well as some people misunderstanding that this is a supplemental diet, not a full time eating and weight loss plan. The question remains: is this eating plan legitimate or is it some kind of unhealthy fad diet?

There are a lot of arguments over this point. Many people argue that there can be no such thing as a "negative calorie." This is true, because there can't tangibly be anything with a negative value in real life. This isn't what the negative calorie foods diet is saying, however. What this diet is saying is that there are foods that force the body to work and take more calories to burn, digest, and process than the food has in it. This creates the "negative calorie" effect and therefore you have negative calorie foods.

This claim has been argued, as well, but in the end the question is will people lose weight if they eat a lot of negative calorie foods? The answer is yes. All of these foods are either fruits or vegetables, most of which have a very high water content and most of which are also very high in fiber, as well. This helps to keep the dieter full while minimizing the calories that are there to be burned.

The arguments may continue on, but does that really matter? Even if negative calorie foods do not truly produce a real life deficit in calories, eating a ton of high fiber and high water fruits and veggies will almost certainly help the majority of dieters lose weight.

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The Traditional Use Of Dairy Produce: Part 2 - Cheese

By Owen Jones

The Basic Preparation Food: Dairy Products.


Cheeses are manufactured from milk which has been naturally or artificially turned sour. The first method is achieved by standing the milk in a warm place and allowing natural, beneficial bacteria to convert the milk's natural sugars into lactic acid. The second method is effected by adding an agent, usually rennet.

Colouring and salt are usually added too. The whey is then drained off and the curds are pressed into moulds where they are ripened or cured. Some cheeses are subjected to pressure; soft cheeses are not. Curds are ripened or cured by a variety of means. The method, the quality of the milk and its pasture, the breed of cow, sheep or other animal and the type of bacteria all govern the final product.

Some local conditions are unique and those areas produce cheeses that are not successfully reproduced elsewhere: for example Gruyere and Camembert, although factories do try. They even have some success, as most of the world's Cheddar cheese now comes from the USA and Canada.

The constituent parts of cheese are roughly: 33% fat, 33% protein and 33% water with salt, colouring, sugar etc making up the other 1%. These proportions do vary from area to area as some manufacturers use full cream milk, others skimmed milk and yet others add extra cream. Yet others add extra sugar, although most do not. All cheeses have a high calcium content and can be considered 'concentrated milk' and stored in the same way.

Many people say that cheese must not be kept in a fridge and although storing in water, as for milk, is not a viable option, a cool larder is certainly ideal. Try the traditional method of suspending it from a hook in muslin in a cool, breezy place. If it is hot, moisten the cheesecloth with water to which a little vinegar has been added.

Cheese is typically served in Europe with a salad or/and bread and is often served after or instead of the sweet course. Hard cheese can be difficult for children to digest and grating it first will make it more palatable to them. Once grated the cheese can be sprinkled on vegetable or fish soups or sauces; added to egg, pasta, rice and oatmeal dishes; put on baked potatoes or pastry; toasted on bread or put in salads and sandwiches.

How To Cook Cheese: A little known fact is that many people find cooked cheese indigestible and the reason lies in its structure. Here is why: cooked starch can be digested by the saliva in the mouth but other foods must pass to the stomach or intestines for this process. They are, however, broken up in the mouth. Digestion of protein begins in the stomach and is completed in the small intestine, while fat is not rendered soluble until it reaches the small intestine.

Cheese has a high fat and protein content, but when melted, the fat frequently covers the protein and stops the digestive juices reaching it in the stomach. This results in, its digestion is delayed until the fat has been absorbed by the intestines. Cheese can be made more digestible in the following way:

a] Cooking it with some starchy foodstuff, since the starch will absorb the fat, thus preventing it covering the protein.

2] Using seasoning: Cayenne Pepper or mustard will irritate the intestinal lining, causing the release of extra digestive juices.

3] Cooking quickly at high temperature. This prevents the protein from becoming tough and stringy and therefore, harder to digest. Add cheese late to sauces.

4] Adding alkali: so, generous pinch of Bicarbonate of Soda per 75g (3 ozs) will help neutralize the fatty acids and make the proteins easier to digest.

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How To Quickly Improve Your Cooking Skills

By Walter Dreimann

Believe it or not, just a few simple cooking tips can actually noticeably improve your cooking skills. If you manage to follow a couple of suggestions, the time you have to spend on preparing a meal is likely to decrease and you will also gain the ability to get around the usual obstacles that can pop up if you are beginning your cooking adventure.

Buying fresh food is the number one way you can make sure that your meal will taste great. It's important to inspect every item in the grocery store or produce market to ensure that it is as fresh or as ripe as you can buy. Expiration dates will help you for pre-packaged foods, though you will have to look at each of the fruits and vegetables on an individual basis. One of the traits you want to be able to develop is the ability to become familiar with general produce and the art of spotting top quality, fresh products in your local grocery.

When picking your meat selections of poultry, beef, or fish, you want to make sure it is as fresh as your other items. When working with meat, always keep it refrigerated until it is ready for use, and always wash your utensils with soap and water.

Before you serve your food, make sure that it was being cooked for a long enough time and reached a proper temperature. You could even use a cooking thermometer to check if the temperature is at around 140 degrees F. If you want the meal to be served cold, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees F.

Investing in proper kitchen equipment will also speed up the cooking process and help you achieve greater diversity when preparing meals. So, don't try to save money when buying a blender, a knife set, or pans and pots. Also, if you want to add a funny accent to your meals, buying an appliance such as the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker could do the trick.

There is a conception in our society that all low fat food has to be lacking in taste. However, it has been proved over and over again that low fat dishes can be made in a way that makes them colorful, vibrant, and delicious. Simply think out your dishes carefully before you prepare them, and then use a lot of fresh spices, olive oil and herbs to emphasize the taste. For example, you can make almost any dish low in fat just by ensuring the least amount of oil is used, and selecting lean cuts of beef and pork.

Finally, selecting the right kind of beverage to go along with your meal is highly important. Depending on the type of food, you could choose red or white wine, green or jasmine tea. Do not make the mistake and neglect mineral water- it is a universal drink that suits most foods just fine.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cuisinart SmartPower Duet - Wonderful Veggie Recipes You'll Love

By Jessie Fabian

When you purchase a Cuisinart SmartPower Duet, you buy a product that will last you for some years. In contrast to the gimmicks of the'As Seen On TV' commercials that showcased blenders that at a hint of a button prepared fresh salsas and drinks while actors sat around a kitchen laughing and promoting the products, the Cuisinart SmartPower Duet won't go out of style or usefulness.

Like its sister product, the PowerBlend Duet, the SmartPower Duet features an interchangeable base that enables you to both mix and process foods with the same machine. Available in both white and stainless-steel, the SmartPower Duet has electronic touchpad controls to perform all standard blender and mixer functions as well as the power to heart beat at any speed. The Cuisinart SmartPower Duet comes with a 40-ounce glass blender pitcher, cover with feed tube and pusher with liquid dispenser, three-cup work bowl, stainless steel chopping blade, reversible slicing/shredding disc, instruction and recipe book and a limited 3 year warranty. The appliance is straightforward to clean also because all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Because the SmartPower Duet is both a blender and a mixer, you may use it for almost anything! You could cook an entire day's worth of recipes using your SmartPower Duet. Recipes are thanks to

Breakfast : Breakfast Shake for The Road

Ingredients: cup orange peach mango juice 6 ounces lowfat vanilla yogurt banana, broken into 3 pieces cup frozen blueberries 3 to 4 frozen strawberries 1 tablespoon ground flax seed

Instructions Place all ingredients in order listed in the Cuisinart mixing pitcher. Mix till ingredients are homogenous, about half a minute.

Lunch : Pasta and Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese Sauce Ingredients: Ingredients 1 small carrot, peeled, cut to fit feed tube 1 small rib celery, cut to fit feed tube 1 small onion, peeled, cut in 1-inch pieces 1 can ( 28 - 32 ounces ) plum tomatoes, drained, juices reserved 1/2 pound well-trimmed meat chuck, cut in 1 - inch pieces, chilled 1/2 pound veal, cut in one - in. pieces, chilled 1 spoon unsalted butter 1 tablespoon additional virgin olive oil kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 1 cup entire milk 1/8 teaspoon freshly scraped nutmeg 1 cup dry white wine 1/4 cup tomato paste


Insert the medium cutting disc ( four mm ) and use medium pressure to slice the carrot and celery. Remove cutting disc and insert metal blade, leave vegetables in work bowl. Add onions and process to chop finely, 10 - fifteen seconds. Remove and reserve. Add the tomatoes to the work bowl, process to roughly chop, 10 - fifteen pulses. Stir into the reserved juices and reserve.

Add the meat cubes to the work bowl. Heartbeat to chop, 10 - fifteen times. Beef should have the feel of a 'coarse chili grind'. Remove and reserve.

Heat the butter and olive oil in a large pan. Add the vegetables and cook over middle heat till tender, about 3 minutes. Add the meat and cook, stirring to break up, and cook until beef is not pink, about 5 mins. Season with 1/2 little spoon salt and 1/4 spoon pepper. Add the milk and nutmeg, and cook, stirring occasionally until the majority of the milk has evaporated, about 10 mins. Add the wine and cook until almost all of the liquid has evaporated, about 10 minutes. Whisk in the reserved chopped tomatoes and their juices. Simmer the sauce over very low heat, uncovered, for about one to 1-1/4 hours. Sauce will be thickened. Taste and season as required with salt and pepper. Serve hot mixed with freshly cooked pasta (tip : reserve 1 cup of the hot pasta cooking water to stir into the sauced pasta if too thick). Sauce might be made ahead and cooled, revealed, before being covered and chilled. Store in chiller for at least a couple of days, or freeze for as much as one month.

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Best Restaurants in the World

By Amy Nutt

Opinions about restaurants have always been a topic of conversation, especially for those places which have become popular for their food or style. In looking for a new restaurant or just to see if ones opinion is the same others, there are many sources to check on what another persons opinions are about a particular restaurant.

Recognized authorities When we speak to families and friends about a restaurant, we all have our individual points that matter in a dining experience. Two people may go into the same restaurant at the same time, order the same item and still have differing opinions about the food, presentation, service and ambiance.

There are many authorities on the experience of dining at a restaurant. Most magazines, television and newspaper organizations have food critics and commentators who dine and report on new restaurants and food trends. Many authorities count on individual opinions to rate on certain points such as the type of food, quality, quantity and the skill of the chef. Other points include the quality and selection of accompanying beverages such as wine or spirits. Service, presentation and the experience in the dining area count as well in the rating of the restaurant.

Some authorities such as Zagat or Michelin, rely on diners ratings and experiences that are tallied and when applied to a rating system, a measurement in the form of stars or points are given to a particular eating establishment. However with so many eating places and the actual physical effort of tallying opinions of persons who at times may get to sample only a slim cross section of restaurants, properly rating a large area even a single city, can be very difficult.

There are magazines and websites which are dedicated to rating restaurants in a city or region, where people can write about their dining experience. Examples of these sites include Menuism and Yelp. These sites allow users to join as a reviewer, select a restaurant, and enter a rating according to their system and a review for the establishment. While these are good sources for finding a good place to eat, each persons criteria again are different with respect to the entire dining experience.

A noted authority of ratings for ratings is Restaurant Magazine. The San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurants Awards and List is organized and compiled by Restaurant Magazine, sponsored by San Pellegrino and other companies.

The winners are chosen by a poll of over 800 food writers, commentators and critics organized into 26 panels representing the different regions of the world. Each panel member has a total of five votes; with no more than three can go to establishments in their region.

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