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Best Way To Ship Food

By Amy Nutt

Food is something that is great, admitted, and it also makes an amazing gift for people who loves food as much as the rest of us. Shipping food is something that really isn't one of the most common things. With this stated, there really isn't much literature about it, as people do not feel that it is one of the safest things a person can do. And with increasing measures on security, the concern is something that is real. One of the biggest things to be concerned about is the safety of the food, as well as time it takes the food to get there.

Time, time, time

Obviously, you're going to want the food to get there before it gets spoiled. So, timely delivery here is key. If the food spoils, not only did you waste your time, you also wasted money. You will want to make sure that your efforts do not go to waste, so you'll want to make sure that the timing of this is key, no more than 3 days should elapse before your food gets to where it is going. If at all possible, it should be shipped overnight in most cases, just to assure that it will be as fresh as it was the second that you made it.


Be sure that the container that contains your food is something that is secure. If it is something that can potentially have a weak structural integrity, be sure that you take all of the precautions before it is sent. Ideally, the container will be something that will keep the air out, as this is how bacteria and mold contaminate the food. So, security is something of an issue, only eclipsed by the fact that you want your food to get there.

One of the best things to ship would be something like chocolates, which really do not have much of an expiration date, on top of the fact that everyone loves chocolates. In the case of chocolates, they usually do not have any issues with integrity, as they can roll around and not really incur any heavy damage. This would probably be the best thing to ship, although you would still want to make sure that this is secure and that it gets there in a timely manner.

If you choose to use a box for the shipping of your food, make sure that it can withstand the weight of other boxes. The best idea here is to get a corrugated box, sold at many stores that deal with the movement of packages and the like. Sufficient tape will be required for this to work as well as you would like.

In Summation

Be sure that everything is sent quickly, as you do not want much time to elapse before it gets to the recipient. Secondly, you do not want anything to be crushed, so be sure to use a box that you think is strong enough to handle things that may be placed on top of your box. Follow these tips and your food will be thoroughly enjoyed on the other end.

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Discover Nature's Perfect Food-Virgin Olive Oil

By Beth Allen

Olive oil is clearly one of the good oils, one of the healing fats. Olive oil is a natural juice which preserves the aroma, vitamins, taste and properties of the olive fruit.

For a healthy diet, one or two teaspoons of extra virgin olive Oil should be added to most of your meals. There is a large body of clinical data to show that consumption of olive oil can provide heart health benefits such as favorable effects on cholesterol regulation and LDL cholesterol oxidation, and that it exerts anti-inflamatory, anti-thrombotic, anti-hypertensive as well as vasodilatory effects both in animals and in humans.

Spanish researchers suggest that including olive oil in your diet may also offer benefits in terms of colon cancer prevention. From a natural health perspective, olive oil is the magic bullet of nutrition and a healthy diet. Olive oil has been part of the human diet for more than 5000 years. To reverse our pandemic of chronic disease, we have to return to eating a more traditional diet, and high quality olive oil can safely be included in that diet.

Virgin olive oil is better than more refined oil because it contains polyphenols that work as antioxidants to keep your heart healthy. Virgin olive oil comes from virgin oil production only, has an acidity less than 2%, and is judged to have a good taste. Virgin oils are categorized and graded in two ways, one is chemical and the other organoleptic (taste). Virgin olive oil that is judged to have no defects is classified as extra. But while all types of olive oil are sources of monounsaturated fat, extra virgin olive oil, from the first pressing of the olives, contains higher levels of antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and phenols, because it is less processed.

Top-quality extra-virgin oils from Italy, Spain Albania and Greece are sold at high prices, often in "prestige" packaging but in North America, Italian and Spanish olive oils are the best-known. The best-quality oils are called cold-pressed, a chemical-free process that involves only pressure and which produces oils that are low in acidity.

Olive oil can enhance the flavor of a salad or be used to marinate meat or fish. It is best suited for using uncooked in dishes where you can appreciate its exquisite aroma and flavor. Add flavor to olive oil by infusing the oil with sprigs of rosemary or other dried herbs. The result is a full-bodied, deeply-colored olive oil that can be appreciated for its own distinctive bouquet and rich and complex flavor.

Olive oil is a panacea, the perfect oil for all ages.

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Retooling The Pantry: Six Kitchen Staples With Surprising Uses

By Matthew Kaplan

Every kitchen pantry is stocked full of items that do not go bad that we buy for those rare occasions when we need them in a recipe. For most people, the cupboards full of canned goods, non-perishable items and other food stuffs, and those food stuffs are mostly unused. Don't let your pantry go to waste. Pantry staples are tasty and cheap and don't deserve to stand idle in culinary purgatory. Pantry staples can have some unique cooking applications. Follow these tips to learn how to add interesting touches to your meals with everyday pantry staples.

Peanut Butter: In almost every cupboard sits a half-eaten jar of peanut butter. The pantry staple is rich, creamy and tasty, but most people only use peanut butter for sandwiches and occasionally dessert. The creamy richness of peanut butter is great in savory applications too. Add peanut butter to your next stir fry to give it a Thai-inspired flavor. Use peanut butter as the base to a peanut sauce, which goes perfectly with pasta and vegetables.

Soy Sauce: Almost every East Asian dish calls for soy sauce. Soy sauce adds a salty taste to any recipe, but most people only cook with soy sauce when making an Asian-style dish. However, soy sauce is a versatile ingredient that can work well in many recipes. Try using soy sauce instead of salt in your favorite recipes to add some depth to the recipe. Soy sauce tastes great in barbecue sauces.

Almonds: Like with most nuts, many people only buy almonds to snack on or for the occasional dessert. Almonds can be ground up into a fine powder to create almond flour, a delicious, protein-rich and gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. You can also blend almonds with water to create almond milk, a creamy and delicious beverage that is a great alternative to milk.

Bisquick: Originally intended for biscuits, many people now use Bisquick as the base to make pancakes at home. Bisquick has a wide variety of uses outside of just pancakes and biscuits. Use Bisquick as part of the dry base ingredients for a host of desserts, from cakes and pies to muffins and tarts. It also works great in casseroles too.

Cashews: Similar to almonds, cashews have a wide array of culinary uses, but most only use them in the occasional dessert. Besides being a tasty out-of-hand snack, cashews add a rich crunchiness to vegetable dishes like a stir fry, a pasta dish or even a casserole. Additionally, you can blend cashews in a food processor to make cashew butter, a tasty spread similar to peanut butter.

Cocoa Powder: This chocolaty powder only gets used in most kitchens to add a touch of flavor to the occasional dessert. Don't let the rich chocolate flavor cocoa powder adds to go to waste. Use it as part of the base for homemade hot chocolate mix. Chocolate works well in spicy applications as well, lending a sweet bitter note to a spicy dish. Use cocoa powder to make a traditional Mexican mole sauce or add it to your favorite chili recipe.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Much Do You Enjoy Chicken Salad Sandwich

By Chris Lee

There are many people in the world who love nothing more than a delicious chicken salad sandwich. Adding that delicious white meat chicken with a host of other flavorful ingredients simply holds no comparison to other sandwiches. You may even be one of the chicken salad sandwich lovers who simply knows no substitute. While there are many versions of the famously delicious chicken salad, they are all equally delicious.

While some recipes use cucumbers and onions, others have a sweeter taste, implementing fruits and nuts. Other recipes may call for onions or other vegetables and have a more solid taste, without that sweet kick. In fact, with the many versions of this recipe that are available, you could eat it all the time and never have the same sandwich.

Finding the perfect chicken salad sandwich depends greatly on your personal tastes. For instance, if you cannot stand the taste of mayonnaise, then a sandwich including mayonnaise will simply not be your cup of tea.|You may like mayo in your salad, while someone else does not.|For example, if you do not like nuts, then you would not like a recipe that includes nuts. You may not like mayo, but would rather have mustard. Alternatively, you may simply prefer to add a bit of olive oil and some fresh herbs for the dressing part of your sandwich.

No matter your taste, there is likely a recipe for chicken salad that you will love. Keep trying out various recipes until you find the one that you do like. There are many recipes online and in cookbooks that will help you to find the perfect version for you. You can also create your own chicken salad recipe. You can pick and choose which ingredients will be included in your creation. Chicken is a food that is complimented by many other ingredients. Therefore, you can add anything that you like to your own recipe. Add your version to some whole-wheat bread and you have the perfect version of a chicken salad sandwich.

Anytime that you want you can enjoy your favorite sandwich. You can take them to work, to the beach or anywhere else you want to enjoy your favorite sandwich. You can also add a few extra vegetables and other healthy foods to make it the best of all worlds.

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The History Of The Cheesecake

By Dan Ruso

This article is about: cheesecake recipes

Cheesecake is a great dessert for many occasions and events. It has many good aspects.

There are many cheesecakes to choose from today. It ranges from very simple to very complicated cheesecakes. This list includes the new york cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, fruit cheesecake, and so on.

The more complex cheesecakes include German chocolate, cinnamon swirl, and berry wild cheesecake. But there are many more.

Our cheesecake that we so love today, was originally used frequently in food sacrifices to the gods.

With the knowledge and discoveries we've made today, the history of the cheesecake can be traced back 2000 years.

This unnamed dessert was originally served to Olympians in the original Olympic games. This was in 776BC on the Isle of Delos.

Often served in smaller sizes than today's, the Greeks viewed this dessert as a good source of energy for the athletes.

After the Romans conquer the Greeks, they adopted and implemented much of their culture. This included the cheesecake dessert, which they named the placenta (also called Libum).

The earliest manuscript we have for the Roman placenta was written in the first century B.C. by the Roman politician Marcus Porcius Cato.

The simple recipe was:

Libum to be made as follows: 2 pounds cheese well crushed in a mortar; when it is well crushed, add in 1 pound bread-wheat flour or, if you want it to be lighter, just 1/2 a pound, to be mixed with the cheese.

After adding one egg, the final step is to cook in a hot fire.

Roman culture promoted the offering of food to god to ask for their blessings.

There were thousands of gods. Some of the bigger ones were Jupiter, Janus, Pomona, Consus, Ops, and Saturn. Each god had their individual roles.

The Roman believed their success in life relied upon these gods. This led them to lay down many sacrifices.

Although we love our cheesecakes today, we cannot compare with the Romans who used this dessert to appease the gods and bring favor upon themselves.

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Chocolate Are Good For Health

By Anna Kim

When we talk about chocolates, there's this misconception that chocolates is not good and that it causes acne and obesity. This is not really true so if you love chocolates, you will be glad to know that consuming chocolate is also good for health. This means you can eat this heavenly mouthfuls without feeling guilty all the time. You don't need to avoid chocolates thinking that all it does was to make you fat because there are some health benefits to chocolates.

It is really true. Chocolates do have some health benefits and it has been proven in all sorts of scientific research over the years. This is because chocolates are made of cocoa. Cocoa is made from cacao beans and cacao beans are extracted from the cacao fruit of the cacao tree. Basically, chocolate is a fruit product that underwent a tedious process to turn it into the delicious, addictive dessert you love. You will have pure cocoa if you extracted the milk and sugar from chocolates. Cocoa has a bitter taste although it has the rich chocolate scent.

It is a fact that dark cocoa is high in anti-oxidants and these are really important in combating free radicals. Research has shown that if you consumer dark chocolate every day, it will also help to lower your blood pressure and prevent heart disease. So, tucking into chocolates aren't all that bad and is good for your health.

Of course, this does not mean that you should rush right out to get truckloads of chocolates and binge on them. You will still need to practice some self-restrain as most commercial chocolates out there are high in sugars and milk chocolate with low cocoa content so these aren't really all that healthy. You will need to be able to distinguish between bad chocolates and good chocolates.

You read right. Some chocolates are good and some are bad. Bad chocolates contains loads of sugars and after eating this, it will give you a sugar rush and perhaps even help you on the way to getting diabetes. These high-sugar chocolates can cause obesity and these are the ones that gave the good chocolates the bad reputation. Good chocolates are the ones that do not have high sugar. To be able to filter out the bad chocolates, just read the labels and look at the ingredients. If the first few ingredients have the word 'sugar' in it, put it back and don't eat it!

Now, for good chocolates, it is easy to find. You need only look for sugar-free, extra dark chocolate with loads of numbers on the front. This means, look for chocolate bars with 70% cocoa content and above. These are the good guys. If you are worried about diabetes, then go for the sugar-free ones. Don't worry, they aren't bitter or anything, just artificially sweetened. If you are worried about too much artificial sweeteners, you can even find those organic sugar free ones with high cocoa content that are sure to satisfy your chocolate craving and also be good for your health.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eating Salad Is The Healthy Way To Eat

By Chris Lee

Salad is healthy for a number of reasons. Of course, everyone knows that salad is virtually calorie free, but it can also give you loads of needed nutrients. Virtually everywhere you go you can find a good salad. Grocery stores as well as many restaurants offer a number of different salads. There are many health benefits to eating salads.

Salads are healthy because just one salad each day can give you the required amount of fresh vegetables for that day. Eating fresh vegetables is much healthier than those that have been cooked because you retain all the nutrients when they are fresh. Not only do vegetables taste good, they can help you to ward off certain diseases when eaten regularly. Your immune system needs the nutrients and vitamins in vegetables to help protect you from outside pathogens.

You surely remember why Bugs Bunny ate his raw carrots.Adding just one salad each day can help you to realize massive health benefits over time. Not only do you help to strengthen your tooth enamel, but you get the wonderful crunch of eating raw vegetables.

For those who do not prefer the taste of raw vegetables, keep in mind that there are numerous ways to make your salad more appealing.You can try adding chicken, fruit or just about any other healthy food to make them seem more appealing.Just keep in mind that for your salad to be truly healthy, you have to avoid adding things such as high fat cheese, eggs and heavy dressings. Avoid adding fatty proteins, meats, cheeses and egg yolks as much as possible. Remember that white cheese typically have less fat than yellow, so opt for mozzarella instead of cheddar. Keep in mind that heavy or oily dressings are also unhealthy.

This adds a wonderful flavor and keeps your salad healthy. You can make healthy dressings yourself using virgin olive oils and herbs if you prefer the taste of homemade.Eating salads, no matter what type, is an excellent way to improve your overall health. From the fresh vegetables to the light dressing, nothing says healthy quite like a salad. Adding a salad with your dinner every night will give you the boost of vitamins and minerals that you need for your healthy lifestyle.

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Faster Weight Loss With The Right Superfood

By Jane Larose

Many weight loss products are out in the market right now. These seems to be giving people with wait loss issues some hope that they would lose those pounds they have been trying to lose for sometime. However, people also need to beware about some of the negative effects that weight loss products could do to their body. It is always important that before anyone takes on any of these products, they review all the positive and negative effects of using such.

A wonderful product from acai palm trees found in many parts of Central and South America is becoming very popular right now as a weight loss and health supplement. The acai berries, a fruit, is not new to many people. In fact, it has been used in cooking and as a medicinal fruit in countries like Brazil, Peru and Belize. They are often used in recipes for cake, yogurt and many other kinds of desert.

Just recently, the weight loss properties and health benefits of the acai berries have been brought to the world when many companies started marketing the product as a dietary supplement. While it has only been sold as a fresh or dried fruit before, it now comes in juice, powder and tablet forms for easier handling and distribution. This is done so the many benefits of the acai tree could be brought to everyone around the globe.

The purpose of the acai berry doesn't end in its weight loss effects. Studies about the fruit revealed that I is also good for human's cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems. Many claims that it can provide increased in energy, healthier and young looking skin and improved sleep. There are also many vitamins and minerals in this product that is good for our health.

The acai berries have high fiber content. This is good in detoxifying the body and flushing out the toxins that thrives in the stomach. With these bad things out of the body, it can absorb more nutrients from the food we eat and improve our digestive process.

There are also anti-oxidants and omega nutrients present in the acai berries that are really good for the heart. The omega-6 and omega-9 present in the product help in lowering the blood cholesterol and there improves blood circulation in the body.

The acai berries are now know as the SUPER FOOD. Many health professionals have seen the wonderful benefits of this product for our body and are now endorsing it to everyone. The popularity of the product also reached many audiences when it has been featured in many TV show and magazines all over the world.

Acai berries are still available in its natural form. It can be consumed on its own or be a part of a recipe in a healthy meal. While other products are often chemical based, acai berry is highly organic and even some of its forms only include very few chemical additives for longer shelf life. So if you are looking for a product you can use for weight management, you should consider the acai berry.

Anyone could buy acai berries in many health stores all over the world. If you find it difficult to find one in your area or don't want the hassle of going out of the way, there are also many companies selling them through the Internet. People who have pre-existing health conditions or pregnant women must consult their doctor's first before taking acai berries or any other dietary supplements for that matter.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Electric Egg Poacher Overview

By Paul Eden

There are many ways to cook an egg, but if you are looking for ease and convenience, look no further than an electric egg poacher. These small appliances make poaching an egg routine and much easier than using water in a pan. Not to mention, they are simple to clean, small enough to store in any space in your kitchen, and they can do many different jobs besides poach such as making hard-boiled eggs. Egg poachers are an all around good choice for anyone who enjoys making eggs for any meal.

There are an endless variety of manufacturers and models of electric egg poachers. The smallest can be purchased for under $20, while the larger premium models typically are in the $30-$40 range. Some poachers are designed to cook just a single egg at a time, while the larger ones can cook up to 6-8 eggs.

The nature of most electric egg poachers is that they can also be employed for other duties. They can be used to keep food warmer and server because they have a heating element and cooking vessel. If you prefer hard-boiled eggs, you can boil water in the poacher cook as you would on a stove-top. There is also the option of cooking eggs in the water below the cooking tray, while poaching eggs in the tray.

Because there are so many models and manufacturers of electric egg poachers, it should be easy to find one with the exact features you desire. Some poachers have just a simple heating element, while others have timers or indicator lights to aid in achieving consistent results. It is a good idea to look for a see-through cover that will make it easy to monitor the cooking process.

Most electric poachers come with egg trays with a non-stick surface. Based on my experience, you should eliminate any egg poacher without a non-stick surface as there is nothing worse than scraping cooked egg off of a pan. Certainly one of the primary reasons for purchasing an electric egg poacher is for convenience, and ending up with a lengthy clean-up process would negate the advantages.

One of the best selling poachers is dual purpose. In addition to being able to poach an egg, it has the capability to toast a couple of slices of bread or English muffins at the same time. Of course it can be configured to act independently as a toaster or poacher. These units have become quite popular because in under 4 minutes one can cook all the necessary components of a breakfast sandwich. There is even a provision for warming cooked meat such as ham or Canadian bacon.

The best place to shop for an electric egg poacher in on-line. Most retail stores stock just a few models, while online the options are virtually unlimited. In addition, most on-line sellers feature user reviews so that it is easy to quickly determine which models have performed best under actual use by consumers. Usually prices are better on-line because the overhead of a retail store is eliminated.

Most consumers find that once their electric egg poacher becomes part of their arsenal of small kitchen appliances, they find innovative ways to use them. Many salads are enhanced by the inclusion of poached eggs. Other meals such as pasta, vegetables and fish (think salmon) are also complimented. And don't forget about the classic poached egg recipe-eggs Benedict.

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Cooking - The Best Way To Learn To Cook

By Carol Bell

When it comes to cooking, it is critical to recollect that everybody started somewhere. I don't know of a single person who was born with a wooden cooking spoon and good to go. There's a lot of learning that has to be done to become a prolific cook and then there's always room to improve. Not only do you need to start with the fundamentals when it comes to cooking but you nearly need to start again when learning to prepare a new cuisine like Chinese, Thai, or Indian food.

This implies that at any particular time in your cooking learning cycles there's quite doubtless somebody somewhere that is better and / or worse at cooking than you. Take heart from this because even the best have bad days when it comes to cooking. There are multiple folk who cook for different reasons. Some cook to eat and survive while others cook because they really enjoy the process of cooking. Some cook in periods of emotional upheaval and others cook out of sheer boredom. No matter what your reason for cooking or learning to prepare you must start with the fundamentals.

The very first thing you need to learn is what the different language you may find in recipes really means. There are numerous new and occasionally foreign sounding terms that you're going to find in common recipes. These terms can imply the difference in recipe success or failure. You should be able to get a good section in any inclusive recipe book that explains the different definitions for unfamiliar language. If you are not fully certain what's meant by "folding in the eggs" it is in your own interests to check it out.

Another great bit of recommendation when it comes to cooking basics is to try easier recipes for a bit and then expand your horizons to the more complicated recipes that abound. Most recipes will have a little note about their degree of difficulty and you can read through the recipe to determine if it is something you have an interest in preparing or assured that you can prepare. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and it will take some considerable time to build a trustworthy 'repertoire' of recipes to work into your meal planning revolution.

The excellent news is that once you have learned the fundamentals of cooking it is doubtful that you're going to ever need to relearn them. This implies that you can continually build up and expand your cooking abilities. As you learn new recipes and enhance your culinary abilities and abilities you may discover that preparing your own meals from nothing is far more rewarding than preparing pre-packed meals that are bought from the shelves of your local shops.

You may also discover as your experience and confidence grows that you are going to end up more frequently improvising as you go and adjusting recipes to meet your private preferences. If you like nearly of ingredients or need to make a recipe a bit more or less spicy in flavour you can make easy adjustments on the way to attain this goal. In other words you will begin in time to make recipes of your own. And that is something that you will not always learn when it comes to basic cooking talents for beginners but you'd never learn if you did not master those basic cooking abilities.

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Why Eating Chicken is Positive For Your Health

By Chris Lee

Nearly everyone in the world knows that chicken is much healthier for you than beef. Beef is filled with fats, while chicken has lean protein that is much healthier. Anyone with heart-related diseases or conditions should consume chicken regularly, as opposed to other sources of protein. Eating chicken has been directly associated with a fifty percent reduction in the risk of AMD as well. People who are fifty or older have a much higher risk of contracting macular degeneration or AMD.

Other studies have shown that eating chicken in place of fattier proteins can reduce your overall risk of other diseases. Other foods that help you to enjoy a healthier life include fruits and vegetables. Since most people enjoy the flavor of chicken, this should not be a problem.

Chicken can be prepared in many delicious and healthy ways. Chicken salad, grilled chicken and a number of other recipes help you to retain the wonderful flavor and still get all the health benefits that chicken offers. Anyone who substitutes chicken for fattier meats like pork and beef will soon notice that they feel healthier. Chicken can help you to lose weight as well as decrease your cholesterol and blood pressure levels significantly.

Substituting chicken for fattier proteins is one way that you can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Taking this step can lower your risk for many age-related conditions. Controlling your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar can all be done with chicken when you add it to your weekly meal plans. Chicken contains lean protein whereas pork and beef contain more fat, which is directly related to heart disease.

Among all the meats that you can eat, chicken is one of the healthiest, providing you with lean proteins. If you feel that you may eventually grow tired of eating chicken every day, simply mix it up a bit. Due to this versatility, there are thousands of ways to prepare this meat for a number of different meals. While other meats are available, they will simply not give you the health benefits and versatility of dishes as chicken.

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The Vital Macronutrients Of Nutrition

By Betty White

Nutrition can be quite mystifying. There are the vitamins and antioxidants, the minerals and the fiber, the complex carbohydrates and the sugar but how do they all fit all together?

The necessary building blocks of diet are the macronutrients. We all want a precise sum of macronutrients to live. While there are people who concentrate on one macronutrient over another the healthiest diets hold a decent balance of all three macronutrients.

The macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. Protein and carbohydrates both provide 4 calories per gram, while the more dense fat contains 9 calories per gram. A calorie is at its most basic description the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1g of water 1 degree Celsius. While that is a somewhat perplexing explanation for most of us it is easier for us to just know that a calorie is just a measurement that we employ to conclude the energy content of food.

Due to the extra calories in fat it was long believed that the additional fat that we ate was the main cause of the additional fat on our bodies. It turned out that this rationalization was exceedingly simplistic. The fat on our bodies is caused by a number of diverse factors including the eating of too many total calories be they from fat, carbohydrates or protein.

Protein is the most key of the three macronutrients because it is the building block of all of the tissues in our bodies. Protein can be found in meat and fish, dairy products and eggs and some exceptional vegetarian sources such as beans and legumes and soybeans.

The foremost supply of energy for our bodies comes from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates switch to sugar in our bloodstreams, which is turn provides the energy that we have need of. Carbohydrates can be further broken down into simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates contain white sugar, white flour, candy, pastries and more. Complex carbohydrates include the whole grains and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates break down slowly in our bodies and give us continuous energy while simple carbohydrates convert quickly to sugar causing sugar rushes and increased hunger later on.

Fat may be one of the most historically misunderstood of the macronutrients. Fat is undeniably indispensable to our bodies but there are good fats and bad fats. Good fats are the mono and polyunsaturated fats found in olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil and nuts and seeds, avocados and the acai berry. Bad fats are the "fake" fats formed from hydrogenation and the saturated fats found in animal products.

Macronutrients are the foremost construction blocks of all nourishment and the micronutrients, such as the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber are all found within the macronutrients.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Top Five Healthy Simple Chicken Recipes You've Never Heard Of Before

By Matthew Kaplan

Chicken recipes are easy and perfect for any occasion. Sometimes though, chicken can be bland. Mix up your simple chicken recipes with these easy chicken recipes that you've never heard of before. Chicken dishes don't have to be blah.

The phrase "tastes like chicken" will take on a whole new meaning with these simple chicken recipes. Instead of making the same old chicken recipes, mix it up with these unusual, funky recipes. Chances are, you've never had the flavor combinations in these recipes. From sweet and spicy to tangy and crunchy, these easy chicken recipes up the flavor ante. Chicken does not have to be bland and boring. Best of all, these five recipes are good for you too. These simple recipes are the best ways to cook boneless skinless chicken breast.

Guatemalan Chicken Mole - Everybody loves chocolate, but how many of those chocoholics eat it with chicken? Mole is a traditional savory sauce made out of chocolate. Dark chocolate is a great source of cancer-fighting antioxidants. Between the chicken and the pumpkin seeds, this recipe for boneless chicken has plenty of protein. With red pepper flakes and two different types of chilies, this chicken dish packs a spicy punch. Try something new for dinner tonight and combine chicken with chocolate with this recipe.

Lemon Yogurt Chicken - This recipe for boneless chicken is originally from Afghanistan, a country not typically known for its cuisine. The bright lemon citrus flavor and the creamy yogurt make this chicken dish a lot lighter than traditional American chicken recipes. Plus, the recipe requires whole garlic cloves mashed to a pulp, an instruction not found in the typical chicken recipe. This Middle Eastern recipe is one of the best ways to cook boneless skinless chicken breast.

Healthy Chicken Jerky - Walk into any grocery store or gas station and you're bound to see a bag of beef jerky somewhere. The concept of jerky, smoked meat, is common with beef but not with chicken. expand your jerky horizons with this recipe for boneless chicken. Make chicken a snacking favorite with this recipe. Lean and tasty, healthy chicken jerky is a snack all can get behind.

Avocado Chicken - The avocado is relatively common, seen in almost any supermarket. However, the only dish the avocado ever gets used for is guacamole. The avocado never gets used in cooking, which makes this recipe one of the more unique simple chicken recipes. Easy chicken recipes that combine a multitude of textures are great. Combine crunchy almonds with smooth avocado to get a recipe for boneless chicken full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Crispy Baked Chicken - This recipe for boneless chicken is so unique because it replicates the flavor of fried chicken using an oven, a healthier version of fried chicken. Classic chicken recipes like fried chicken are delicious but full of calories. This unique chicken dish replicates the fried flavor in the oven for a healthier version.

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How Dinner Is Not Complete Without Chicken

By Chris Lee

Chicken can be a favored dinner dish, no matter how you prepare it. There are many main dish recipes that include chicken, and all are healthy and delicious. Barbequed, grilled or baked, there are many ways to enjoy this delicious meat for dinner.

Chicken contains a healthier protein than most other meats. With the many ways that you can prepare it, you can literally have chicken every night and never grow tired of eating it. Poultry actually, is the best meat besides fish that you can eat for your health. If you love chicken, then there is no limit to the tasty dishes that you can prepare. You can find very healthy recipes using chicken in many cookbooks or online. Just search through the many online databases to find even more chicken recipes. For children, try finding recipes that make food look fun. Children are sometimes not prone to look for healthy foods so you should help them by preparing healthy chicken dishes at home. As long as the dishes taste good, your children are likely to love them. And they will have no idea that they are eating a healthy dinner.

You can also look for recipes that incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables. This will make your chicken dishes even healthier. You simply cannot beat the flavor of fresh ingredients. Since everyone knows the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables, your only job is to determine which ones to use. You can find many chicken recipes that call for fruits or nuts to make them tastier. Also consider using healthier pastas when creating chicken recipes. Using all healthy ingredients will make your dinner healthy and delicious.

Chicken is also a favored dish for lunch. Chicken helps to fill you up without filling you with fats. Many people in America enjoy a dish of chicken for dinner. You are definitely not the only person in the world who likes chicken for dinner. There are millions of others in the world who also like their chicken at dinner.

Try adding chicken to your dinner menus at least three nights each week. Doctors recommend eating chicken to help ward off heart disease and a number of other health problems. Not only are you avoiding unneeded fats, but you are enjoying a delicious dinner as well.

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Making Wheatgrass Juice Using a Dedicated Juicer

By Jane Chalmers

Wheatgrass juicers are different from the commonly found vegetable and fruit juicers. Normal juicers are not very suitable for taking out wheatgrass juice as wheatgrass has tough fibers which are more difficult to process.

The wheatgrass juicer operates much more slowly which reduces the heat produced and, therefore, lessons the damage any heat does to the important nutrients. They basically come in two types, manual or electric.

Since wheatgrass juice consists of around seventy percent chlorophyll, removing the juice out of the blades of wheatgrass is the most vital part and should be done effectively. For this reason electric juicers are mostly recommended. Electric juicers can be used by people who need to use less force and want it to be easily moveable.

The are numerous models available such as the Miracle MJ-500, the electric auger juicer and many different stainless steel hand operated models. The price range varies, but usually around 175 to 200 dollars.

A common choice is the Miracle MJ-500 juicer, which is easy to operate, is self feeding, light weight and has a corrosion proof stainless steel shaft which is long lasting and strong. When operating this machine it is important to preserve motor life by turning it off after ten minutes of use. It does come with a one year warranty.

A new variety to the market is the electric auger juicer, but it is fast becoming a best seller. They are made of very high quality components which are meant to last a lifetime. It is not only useful for making wheatgrass juice, however, as it can be used for baby food, nut butters and soya milk. These features make it a great bargain to buy and it gives you the choice of mixing the juice with another type of food.

Effective juicers that are an alternative to the powered ones are the manually operated devices. The have two stainless steel screens and no aluminum parts and are, therefore, easy to clean and are less expensive than their electric counterparts. They are cheap and very effective. Due to the fact they have a pressure control screw, they are able to extract juice with the minimal amount of force being required.

If you are thinking about something more industrial then there are also juicers around for commercial purposes such as the Miracle Pro Green machine wheatgrass juicer. Wheatgrass juice is very beneficial and has a lot of nutrition values. So get yourself a wheatgrass juicer today and reap its benefits.

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9 Tips For Caring For Wooden Butcher Blocks

By Kent Dinsmoor

Years of chopping, cutting and slicing on your wooden cutting board can be gained by treating your board with care. Following these wooden cutting board basics can lengthen the life of your board.

1) Sponge on an even coat of mineral oil on the work surface of your cutting board or butcher block. Do this once every several weeks depending on the use.

2) When moisture soaks into the wood, it expands and softens affecting the strength of the glued joints. Therefore, you should not allow any type of moisture to stand on the block for long periods of time. This includes brine, water, blood and wet meats.

3) Do not use a steel brush on the cutting surface of your board. A good steel scraper or spatula is preferred as necessary.

4) After cutting fish or fowl, the work surface must always be cleaned thoroughly. Follow the instructions in Step 1 to insure the moisture barrier is in place before cutting fish or fowl.

5) By distributing the cutting evenly over the surface of the block, you will insure that your block wears evenly. Never cut continuously in the same place on the block. Do not use a razor-edged cleaver to avoid splinters and soft spots. Instead, use a cleaver with a dull sharpened edge.

6) When washing your block, never use any type of harsh detergents. Also, never wash your butcher's tools on the block.

7) To prevent quick deterioration of the work surface, scrape your block which will remove 75% of the moisture. Then dry with an absorbent towel. The next time you use your block it will be odorless and clean.

8) Maintain the same bevel on the edge of your block to prevent chipping or splitting on the outside of the board.

9) Turn the block over periodically to keep even usage on both work surfaces.

As for dishwashers, never use them to clean wooden butcher blocks or cutting boards.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Topsy Turvy Upside Down Vegetable Planter: Don't Hang Your Upside Down Planters Until You Read This

By Christine Pinkston

Planning on using the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter this year? If so make sure you properly hang it. Whether you have a good experience or a bad experience is dependent on how you hang your Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter.

Because the tomato planter will weigh around seventy pounds when it's watered and you have a thriving plant hanging it properly is important and a bit tricky. You have to make sure that you have the proper support to hold your hanger up.

This is especially important if you have kids or animals as they both tend to get into things they are not supposed to. Making sure it is properly supported won't be a problem as long as you do one of two things.

Depending on how many hangers you are going to use depends on how you should support them. If you are only using one Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter then just make sure you get a durable hook the will hold up to eighty pounds of a little more if you want more leeway. This is a quick and cost effective fix and will make a big difference in keeping your hanger hanging.

The other alternative is for if you plan on using more then one planter.

If you plan on buying multiple Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters then you should build yourself a wooden frame to hang them up on. This will take you about two hours to build and if you are anything like me you will already have the wood laying around your house.

Just build a nice sturdy square or rectangular frame to put in your yard. Don't worry to much about how professional it looks because when the plants start taking off it is going to look very nice. Because the plants grow upwards it will not only cover a lot of the wood but it will be stunning to look at.

Go ahead and get creative with the decoration of the frame if you'd rather it not just be wood. Put some paint on it, be creative. You can either make it stand out as a focus of your yard or blend it in with it's surroundings.

The Topsy Turvy Planters last a long time so one afternoon of work will provide you years of joy so go ahead and spend a few extra minutes sprucing up your frame.

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K Cup Coffeemaker Review

By Donna Anderson

For those of you that have been contemplating the purchase of a K Cup Coffeemaker, read on to find out the low down. You will learn more about them, and the way they work, and why I chose Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home Brewing System.

What is so special about a K Cup Coffeemaker you ask? Keurig, the company behind the K Cup Coffeemaker, has created a special brewing system that is taking the coffee industry by storm. The B60 is my favorite for its ease of use; you merely place a coffee pod into your machine, press a button, and prepare for a delicious piping hot cup of coffee. When you are finished, the mess free pod is simply thrown away.

Some People May be Thinking- Why Would People Want a Coffeemaker That Only Brews One Cup of Coffee at a Time?

1. To begin with, it's economical. You will no longer worry about pouring half full pots of coffee down the drain on the way to work each morning.

2. The Taste is Amazing! Each cup will be fresh and hot. Gone is that bitter last cup at the bottom of the pot.

3. Variety! You and your guests can each enjoy the coffee of your choice.

4. No Mess! Each pod is sealed and created for individual use making the clean up simple and quick. There are no coffee grounds to fuss with.

A K Cup Coffeemaker Works How?

The water for brewing is held in a reservoir, and depending on the model, this can be anywhere from 8-ounces to 60-ounces. Some models can be left on continuously, and others turn off automatically, with heating times ranging from 1 to 3 minutes. After placing a coffee pod in the maker, the pod is pierced and hot water is forced through the pod for maximum brewing efficiency. And Voila! One perfect cup of coffee - everytime!

Which is the greatest K Cup Coffeemaker?

I tried many K Cup Coffeemakers and found my personal favorite was the budget friendly and versatile Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System. With three cup sizes and two temperature settings, I can make a perfect cup for any situation or time of day. The forty-eight ounce reservoir is removable and can hold enough water for nine cups of coffee. The B60 also compliments my modern kitchen decor with a sturdy structure and attractive LED backlighting on the control panel and reservoir. The Keurig B60 is a step above other brands of coffeemaker with a large variety of coffee to choose from and a specially designed Keurig My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

Will a Single-Cup Brewing System work for entertaining?

The Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System is perfect for parties and get-togethers. The 48-ounce water reservoir allows you to brew at least 9 cups of coffee, at one minute intervals, before you have to refill again. Offer your guests a selection of coffees and let them chose their favorites. Not only will they rave about the flavor, they'll be amazed that you were able to accommodate their individual tastes so quickly and effortlessly. Your party will be the talk of the town!

Is The Keurig B60 Difficult To Use?

Not at all! The removable water reservoir enables you to carry it to the sink for filling, instead of spilling pitchers of water all over your kitchen counter. And since it holds 48-ounces of water, you'll get at least 9 cups of coffee before you have to refill. Just lift the handle on the machine and drop in a premeasured K Cup Coffee Pod and the machine does the rest.

What if I want a stronger cup of coffee?

Of Course! You can get many different coffees in versions with more strength by Keurig, when you find yourself in need of an extra wake up in the morning. You can just change the brewing size also. When you make a smaller cup, you won't use as much water. Less water means that the coffee will be stronger. You can also blend flavors to make your own perfect recipe. Teas and hot chocolates are also available with the Keurig B60, in addition to the huge coffee selections.

How many blends can you choose from?

Too many to count!

Not only are there coffees that are specially made for the Keurig systems, but Keurig also offers an adapter, called the Perfect Pod Holster, that will allow you to use almost any other manufacturers' coffee pods, too. And if you can't find what you like there, try the Keurig My K Cup Reusable Coffee filter. Fill this filter with any coffee you chose - Gourmet Brands, Store brands, or your own special blends - and drop it into the coffeemaker just like any other coffee pod.

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Popcorn Makers Add A Excitement To Any Movie Night

By Matthew Penrod

When people sit down to watch a movie, or visit a theater or drive in, chances are highly likely popcorn will be included. Some people decide the faster making of this traditional treat, does not necessarily require the presence of a popcorn maker.

While camping, in most situations, electric popcorn makers are not used. The reason being, old style camping introduces how to live off of the land with no modern privileges. Therefore, the earliest popcorn making techniques are exercised. Included with this, is the soaking of kernels of corn in butter. Then sizzling the kernels over an open flame until the heat becomes hot enough to pop the kernels into a nice, enjoyable snack for the whole family.

After the camping technique wears thin, or is not used on a daily basis. The next step in popcorn making evolution is the method of using the stove top or the oven. All that is needed for making oven popcorn, is some aluminum foil. Simply wrap the amount of kernels desired in aluminum foil with some butter and wait for the finished treat to pop. A thin skillet works best for the stove top method of making pop corn.

Another method for making popcorn is using an already made disposable tin foil package that can be purchased in stores. All that a person has to do is open and remove the plastic packaging and heat a burner on the stove. Then place the aluminum container on the burner and wait for the popcorn to be heated to perfection. Simply open the top and enjoy. The butter and everything is already included. The empty container can be recycled.

One less popular method of popcorn making used to be completely experimental, but more and more people are doing it know. This is the solar powered popcorn maker. While constructing a solar powered popcorn maker, a person just makes a funnel out of card board that can be closed to fit inside the steel container that holds the kernels. Then the funnel gets wrapped in tin foil and set in the sun. Use heavy thermo gloves while using this method, the funnel reaches degrees that will burn the skin easily.

The best thing about any type of corn used for popping is, it is very inexpensive. Even if you like caramel popcorn, it is very easy to make and very good to eat. Some industrial snack companies have taken traditional popcorn a step further by mixing peanuts with popcorn in clusters. This snack is very fattening, but tastes awesome with a huge glass of milk.

New household popcorn makers generally do not take the time of older popcorn makers. Sometimes through perfection takes time. Keep this in mind while evaluating your method of making popcorn. Decide which is better and stick with it. Sometimes new things are not as reliable as the old appliances. Advice given, do not change a tried and true method of making popcorn, unless the old maker wears old or breaks. Then the old popcorn makers cannot be found on a shelf of a department store. So you will have to look at auctions or yard sales in order to replace your old popcorn maker.

Whichever way an individual decides to pop the kernels is not important. All methods of popping corn have the same result. Excellent popcorn.

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The Acne Alternative Treatment That Is The Best

By Jason Cartwright

If you are searching for a natural but effective and safe acne alternative treatment, we suggest you consider what the Chinese have to offer. We all know that when it comes to remedies for just about anything, the Chinese have cornered the market.

Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years and today, remains a popular choice for all kinds of ailments to include acne. Unlike westernized medicine, the Chinese believe a person's blood has heat and toxins that contribute to the development of acne.

For example, doesn't your acne always seem to crop up around your chin, forehead and nose? Well the Chinese believe that these areas are linked to your digestive system. So your acne appears because of toxins or problems with your stomach or intestines.

You will find that a Chinese acne cure home remedy also supports proper diet, good hygiene, taking supplements, and then maintaining the right program. You should use only extra virgin olive oil when cooking since saturated and partially hydrogenated fats cause tissue damage and inflammation within the body.

With a Chinese acne alternative treatment, it is also thought that eating non or low-fat dairy goods is a great deal better on the digestive system. You should keep away from anything, which is processed, which includes several of our much loved foods such as crackers, cookies, potato chips, and so forth. You ought to also enhance your diet with foodstuffs like flax seed and salmon, both rich in omega-3 fats.

However, what you want to stay clear of is omega-6 fats. These would cover things like soybean, corn, sunflower, and cottonseed oils, all oils that encourage inflammation. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is also promoted by the Chinese as an effective acne cure treatment.

The reason is that these foods are high in vitamins that have been proved to eliminate acne. Fiber, which is beneficial to a person's digestive system is also encouraged, along with foods high in beta-carotene and vitamin A. The Chinese at home acne treatment also supports the consumption of protein and lower carbohydrates, again going back to a better digestive system.

The result is that the Chinese have found out that eating provisions that heat up the body like garlic, some spices, and coffee are damaging and can only cause a flare-up of acne. The Chinese also encourage drinking lots of hygienic, purified water. Actually, while most professionals advise around two quarts of water, the Chinese say for dirt free acne, you ought to drink up to four quarts. This facilitates the body by flushing out harmful toxins, consequently making it a straightforward but helpful acne alternative treatment.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Juice Fasting Detoxification

By Kate West

The term "detox" has become quite the buzz word these days. You can hardly open the paper or turn on the TV without learning about some new potion or pill that claims to detoxify your system. Well, you might be wondering if you need to worry about detoxifying as well. The answer is yes! No matter what method you choose, these days detoxification is an important component to include in any health, weight loss or prevention regimen. Here's why..

We live in incredibly advanced and complicated times where much of what we take into our bodies on a daily basis was never meant to be there. For example, there are over 70,000 chemicals used commercially today which lead to more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals being released into the environment each year-- bi-products of processes such as manufacturing, production and transportation. 4 Billion Pounds! Not to mention the fact that 72 Million Of Those Are Known Carcinogens, or Cancer Causing Agents.

Even our water is under assault. It was recently discovered that the water supplies of most major US cities contain traces of a wide variety of pharmaceutical drugs, ranging from sleeping aids to baldness cures, medicines for depression and other psychological disorders-- things you don't want hanging around in your drinking water! Even traces of rocket fuel (yes you read that correctly!) are being found in the water we drink and the food we eat. With all of this evidence, is there any wonder why disease and obesity are at an all time high?

You don't need me to point out that these manmade substances were never meant to enter your body. But your body takes in everything you are exposed to in some fashion or another. Therefore, no matter how hard you try to live a healthy lifestyle, toxins are entering your system faster than ever before. In fact, some studies show that on any given day you can count on 30,000 foreign substance entering your body. Now that's a lot to process even for our exquisitely designed bodies!

But there is hope! Juice Fasting Detoxification can maintain and even restore optimal health despite the bombardment of toxins we face today. It's the the smartest, easiest and quickest solution to remaining clean from the inside out. Obviously, with this such contamination in the world, even a health-obsessed person should consider a juice fasting detoxification plan.

Juice fasting detoxification is done by ingesting large quantities of highly nutritious, enzyme rich fruits and vegetables in order to make sure that your body gets an abundance of the the vitamins and minerals it needs to rebuild. This boosts your immune system, the very thing under attack, and also gives your body much needed rest. Because you are juicing the vegetable, you are taking care of the 'breaking down' process and thus temporarily eliminating the need for digestion. This very fact alone frees up a whopping 75% or more your energy! And considering that the body has a built in house keeping mechanism that goes to work scrubbing your cells clean any chance it get, this energy does not go to waste! Instead, it goes toward cleansing and purifying you from the inside out and eliminating these harmful substances from your body and your life! (Imagine tiny scrub brushes polishing your cells clean!)

Considering the stress our bodies are put under by constantly being bombarded with harmful substances, juice fasting detoxification should be included as an important tool in the survival kit of every person living in the 21st century. Considering that it's a simple and natural method for detoxifying, increasing energy, facilitating the loss of unwanted pounds and even eliminating a whole host of medical conditions, it's easy to see why juice fasting detoxification is one of the very best things you can do to reclaim or maintain vitality and vibrant health!

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Important Anti Cellulite Diet To Remember

By Mandy Adamsen

People often wonder if an anti cellulite diet is really the solution to their problem. The truth is that maintaining the right diet will not always get rid of all of your cellulite. Even the slimmest and most fit people still have some cellulite. Eating right however definitely can help in the battle against cellulite. Before you get into any diet, here are some things that you should have in mind.

Be Careful with Diet

Not all diets are effective. Some diet programs may also specifically be prohibited if a person has serious medical conditions. Always ask your doctor for some advice before modifying your diet.

It is also not synonymous with crash dieting. In fact, crash dieting and not eating anything at all is bad for anyone. This can do more harm than good for you. Getting rid of cellulite with the help of a good diet involves eating what is good for you and avoiding foods that could increase your risk of developing cellulite.

What to Eat

Vegetables and Fruits - Fruits and vegetables are still the top health foods that should always be included in an anti cellulite diet. They contain fiber, phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These can help in digestion, immune system function, toxin elimination and reduction of fat build-up. Although many fruits and vegetables are beneficial, some of them are especially recommended. These include berries, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and grapefruit.

Fatty Acids - Aside from fruits and vegetables, soya, fish and nuts should also be part of your diet. They contain essential fatty acids. Choose poultry and lean meat in regulated portions.


Aside from following a diet program, some people also choose to undergo detoxification. This is a process in which a few days or weeks are set aside in which one only eats a specific diet to the exclusion of all others. Some eat only fruits and vegetables while others only take fruit juices. What you take in and the span of time of detoxification will depend on the program that you follow. Again, you may need the clearance of your doctor to make sure that you are on the right track and especially if you have a serious medical condition.

What Not to Eat

Cellulite is essentially fat. One of the first foods that you should therefore avoid is pork fat. You should also try to avoid processed and junk foods. These may contain additional saturated and trans fats. It also makes sense to try to reduce the toxins in your body so you should limit your intake of alcohol and avoid smoking altogether.

Adding Exercise

Food diet alone will not be enough to get rid of cellulite. You should also have a regular exercise program. Choose aerobic exercises to help improve your blood circulation and nutrient distribution. You should also have muscle strengthening exercises. Having muscles will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

All Natural Product - Aside from exercise and an anti cellulite diet, it might also help if you used a reputable cellulite fighting natural product. Natural products have nutrients that can supplement your diet and help break down and eliminate fat.

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Is The Atkins Grapefruit Diet Real?

By Joy Mitchell

The Atkins Grapefruit diet is a diet plan, not supported by the firm of Dr. Atkins, that plays on the popularity of the grapefruit diet and the Atkins diet name. A closer look into this diet shows that it may not be all it claims to be.

First of all, it's very difficult to find information on the Atkins grapefruit diet plan. Clever people realize that when anyone is perpetrating a deception, or a con, they will usually gloss over facts. This is exactly what the Atkins grapefruit diet appears to do: it tries to get people to associate it with two purportedly effective diets.

Is the Atkins Grapefruit Diet part of the Atkins Diet or endorsed by the firm of the late Dr. Atkins? The answer is no, not only is there no mention of the Atkins Grapefruit Diet on the Atkins web site, but there is no fruit of any kind mentioned in the list of permitted foods in the Atkins diet Induction phase.

The induction stage includes the following foodstuffs:

Fish of all types. All fowl such as turkey and chicken. All shellfish. All meat such as beef or pork. Eggs cooked in all styles, including fried. Cheese. Vegetables. Herbs and Spices. Fats and Oils. Low carbohydrate beverages, including diet soft drinks.

Notice something? No fruit is on that list. Later phases of the Atkins diet do include limited amounts of fruits such as cantaloupe and even lemon juice, and the pre-maintenance and maintenance phases even specifically permit limited amounts of grapefruit. But when compared to the amount of Grapefruit recommended on the Atkins Grapefruit Diet, once more there is a disagreement.

The Atkins Grapefruit Diet advocates a cup of grapefruit juice or a cup of grapefruit sections, with 8 and 18 carbs respectively. Even the most generous phases of the Atkins diet recommends limiting grapefruit consumption to below 8 carbs per day. That's a direct contradiction of one diet with the other.

Most reasonable people would inspect the Atkins website itself the moment they heard about the Atkins Grapefruit Diet. When they saw no mention of that diet on the site, a red light would go off and an alarm bell would ring.

Generally speaking, you should remember this: any diet that recommend very much on one food, such as grapefruit on a grapefruit diet, is unhealthy for any but extremely short periods. The Atkins Grapefruit Diet is not associated with the Atkins diet, and may interfere with the results of the Atkins diet in its early stages.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Banana Bread Is The Perfect Cap To A Healthy Dinner

By Chris Lee

Eating banana bread is the perfect ending to your healthy meal. This wonderfully aromatic and delicious bread is a tradition in many homes during the holidays. There is no reason however, that you cannot enjoy this wonderful dessert any time of the year.

Banana bread has many good health benefits. Because of the potassium content in bananas, this bread is extremely healthy. The daily requirement of potassium for both men and women is 2,000 milligrams. For children, it is only 1,500 milligrams. Since it contains potassium, eating banana bread is considered to be a healthy treat.

It helps you to obtain the potassium that your body needs every day. Bananas also contain other vitamins and nutrients including dietary fiber. The bananas in this bread are cholesterol free, so you can enjoy them often. Now, eating bananas and eating banana bread is a slight difference. Each bite contains much needed vitamins and minerals. Banana breads also contain nuts, which are very good for you. There are healthy proteins and other nutrients in nuts.

Who would have thought that something that tastes so good could be so good for you? If you are a fan of banana bread, then by all means have a slice after dinner tonight. Enjoying banana nut bread will simply give you one more reason to eat healthier. You could also opt for fresh fruit, but that simply does not have the wholesome taste of freshly baked banana nut bread.

Why not have banana nut bread with breakfast too? The fiber in this sweet treat will help your digestive system to work properly throughout the day. Bake enough to carry over until morning and have it for breakfast. When serving banana bread after dinner, be sure that it is still warm. There is simply nothing tastier than fresh, warm banana bread for dessert. Consider adding some ice cream on top for an ala mode. Be sure that you choose a low fat ice cream to keep your dessert healthy. This is a wonderful way to keep on your healthy eating track.

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Enhancing Summer Foods with Essential Oils

By Michelle Allen

Our summer gardens are officially in full bloom! Lettuces and leafy greens have already pushed through the spring soil, and now precious tomatoes and peppers are beginning to swell with the sweetness of the sun. Maybe last year you took a chance on cantaloupes, and this year you're trying your hand at growing an herb garden that can be dried and used through the cold winter months. Whatever the contents of your backyard garden or patio pots, the bounty of the warm months inspires us all to eat well and connect with the earth, the true source of our well-being.

For much of the year, our produce is trucked in from distant farmlands. Once summer arrives, though, everyone gets the chance to claim their birthright as gardeners and cultivators of their own food. What?s best, local summer harvests allow us to experiment with simple, nutritious meals. With very little effort, a meal of fresh vegetables and summer fruits can become a lavish feast. And if your simple cuisine asks for a hint of the exotic, you can harvest a bouquet of flavors from the most unlikely of places: your aromatherapy medicine chest.

When buying aromatic oils, you should always strive to use medicinal-grade oils. These oils come from huge amounts of plant material, so it?s wise to use high-quality oils from reliable sources. Of course we already consider this when we buy aromatherapy products for external use. However, committing to therapeutic-grade oils has a secret bonus: you can use these oils in food as well. If you?ve never seen your aromatherapy collection this way, just remember that smell has more control over our sense of flavor than even our taste buds do. Keeping that little fact in focus, here are some fun ways to use essential oils in your summer cuisine.

Before we get too lost in our senses, though, let's discuss using essential oils internally. Aromatic oils are all plant-based material. Granted, you probably wouldn't want to chew on myrrh resin for fun, it is still a natural product. It's safe in small quantities, but it might make you wish you'd stuck to regular chewing gum. Although some essential oils are definitely not safe to take internally, like birch or wintergreen, many oils can be ingested for medicinal and gourmet reasons. Most of the essential oils available on the market are labeled as GRAS by the FDA, meaning they are Generally Recognized as Safe. These oils are not technically used as food additives, but they are considered safe for consumption. When trying to determine if an aromatherapy oil is good for cooking, think of this: essential oils of kitchen spices and fruits will most likely enhance your meal rather than ruin it. The only thing to remember is that some oils, like peppermint, oregano and cinnamon, can be hard on the mucous membranes. Use these diluted and in small doses, though, and they will add zing to your dinner.

Now that you have the beginnings of a delicious summer harvest, take a moment to consider how essential oils might enhance the bounty. Citrus oils, like lemon and grapefruit, mix well with olive oil for salad dressings. Just add a couple of drops to two tablespoons of oil to zest up a summer salad. Lime essential oil can be blended with avocado for guacamole, and mandarin orange oil makes a great addition to spinach salad. And don't forget beverages! Citrus oils give juices and bubbly waters a great twist. Using equal parts lemon, lime and grapefruit, club soda becomes a refreshing citrus drink without the sugar or artificial sweeteners found in soda. Just remember, as with all essential oils, less is more. This rule applies to cooking, too, so use a light hand when sprinkling in these potent flavors.

What about the bevy of essential oils derived from well-loved cooking spices? Sweet marjoram, basil, ginger, thyme, oregano and bay can all be used to enhance food. Try blending sweet basil oil in with a tomato-mozzarella-Italian parsley pasta, or put a drop of ginger oil in your summer bok choy and carrot stir fry. Like your coffee with cardamom, Arabian-style? One drop of this oil transforms regular coffee into a delectable treat (hint: try this drink iced!). Cooking spice essential oils tend to be surprisingly strong, so again, don't be lavish with them. Too much oregano or thyme oil will definitely ruin an otherwise balanced dish, so be careful. It's also usually a good idea to wait to throw the oils in until the food is nearly done cooking, thereby reducing the chance of evaporation before you're able to enjoy your creation.

Essential oils can also be used when making sweets. Vanilla and cacao essential oils infuse foods with their distinctly delicious flavors without the addition of refined sugar. And, different from extracts, essential oils do not contain alcohol, the substance used to distill food flavorings out of plant matter. For many, a couple of drops of vanilla bean essential oil in a cookie recipe tastes better than the sugary, chemical concoctions we find in commercially-made desserts. The same goes for cacao. Think baking chocolate! Dark, bitter yet definitely "chocolate." Lucky for us, the chemical constituents of chocolate that make us feel happy are best found in the darkest cacao. Toss a couple of drops of cacao essential oil in your yogurt and experience the elation of a chocolate high without the guilt!

We think of summer cuisine, and its accompanying picnics and patio parties, year-round. The season's harvest helps us eat right and participate in the cultivation of our own food, a rare treat for many living in urban environments. Using aromatic oils to add variety and spice to our diet is easy and often enables us to forgo unnecessary trips to the grocery for specialty items. This summer, when a friend stops by unannounced and you're down to rice milk and coffee, don't despair. Take a drop of grapefruit oil and turn water and ice into a refreshing citrus drink. After all, that's how it's done in the summertime!

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A Cuisinart Coffee Maker Guide For Buyers

By Eva Newbury

From humble beginnings back in 1973, Cuisinart has continued to deliver well made, affordable and functional kitchen appliances to homes the world over. No more can this be so well seen than with the excellent and varied Cuisinart coffee maker range now available.

With so many machines to choose from, you could become a little confused with what machine to go for however. Hopefully, this brief introduction to the different types available will go some way to assisting you in the decision.

If space is at a premium, or perhaps you simply just want a couple of cups a day, their range of four cup makers could be just the thing. From traditional designs, to something a little more modern, these are very affordable at little more than twenty-five to thirty dollars.

For the bigger, more traditionally sized family kitchens, you can elect to go for the bigger capacity makers which are available. Anything up to 12 is affordable, where you would expect to pay around 60 dollars. However, most would find an 8 or 10 capacity machine suitable, priced at forty dollars. Most follow the Cuisinart traditional style, though other designs with a salute to modernity are available.

At the top of the range are coffee makers with incorporated grinders. As any realtor will tell you; there is nothing better than the smell of fresh ground coffee in a kitchen. Whilst these are more expensive, (some retailing for around two-hundred dollars), less stylized and smaller capacity makers can be found from fifty to sixty dollars.

If you are more partial to Italian style coffee, a range of excellent Espresso machines are also available. Again, these vary in price and function, but whatever your budget, and whatever your needs, you are sure to find a Cuisinart coffee maker to suit you and your lifestyle.

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Picnics: Free Fun!

By Barb Roehler

The summer months are the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors, and there is no better way to really have a great afternoon than by having a picnic. Picnics are fantastic because they are easy to put together, easy to clean up, and they can be as large or as intimate as you would like them. So if you are in the market to plan a picnic then dont wait, but you will want to spend a bit of time figuring out what type of picnic supplies you will want to have on hand to make it more enjoyable.

Where to sit? Depending on where you are having your picnic you will need to plan out where you are going to sit. Traditionally, most picnics take place on a blanket. They key to choosing the right blanket as part of your picnic supplies is that you want it to be durable, and most importantly washable. However, not all picnics take place on the ground. Many people take advantage of the tables and benches available at many park shelters or beaches. If this is more what you are looking for you might want to think about whether you are going to want something to cover the benches with? Do you simply want a tarp to protect your clothing, or are you looking for comfort? In that case you might want to choose a seat cushion as part of your picnic supplies.

What to take? Obviously picnics center around food, but the real question is how you are going to get it to your location. Picnic baskets are a fantastic option to help you cart your meal around. There are so many different styles and varieties of picnic baskets around that you will really have your pick of what you are looking for. Typically when thinking about picnic supplies you will want your basket to have cups, plates, flatware, and ample room to store your food. Those are the basics. However, there are fancier varieties that include wine baskets, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, cutting boards, and even cloth napkins. What you really should do is think about what your personal needs and wants are regarding picnic supplies, and then find yourself a basket that is tailor made to fit those.

What to do? A picnic is not made complete by simply eating outside. Instead, the activities are really part of what makes a picnic so memorable. The great thing about picnics is that they can provide a truly economical option for a days worth of entertainment. When packing your picnic supplies do not forget to pack some fun sports equipment like Frisbees, hula hoops, and/or a football. If you are headed for the beach what about packing up some water balloons and squirt guns? Or for a hiking adventure, why not print out a list for a nature scavenger hunt. And do not forget those relaxed moments in your picnic. Simply having a great book or new magazine can provide some quiet entertainment.

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Refrigeration Equipment Is Simple To Find On The Internet, Just Make Sure You Do Some Research Before You Purchase.

By Zachary M Rees

There are a few things you will need to think about before you buy catering and refrigeration equipment. If you are a kitchen based business or a catering company then read on to learn more. There are many different things that fall under the category of catering equipment so you'll have plenty of choice for your company.

It really is a large topic and covers a vast range of items including tables, refrigeration units, utensils and much, much more. There are so many things that you will need when you start a catering business so you'll need to find a cheap dealer so you can get the best deal.

Catering equipment that is most popular is of course, utensils and serving equipment. There is also a lot of popularity in tables and refrigeration. If you are looking at buying things then there are a few things you'll need to think about. Seek advice and make sure you do some research before you buy.

If you are looking for catering and refrigeration equipment you'll be pleased to know that you don't have to look very far. If you want to buy in wholesale you should look online for the best deals. Online stores have great prices for equipment like this. It will depend on what you need as to how much you need to allow for a budget.

Catering and refrigeration equipment is an essential part of any catering business and could help you stick to hygiene regulations as well as serve food properly. You will be able to find what you need from a wide variety of stores, both online and offline. You won't struggle to find what you need.

There are plenty of offers available online so you should be able to find what you need at great prices. Online stores always have deals available. If you are shopping for catering equipment then your best bet is probably to do it online because most of the best deals are available here.

When you're choosing catering equipment for your business you'll have a few things to think about such as the space you have as well as your budget. A lot of people forget to take measurements of areas where appliances will be placed and this can cause major problems - you may underestimate or even over estimate your space.

If you're starting a new business or company then purchasing your catering equipment can be very exciting and so it should be. It is essential that you don't settle for poor quality products because you will be using these things for a long time.

Catering and refrigeration equipment covers a lot of items and appliances so you'll need to consider what you need for your business and do a lot of research. If you need to do some research then you should look online to find out the best deals and info on what you need to buy.

In order to ensure you know what you're buying you'll need to do some research - it's not the kind of thing that falls under an impulse purchase. There are hundreds of different products available that fall under the category of catering and refrigeration equipment so you should always make sure you learn about everything - just incase you need it.

A lot of catering businesses notice that the equipment is designed to aid in the success of your business and will help you make things faster. Things can be bought at bargain wholesale prices so you shouldn't worry too much if you don't have a huge budget for all your needs straight away.

A lot of people don't really know what's available but if you're a catering business then catering and refrigeration equipment is essential for your business. As long as you have done your research and you know what you're looking for then you shouldn't have a problem finding great catering and refrigeration equipment deals.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Can Flatten Your Stomach Quickly Once You Know How

By Kathy Forcey

Everyone seems to be jumping on the health bandwagon, trying to watch what he or she eats as well as exercise more often. People are always looking to get that killer flat stomach just in time for the summer. If you want a flat tummy, then there are a few tips to keep in mind on how to flatten your stomach fast as well and safely!

In order to get those flat abs quickly, you will need to make sure that you are ready to have the commitment to make some serious sacrifices. Many people do not realize how much work that needs to be put into getting flat abs in the quickest amount of time. Prepare yourself ahead of time and know exactly what you need to do.

Once you are mentally prepared, you can then take a step back and watch out for what you are eating on a daily basis. In order to get back into shape, you need to drop all those greasy and fatty foods and start eating a lot healthier. Cut down on your fast foods and start eating more fruits and vegetables.

One way to flatten you stomach fast is to eliminate the bloatedness associated with poor digestion. Eating plenty of fiber and drinking lots of water can help flush out the toxins that can slow down your digestion and create that bloated feeling. Cleaning out your system will help you feel more energetic and get you started on the road to a flatter stomach faster.

Take a look into doing Pilates as well at least 3 or 4 times a week. This is an awesome way to lose weight as well as tone your stomach. You can also look into doing crunches every other day each week. Having a couple of exercises to choose from will allow you to have some variety, which will help you stay motivated.

Try to stay away from the pills and supplements that claim they will flatten your stomach even faster. People do not realize just how much money they can waste on these pills as well as how much damage that they can cause. If you want to lose weight and you want to be healthy, then you need to do it the healthy way. Taking diet pills can hurt your body later on down the road.

Make sure that you do find time to let your body as well as your core muscles to rest. When learning how to flatten your stomach fast, you need to make sure that you do it the safe way and you do not over work yourself. If you take a couple of days throughout the week, then your muscles will be able to build and you will get a better level of endurance.

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