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6 Ways to Lose 6 Pounds in One Week

By Patsie Adams

All you need to lose 6 pounds is seven days - and some effort. It's a quick amount of time, but it is still possible to lose those pounds this fast without hurting your health. This article gives 6 sensible, effective strategies that you can totally do.

First, let's make the calorie formula clear. To lose 6 pounds in a week you must burn 3000 more calories than you eat. The math says you have to burn about 475 extra calories a day to achieve this. You can burn the calories through diet or exercise. The best approach, of course is still a combination of both.

Here are some ideas to get your body moving to burn up those calories:

1. Get busy spring cleaning. You won't just get a clean house, you will burn some serious calories in the process. Clean the house intensely for some five hours and you can burn up to 575 calories . At this rate, a little over 5 hours of cleaning will allow you to burn all the calories needed - and some extra. But, beware that you dont want to compensate by eating more. Like we already said, the calories expended have to exceed the amount eaten.

2. Hit the slopes. Skiing is a great winter sport that also burns major calories. A 165-pound person can burn more than 12 calories per minute. Four hours of actual ski time will help you lose 6 pounds in a week. Another great reason for a ski holiday!

3. Dont be desk-bound. Many Americans sit in front of a computer to do their work. This doesn't have to be the case all the time. For example, when you are making phone calls, stand up and walk around. And walk over to your co-workers office instead of sending an email. Fidgeting at the desk burns calories too. While these kind of strategies wont help you in one week, they will be effective over the long run. Every little calorie burned counts.

Aside from getting more active, you can also reduce calorie intake by controlling what you eat. Here's how:

4. Try the Cabbage Soup Diet. On this diet, many people have lost up to at least 6 pounds in a week. You won't go hungry for it though. You can have all of the cabbage soup you want each day and a specified group of secondary foods. The cabbage soup staple is made of clear broth or V8 Juice, lots of cabbage, and your own choice of non-starchy vegetables.

5. Try the Grapefruit Diet. On this diet, you eat no starchy food. Its also called the grapefruit diet because you have to eat a half grapefruit at every meal. At breakfast you have bacon, eggs and coffee; at lunch you have salad and meat; and at dinner you have meat and non-starchy vegetables. To cap every meal you have to eat some grapefruit. Right before bed drink 8 ounces of milk or tomato juice. You can eat until you are satisfied. The diet is supposed to run for 12 days and most people lose 10 pounds or more. However, seven days into it, you should have lost your 6 pounds.

6. Go vegetarian for a week. Eliminating all meat and as much other fat as you can will cause you to lose weight quickly. Try to substitute meat with legumes or beans, eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can rather than starchy pastas, rice, and bread.

Now go ahead and try to lose those 6 pounds in one week. It can be done!

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Making An Amazing Cup Of Espresso

By Nik Levesque

Sometimes you just want to stay in and make your own cup of espresso instead of heading out to the local coffee house. Not only that, but making it at home is a lot less money since sometimes a shop charges insane amounts for just one cup.

Probably the first and most important thing to remember is that you need to start with the highest quality and most fresh ingredients as you can find and afford. One recommendation that I have always used is to try to only keep beans for about one week.

When you are grinding beans for your next brew, only grind the amount you need for that time. If you grind too much and then use it later, the coffee will not be as fresh tasting. Grinding releases oils in the beans that give you all the flavor. The fresher the grind, the better the espresso. If you can, also use a burr grinder because they will give you a much better grind to extract the flavors from.

When buying your beans, it is important to choose lightly roasted beans. A lot of people make the mistake of using the dark roasted variety. If you use a dark roast bean you will find that your end product will be very bitter.

There are many excellent espresso machines available in many different department stores, specialty shops and online websites. Do some research on all the different machines available and read reviews as well. After you are confident in what you need and can afford, make your decision.

When you have aquired your chosen espresso machine, it may take a few trys and experiments to get the right brew but with some patience and practice, you will soon be making that perfect cup. Remember that the process is pretty much the same no matter what machine you use. You can even look on youtube for some excellent tutorials.

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The Positive Benefits of Having a Garden

By Matt Truman

Since early times, gardening has been a vital part of human society. In present day, individuals can get a lot of pleasure from participating in this age-old practice, while gaining a number of great attributes from a newfound hobby.

The fruits and vegetables you get from gardening is usually of a higher quality than anything found in stores. You also have the satisfaction of eating something that you made yourself. The kicker is that your entire yield is almost completely free, after factoring the small costs of gardening.

Unless you are using chemicals in your gardening, everything you grow will be organic. Everyone knows that organic is better, as it is healthier and more natural for the body. With all the pollution in today's society, it is important to get as much organic material inside you as possible.

Personal gardens are usually easy and relaxing to manage, but if you have a larger garden, it can be physically demanding to control it. This is a good thing, as the more exercise we have in our lives, the better off we are. In addition, exercise from gardening is less stressful than having to go to the gym.

In addition to being physically challenging, gardening can also be good for the mental state. It relieves stress and requires one to use their mind to figure out the best ways to efficiently tend their garden. After a long period of gardening, it would be no surprise if you found yourself a bit smarter.

Stress is more destructive than most people realize. It can not only be inhibiting to a productive life, but it can actually shorten life as well. Gardening is a great way to reduce stress, and therefore extend your life considerably.

If you get enough food from your efforts, you should consider trying to convert it in to profit. Certain stores are willing to buy things from local producers, and if any family or friends are interested, that is an additional medium.

Gardening is an all around great activity that improves your mind and body in every way imaginable. You get healthier, grow good food, and ultimately feel more whole as a human being.

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Hungry? Try An Avraham Karadi Aka Avi Karadi Sandwich

By Avraham Wiseman

Dont you just love bizarre sandwiches? You dont have to actually make them or even eat them at all, but for some reason its kind of nice to know that there are those who like such things! I mean, ever heard of a "St. Paul", which is apparently only available in St. Louis, Missouri, and only then in certain old-timey Chinese restaurants? Its a hunk of egg foo young on white bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayo " sometimes even a slice of American cheese! Or the chow mein sandwich, which apparently is a common menu item on Route 195 in southern Massachusetts " and not confined to Chinese restaurants! Others report having peanut butter-and-onion sandwiches, peanut butter-and-pickle sandwiches, or peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches with crushed potato chipsthere is no end to the variety of bizarre sandwiches out there!

Add to that list one of the weirdest compositions ever, the "Avraham Karadi" Sandwich, also known as an "Avi Karadi. It seems like someone's idea of a faux-gourmet sandwich as it involves a lot of work just gathering and preparing the ingredients, and I cant imagine anyone actually enjoying the resulting mix of flavors, but theres been talk that its very popular in certain areas. Heres the list of exotic ingredients:

Passum, a sweet wine sauce from ancient Roman times. This is produced by boiling the must (whole fruits including the seeds, stems, and leaves pressed) and then adding honey in order to thicken it up.

Garum, an ancient Roman salty fish sauce, approximated today by combining passum with a fish paste and oregano.

An ancient Roman standby, Pine nut sauce, is made by mixing in vinegar, honey and pine nuts as well as a bit of pepper and lovage.

To finish it off add spinach, onions, lettuce and tomatoes as desired. Rye bread would be the usual choice, but black Russian bread comes in at a distant second. As found in egg salad "Egg Paste" is sometimes also added. Now the meat, Roast Beef or Pastrami are some of the favored meats to use. Of course as will all recipes there are some variations, but they all appear to stick to these main ingredients. Oddly, I was unable to find where the sandwiches nickname "Avraham Karadi" or "Avi Karadi" had come from.

1. The Passum: Reducing it to one-tenth its volume, start by cooking the grape juice. Feel free to add honey to taste.

2. The Garum: Add two full tablespoons of fish paste to the Passum. Then add a pinch of oregano.

3. The Pine Nut Sauce: For three hours, in vinegar, soak the pine nuts. Now mix with honey, while adding dashes of pepper and lovage.

Step Four: Building the sandwich. Spread egg paste on your rye bread (or your black Russian bread if that was your choice). Now add on the meat (Pastrami or Roast Beef) and add vegetables. Pour on the Passum, Garum, and Pine Nut Sauce as desired.

All done, enjoy your "Avraham Karadi" (aka "Avi Karadi") sandwich!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Reality About The Acai Berry Diet

By Robin J Hayes

One of the most key health discoveries of the recent past is the acai berry. This little berry has been discussed on everything from the TV talk shows, to books to blogs and websites. It has been touted as being valuable for everything from anti-aging to colon cleansing to weight loss.

The truth of the matter is that the acai berry is one of the most healthful foods ever found in nature. It has the utmost ORAC capacity, or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of any singular food. It has twice the antioxidant aptitude of another exceptionally healthful berry, blueberries and as much as 10 times the antioxidant capacity of red grapes.

However, not all of the claims have been verified true in scientific studies. There are no scientific studies on humans that provide evidence that the acai berry contributes to weight loss. There have been studies that showed that a major antioxidant called anthocyanins did contribute to healthy weight loss in laboratory mice. The acai berry is exceedingly high in anthocyanins.

The acai berry is abounding in a full range of amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. All of these nutrients can play a role to good for your health weight loss. The acai berry can add exceptional nourishment to our bodies and many times our bodies will release toxins and excess fat when they obtain high nutrition. There is nothing contained in the acai berry that would contribute to a colon cleansing but the high nutrition can help our bodies to naturally eradicate unwarranted waste products.

Acai berries can be favorable to your weight loss goals in a assortment of ways. Advanced nutrition can give you a enhancement of energy that can help you stick with an exercise plan. When your dietary needs are met, you tend to undergo fewer cravings and mood swings. First-rate nutrition can give you the liveliness you need to stick with a good for you diet and exercise routine that can help you to lose weight.

The advanced nutrition from these berries can help you to get better sleep,which is helpful in weight loss. It can also be an benefit to digestion, which can help your body to let go waste and toxins more resourcefully, which can support in weight loss.

There may not be definite scientific data but many people have reported success with weight loss by including the acai berry in their diets. The wholesome dietary profile of these berries will help your body and it may very well lead to weight loss. Your body will gain from great nutrition whether you actually lose pounds or not.

Many people have had huge success with the acai berry diet despite the lack of actual scientific evidence. The high nourishment value is of assistance to your body whether you actually lose weight or not.

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Acai Berry Juice and Puree

By Mark Berry

Acai berry juice has become very popular and is often added to other fruit juices to make a refreshing fruit drink. It appears the popularity of acai berry juice is not going away anytime soon. You will often find it talked about on TV talk shows and magazine ads.

Many people wonder why acai is so popular? Acai seems to have originated in the Amazon rain forest near or around Brazil due to the local tribes use of it over hundreds of years. Many people of brazil have been enjoying this popular fruit in acai bowls and many different beverages.

The acai berry is a very dark purple color and about the size of a blueberry and the seed makes up about 80 to 90 percent of the fruit. The skin and fruit are consumed after processing. The seed is waste or used for livestock feed.

The acai berry is harvested from the acai palm and grows in bunches. The fruit is then processed at the source to preserve its much touted qualities. Acai contains omega oils that must be process soon after picking or they will spoil.

Acai also contains many other nutrients similar to other fruits. Acai also contains antioxidants that may help against free radical damage. The most enjoyable form of acai is in juice or puree form where you can enjoy it as a drink and mix it yourself with other juices.

Acai berry juice can be used in recipes. Acai often makes great smoothies and mixes well with other juices such as grape. Acai when mixed with yogurt makes an enjoyable treat.

With the popularity of acai increasing it is often difficult to find just acai berry juice or puree without purchasing online. You should also look for acai berry juice products that are pure, organic and kosher. You best place to find acai berry juice or puree is online.

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Acai Berries Weight Loss Pills - Acai Berry Weight Loss As Seen on Oprah Show

By Xylene Belita

Acai Berries are little fruits of the Acai Palms, 8 species of the genus Euterpe which are local to tropical Central and South America. The tree itself is aptly named, Euterpe was the muse of delight in Greek Mythology, and indeed the fruits of the Acai Palms are delightfully healthy.

Acai Berries are actually from Acai Berry Palms (Euterpe oleracea) which are endemic to the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil. They have long been staple to the natives of the region. The Acai Berry itself is what is called among botanists as a drupe. The seed makes up 80-90% of the fruit. The juice and pulp of the Acai Berry derived from separating the pulp from the seed is popular in Brazil for use in juice blends, smoothies, and even ice cream and liqueur.

Acai berries have been scientifically established to include just the perfect amount of fibers, healthy monosaturated fats, iron and amino acids, the Acai Berry is also the richest resource of antioxidants in nature. A particular class of flavonoids called anthocyanins are found in remarkable amounts in Acai berries. Up to 10 times that of grapes and twice that of blueberries.

In case you did not realize, antioxidants are molecules that help prevent free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that come from normal processes of the body, pollutants, pesticides, cigarette smoke etc. They damage the cells and can cause chain reactions that can lead to diseases and even damage the DNA that can lead to cancers. Aside from fighting free radicals, antioxidants also strengthens the immune system and leads to a radical increase in energy levels and resistance.

The Acai Berry also has essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9) that help out battle bad cholesterol while at the same time maintaining good cholesterol. Thus, helping prevent heart disease. Not only that, Acai berries have just the accurate amount of nutrients that can significantly help combat fatness. Antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and phytosterols act collectively to make your body function more effectively. Aiding in digestion and burning fat better. Having a proportionate body makes it much easier for you to attain your weight goals.

And the best thing about the Acai Berry? Unlike other common health food like wheatgrass, Acai berries actually taste excellent. It has a definite flavor that has been described as a combination between berries and chocolate. The only downside is that the Acai berries spoil very quickly after harvest, so they are not readily obtainable in fresh form unless you live somewhere in Latin America. Fortunately, they are now quite easily available in other forms. The most common being the bottled Acai fruit drink or Acai Berry pills as health supplements.

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Acai Berry Recipes

By Jane A Moore

It's difficult to find acai berry recipes. I'm a big fan of Rachel Ray, and she recently featured the acai berry on one of her shows, so I thought for sure that I could find some Rachel Ray acai berry recipes online. But after a few days of searching, I decided that I should just start inventing some of my own.

The first thing I tried was an acai berry juice marinade on chicken breast. This is just a variation of an orange juice and white pepper marinade I picked up in Nicaragua or the lime juice and soy marinade I had been using for years. I should note that I always marinade for at least six hours as any less time doesn't do much for me.

I start by halving the chicken breasts because I find that being able to cook smaller pieces for less time on the barbeque decreases the chance that I will overcook or dry out the meat. Add all the chicken to a glass bowl, and add cold pressed olive oil, some ground sea salt, ground white pepper, minced garlic, acai berry juice, and lime juice as the citrus flavor. I thought the sour lime would balance the sweetness of the acai berry juice. As it turns out, the chicken turned out quite well, but not quite as good as by normal marinade. I also doubted that very much of the acai goodness made it into the chicken, as most of the sauce is burned off or dripped in the bar-b-q any way.

So my next recipe was a variation on another favorite of mine, and I hoped it would turn out better than the chicken experiment. In fact it did meet with very positive reviews. This is my own version of acai berry frozen yogurt. Mix acai berry juice with a non-flavored low fat yogurt. Then set a strainer and cheese cloth in a bowl, pour through the yogurt, put it in the fridge and let it drain through the yogurt for a day. Once the yogurt has drained, you are left with a cream cheese like mixture, which in fact is quite good as a spread or dip at this point.

I continued with the frozen yogurt recipe and peeled the creamy acai berry yogurt from the cheesecloth into a plastic container. Whip the yogurt with a whisk for several minutes to lighten it up, and then throw it in the freezer. After 8 hours it should be frozen enough to try. I just loved this recipe! It was a perfect mixture of the acai berry juice and frozen yogurt so that it wasn't overly sweet like ice cream would be. I think a good variation would be to put the yogurt mixture into Popsicle cups so you have individual servings ready to eat on the go.

Last but not least, I wanted to make a recipe for the tried and true fruit smoothie, except make it an acai berry special. In a blender add ice, a frozen banana (this makes the smoothy extra creamy by allowing you to add less ice), some plain yogurt, and 3/4 cup of acai juice. If you want to make a great all around breakfast smoothie, add some wheat germ to get a bit of extra fibre and protein.

So my first attempt at acai berry inspired recipes turned out not so bad. I'm happy with two out of three successful recipes for my first attempt. Granted, my acai berry inventions are not nearly as delicious as what I imagine an acai berry recipe from Rachel Ray. I'll keep trying though and perhaps I will eventually come up with some amazing recipes to use this amazing super food in.

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Tips On How To Double Your Weight Loss

By Joshua Seth

A study came out a while back that discovered a key difference with people who are successful at losing weight and those who are not. The simple act of keeping a food diary was found to be responsible for losing twice as much weight as not keeping one. These findings will be will be published in the August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and were funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health.

The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost, said lead author Jack Hollis Ph.D

This should come as no surprise to owners of my Weight Loss Hypnosis System CDs. I include a food journal along with an Action Item Form, Personal Weight Loss Contract, Monthly Recap Form, and other support documents. If you own this CD system and arent using the Food Journal, then the results of this study should inspire you to print it out and use it.

I just did a search for food diaries online and found a very popular site thats selling access to them for $9 a month! Thats just plain crazy. This stuff is not complicated. It's food. It's your body. It's not necessary to get lost in the minutia of doing a statistical analysis of your eating habits. It is important however to be aware of what you eat. Thats why I provide all those tracking forms with my weight loss CD system.

These forms will all be included as a bonus with my weight loss book when it comes out next month, but since keeping a food journal is amazing way to start the process of losing weight I thought Id provide one to you right now as a bonus for reading this blog :-)

Heres the idea behind keeping a food journal: by writing down everything you eat on a daily basis, you will begin to become objectively aware of the calories you are consuming and the source of those calories. The key here is that its objective. Youre not relying on your own selective memory to determine your current eating habits, its all written out there in black and white.

Print out the food journal provided below. Make 7 copies of it. For the next week fill one out day by day and make sure to include what you drink too. Then, at the end of the week, take a look back and notice the patterns. This is your starting point.

When making any type of change in your life, its important to know where you are now, where you want to get to, and then start taking the necessary steps to reach the goal.

In next weeks article I'll reveal you how to use the results of your food journal to start making the changes that will lead to permanent weight loss.

Heres the link to get your free food journal: Food Journal PDF

Print it out now and start using it today and youll be able to take advantage of next weeks followup article when it comes out. Dont put this off. I may take this link down once the book comes because out the food journal will be provided as one of the books bonuses.

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Weight Loss Programs - Things To Consider

By James Zane Johnson

Trying to lose weight is not always the easiest thing to do. You may have tried fad diets, liquid supplements, and even diet pills, yet still you have made very little progress when it comes to losing weight. The next thing that you need to try is a weight loss program.

First of all, never try to lose weight on your own. Although this method can and has worked for some people, the most successful weight loss occurs with a little help from reputable programs that specialize in weight loss.

The easiest way of choosing the right program is to decide what your needs are. This will help you in picking the right weight loss program and this will be important for your success in losing pounds.

Evaluate your decision to lose weight

Finding a good weight loss program will be easier if you first evaluate why you want to lose weight. For many people it is a choice of health. Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can cause the need to shed pounds. Some forms of diabetes can actually be controlled by a change of diet. If this is your reason, a weight loss program that is monitored by a registered dietary expert is the right choice for you. These programs are a stress free way of dieting without having to monitor your own foods. You will receive prepackaged meals that will be shipped right to your front door. Each meal will be nutritionally balanced in order to meet with your health needs.

Losing weight to fit into your summer wear is a very common reason for people dieting. You will need a weight loss program that has a lot of support. There are many weight loss programs online that offer a great support system and plenty of recipes. These programs will help you during those times when you are feeling low.

For those who are looking for a lifestyle changing weight loss there are programs where you weigh at weekly meetings, exercise together, and go over weekly menu plans and food options. The weight loss programs offer a boost to those who want to utilize a group setting to lose weight.

People who are morbidly obese will need to find a program that offers a more hardcore means of weight loss. There are many options for these people, but they need to be prepared to work really hard. There are boot camps and summer camp programs that offer a strict diet program along with a regimented work out for everyone. These camps can last for weeks and involve a strictly controlled environment, but the rewards have been great for many people.

It's all up to you

No matter which weight loss program you chose, you will have to be willing to work at it. Losing weight is not easy and if you are doing it for anyone besides yourself it will not likely work. Weight loss programs are there to help you. They do not want to see you fail, but in the same instance they can't make it work for you. There is no magic system for shedding the pounds. It will take lots of work and effort, but in the end you will be glad you did it.

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Attitude And Healthy Eating

By James Zane Johnson

Healthy eating is not as difficult or as restrictive as most people think. In fact, if you think it means strict deprivation you are not doing it correctly! If you want to lose weight or just decrease your chances of developing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and all of the other health conditions linked to obesity, then learning to think more sensibly about food is important.

The most important secret you will ever discover is that it all starts in the head. If you put too many restrictions on your diet or tell yourself that you can never eat foods that you love again, then you are going to fail. The first rule is never to do that to yourself!

Consider three secrets to getting the results you want sensibly.

Mind Game: This is the most important secret you will ever hear, so it must come at the top of the list. How you think about your new eating habits will determine whether you really make them stick in your life or ditch them for everything forbidden. It really is a mind game of sorts.

Start by not thinking of this as a diet. You are going to make some changes in your life for the better and it is going to bring great things into your world. This is not about giving up cookies forever or skipping the cake at your daughter's graduation party. You have to think long term.

Carb Control: You could spend months reading through books aimed at teaching you the hundreds of nutrients your body needs every single day and the proper combination of foods in order to get them in the right amounts. Yet, that is unnecessary if you can learn how to control your carb choices.

If you can focus on replacing unhealthy carbs with healthier varieties, this would be a giant step toward healthy eating.

Carbohydrates are a large category that includes many different foods, including cake and cookies alongside whole grain rice, fruits, and vegetables.

The secret is to start replacing the sugary foods and refined carbs with whole grain varieties. Start eating fresh fruit in the place of sweet treats. Go for whole grain rice, pasta, and bread. Eat vegetables and fruit with every meal.

You aren't looking to eliminate carbs because they are your body's main source of energy and stamina. You just want to eat healthy carbs that deliver real value to your body.

The Glycemic Index is an excellent tool for learning which carbs are better for you than others.

The final secret is to eat often! If you are not having small snacks throughout the day you will suffer from a slower metabolism and your blood sugar will not remain stable. The trick is to find sensible snacks that give your body a constant source of energy. If you eat unhealthy snacks you will be robbing your body of energy instead.

Do your best to eat something every 3-4 hours, even if it is just fresh fruit or a handful of nuts. Consider those healthy carbs as light snacks.

Healthy eating is really about balancing out your life. You can have those unhealthy foods that you love, but they should not be every day occurrences. Your everyday eating should involve lean protein sources and a variety of healthy carb selections.

Pepper your life with those unhealthy foods and truly enjoy them, rather than saturating your daily diet with them and feeling guilty over every bite.

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What Your Family Can Get From Long-Term Food Storage Practice

By Sara Shea

To be prepared in times of calamities by having long-term food storage is the most important key in survival. It is then ideal that we store the basic necessities that we'd need such as clothing, medicine, and most importantly, food.

Long-term food storage is one of the basic things we should do during disaster preparedness because having an adequate food supply will ensure our survival through most rough times.

Disasters can strike unexpectedly. You can't predict when it's going to hit so you need to prepare for it. Typhoons, storms, floods, and earthquakes can cause your food resources to be cut off so you need to make sure that you have enough food supply for your family. Don't expect grocery stores to be accessible because this is very unlikely during calamities. Long-term food storage practice will ease this concern.

In times of disaster or any other crisis, know that the prices of commodities like food can go up. You can't help it, but when the supply is severely affected, you will have to pay a lot to be able to get some. Similarly, when the demand is very high, the prices can also go up. You will be able to prevent this from affecting you if you've stored enough food; hence, there would be no need to spend more.

Long-term food storage is sort of an investment. Why? Mainly because food is a commodity that always hold its worth. There is always a need for food. People always have to eat, regardless what situation they are in. With an investment on food, families benefit from maximum gains in the form of being able to feed themselves well.

By practicing food storage, you will be able to feed your family and help others in times of crisis. If you have more than enough to sustain your needs, you need to share them with others who have nothing.

It always feels good to help others in times of need. This is one of the most rewarding things you can take from practicing food storage. It reflects the kind of person you are. It makes you aware of your social responsibility.

Long term food storage practice is one of the things every family must learn to do. Investing on a survival kit of food, among others, is a preliminary step towards ensuring your survival. This will give you peace of mind. It will also allow you to feel safe and secure in case something bad happens (i.e. disasters). It is always good to know that you have done everything necessary to keep you and your family safe. That is definitely something money cannot buy.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

How To Impress Your Relatives With A Great Tasting Martini

By Tanner Sims

Serving martinis to guests almost invariably turns your party into a hit. Doesn't a good cocktail drink served in a stylish glass make you feel really good?

There is something special about the shape of a martini glass. A quick glance at one and you would almost think it has a slightly seductive appearance. Heck, even the glass itself seems to suggest a festive mood.

Unlike other cocktail glasses, they seem to have a unique style that sets them apart. Their distinctive look makes them the most popular glasses on the internet.

Do you feel like the popular clich image known by most when holding a martini glass served with green olives? Well now you have many choices it seems when it comes to martini cocktails, adding maraschino cherries, lemons, limes, oranges and chocolate to the mix.

Serving a great tasting martini requires a special mixture of ingredients. The most popular way to serve this type of cocktail is with an olive. However, many are now experimenting with chocolate, cherries and even citrus fruit. There are no engraved rules.

Many bars and restaurants today will coat the ice cubes in vermouth or use Vermouth Spritzers to coat the ice to save money. Now most recently gin has been replaced with vodka as the more popular choice and as the picky martini purists would call itthe "Bradford" or "Vodka Martini" as we all know it, was born.

It is very common for establishments such as bars and restaurants to serve gin martinis with Vermouth Spritzer coated ice cubes. This is an acceptable practice and it saves on the costs of replenishing alcohol while still delivering a great tasting cocktail. More people now prefer vodka to gin.

The trick they say is to use the martini shaker. What is a martini shaker you ask? Well if you have to ask, you haven't had a good shaking yet!

Martini shakers made of stainless steel; bartenders use them to vigorously mix the ingredients and ice into perfect blend of fine martini that is then strained and served in an ice-cold glass.

Mixing the ingredients together in a shaker is a great way to blend the ingredients together. However, most bartenders will tell you that vigorously shaking the contents releases oxygen into the cocktail giving it a finer and smoother taste.

Some say one of the best-kept secrets to making a great tasting cocktail is to never let the drink turn warm. This is why they are always served in an ice-chilled glass.

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The Revival of Ardbeg Whisky

By Rachel Wilson

The small Scottish island of Islay is home to many whisky distilleries. One of the most famous, throughout the world, is Ardbeg. The first official, commercial distillery on the Ardbeg Farm site was established by the McDougal brothers in 1815. However local folk law tells of illicit and smuggled whisky being distilled at Ardbeg much earlier than this. They still tell of the huge cache of illicit whisky found by the government's excise men at the end of the 18th century. It certainly does seem that local farmer have long secretly distilled whisky as a way of using up their excess grain crop.

The water from Loch Uigidale has always been used in the distilling process and its proximity to Ardbeg is probably the reason for the long tradition of whisky distilling in the area. The water of the loch is very soft and exceptionally peaty and contributed to the characteristic peatyness of Ardbeg, said to be the most peaty of all Scotland's whiskies.

The distillery grew quickly and by the 1880's it employed 60 local people compared to the 10 employed today. It was successfully managed by two McDougal sisters and by the end of the 19th century its annual production exceeded 1 million litres of whisky.

The Ardbeg distillery lies on the sea shore where many years of salty sea breezes have impregnated the buildings and the whisky it produces. This results in the much prized flavours of the sea, greatly appreciated by Ardbeg's many fans. The distillery has two small piers, used in the past by the boats bringing supplies to the distillery. Fisherman and tourists still make good use of them today. For many years the nearby Distillery Farm was run and managed alongside the distillery and many of the workers were needed to cut the peat used in the maltings.

The distillery remained in the hands of the McDougal family until 1959 and eventually passed into the hands of Allied Distillers, along with a number of independent distilleries. The distillery was mothballed in 1981 as Allied believed they had enough whisky in storage and wanted to concentrate production at the nearby Laphroaig Distillery. Allied believed that Laphroaig whisky was sufficiently similar to Ardbeg to satisfy demand, sacrilege to the Ardbeg connoisseur!

At one time Ardbeg produced its own malt. The malting was unusual in that they had no fans in the pagodas on the roof, causing the peat smoke to permeate the malt for longer than at most distilleries. These days the malt comes from the maltings at Port Ellen although the high level of peatiness is still a requirement.

When Allied Distillers decided to put Ardbeg up for sale in 1996 there was considerable interest from many quarters and the distillery was finally bought by Glenmorangie PLC. Glenmorangie have been committed to investing in Ardbeg and have built the business up into the thriving distilling complex on the site today, a fascinating mixture of the traditional and the modern.

550,000 litres of whisky were produced at Ardbeg in 1999. By 2003 this had almost doubled to 1 million litres. Currently Ardbeg produces 160 barrels a week. Each barrel contains 250 bottles. This means that every week the Ardbeg distillery produces an amazing 40,000 bottles.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hypnosis Ignites Fast Weight Loss

By Robert Hudak

Because most people are deeply indulged in the same old daily routine, it often leads to the health and appearance being overlooked. Making matters worse, most people cannot tell the difference between good and bad food therefore leaving them with weight gain. Unfortunately this eliminates your chances for fast weight loss.

Many people in general get excited about losing weight so they count their calories or follow a stringent diet plan. On the quest for fast weight loss many of us turn to hazardous diet pills and surgery. Although some may have success, they are still in need of a lifestyle change and must change their old ways of eating.

It would seem like a wonderful scenario to take a pill or have a simple surgery and a lifetime of weight problems will be over. If you are looking for fast weight loss then consider hypnosis. The process of hypnosis has been in existence for thousands of years. It has been a very effective tool in helping people use their minds to gain control of their bodies.

Just like any major problem, the first step is acknowledging that you have a weight problem. This is necessary step in losing weight. Living in denial about your weight issue is common but until you face it, your weight will not magically lose itself. Programming the subconscious mind using hypnosis and start the life that you have been dreaming of can attain fast weight loss.

You can experience fast weight loss and hypnosis is the most effective way to reach your goal. Most people underestimate the power of hypnosis in the area of weight loss and diet control. Change your mind and the rest will follow. A lot of times it has nothing to do with what you are eating but what is eating you.

While in hypnosis you can be given suggestions that you can be given suggestions that you lose your desire for sugar and inappropriate foods. That water is becoming your drink of choice. You can also be programmed for fast weight loss and that it is easy and fun. This process will make losing weight something your body really enjoys.

Through ongoing programming there is really no limit to what can be achieved. In some cases hypnotic suggestions can have a lasting effect. Suggestions have the tendency to wear off after four days. Ongoing reinforcement is the real secret to fast weight loss. This can be achieved by listening to a hypnosis CD daily.

When you are in the state of hypnosis, you will experience a deep relaxation. Thirty minutes of hypnosis is equivalent to natural sleep. This makes it easy for your mind to be programmed for fast weight loss even when you are asleep, therefore allowing your mind and body to work together and create the exact body that you dream of.

Listening to hypnosis CD's daily helps achieve the true success with hypnosis. The desire for inappropriate foods can be eliminated by strengthening your old weak habits with ongoing reinforcement. This process will assist you in achieving fast weight loss and will also give you more willpower, discipline and self control.

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Music in the Park at Coralville

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

At Coralville, an exciting weekend affair is brewing- it is again time for the annual Music in the Park. There are many ways to celebrate weekends with a bang. It can be a trip to the park, a dinner at some upscale restaurant or a weekend concert.

Iowa is a state brimming with talents and awesome events. This year's affair is indeed another great offering from the fresh local talents of Coralville. Spectators and music enthusiasts from Coralville and nearby towns are expected to gather and attend this exciting event. Wanna listen to your favorite song? The bands can sing your chosen song for you because of the newest song request offering at the event. The event is also an ideal time for other band members to reunite and meet and greet in one roof.

Attendees of the event are mostly high school kids who simply want to have a great time. They are often seen in the previous year's carrying their guitars and musical instruments to sign up for the show. It is indeed pleasant to see such young kids dedicated to mastering their chosen craft- while having fun and obviously staying out of bad influences.

Organizers will make use of every "green" and eco-friendly" design elements they can find in order to keep up with this year's theme. The park will be awesomely decorated for this year carrying the theme: "Green is IN". Green speakers will also be invited to give privilege speeches and seminars to the attendees during intermission parts.

Come to the Music in the Park at Coralville and experience pure fun and music happening. Bring your friends and be ensured of a night of dancing and singing. If you've got what it takes and feel that you have the talents, don't forget to sign up at the organizer's booth to be counted as one of the performers. See you!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Is The Secret Of The Great Thirst Of Cajun Food?

By Ferdinand Emy

For those who undertake their cajun food for the first time, they had better be warned that this food is pretty hot specially whether or not the cajun seasoning is used in cooking holds hot ingredients.

The cajun seasoning blends may be very helpful in boosting taste for sauces and seafood. cajun cuisine relies on a considerable degree of a lot of methods of cooking like barbecuing, boiling, frying and deep frying besides others. cajun seasoning similarly varies in terms of hotness. The hottest cajun seasoning you may get is the one called extra hot and it relies on jalepeno powder to render that spicy, burning taste onto our tongue. It may come as hot, mild hot or not hot at all.

Despite this, the cajun blends are very much looked for in terms of cooking because it seems to add a truly nice touch of blending flavors to the meal. theres a sure assortment called salt free cajun mix which may assist your food get the flavor you like such a lot without putting your health in risk. The word cajun pertains to an ethnic group that lives in louisiana and who have become gorgeous usual for their cuisine. Today persons have started using respective seasoning blends in order to exaggerate the range of flavors added to their food. Other recipes of cajun seasoning are designed so that they may go with any sort of food you might just be fascinated in cooking whether youre a cajun cook or not.

All-round the years the cajun seasoning blends have similarly borrowed galore influences from other cuisines like the indian, the spanish, the french, the african, and so on. The cajun seasoning blends rely a lot on bay leaves, bell peppers and black peppers, on celery, garlic, onion and parsley, on sugarcane and thyme. This type of seasoning is called all-intention cajun seasoning and it may similarly be found in supermarkets. These persons descended from the acadians and the word cajun is yet another variant of acadian. persons who look more after their diet and stay clear from using salt in it may similarly use cajun seasoning blends.

Normally its commended that you use one teaspoon per pound of meat and you may use this seasoning with fish, chicken wings, steaks chops and ribs, and so on. It similarly works outstanding in combining with vegetables and eggs. Like any other peculiar established food, cajun food uses its own ingredients, its own methods and its own cajun seasoning.

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Read This, And Become An Expert On Selecting Purple Clay Teapots

By Jason Jia

If you already know that a purple clay teapot is needed to bring you a wonderful tea time, the problem is: how do you choose the best teapot for you? This article will show you some basics, and make you an expert when picking a purple clay teapot.

To choose a good, suitable purple clay teapot, you should pay attention to three aspects: how useful it is, the quality of the workmanship, and the quality of the materials used to make it.

Is it practical for your needs?

1. Suitable capacity: For a tea service for two to five people, a 350 ml purple clay teapot is suitable. Of course, the more people there are to serve, the larger the pot should be. Purple clay teacups are usually pretty small, as the Chinese think they are fit for sipping tea carefully and gracefully.

2. Appropriate height: Purple clay teapots of various heights have various uses. A relatively tall pot is usually used to brew black tea, while a relatively short pot is appropriate for making green tea. A pot that's too tall tends to let tea aromas lose, and a pot that's too short may easily overflow. So a teapot that's not the right height might spoil the fun.

3. Big mouth: At the end of your tea time, remember to empty your teapot in a timely manner so no mold or tea stains will develop in it. It is a nuisance to pull the soppy tea leaves out of a small-mouthed purple clay teapot. To save the trouble, choose a pot with a relatively large opening on top.

4. Straight pour: Make sure the spout is long enough, straight, and doesn't have any imperfections or particles stuck inside. When pouring tea, the flow from a good pot will be very even with no spatters of water flying off the sides. When you tip the pot to empty it, all of the liquid should drain out with just one simple motion. And the tea should stop coming out as soon as you want to halt the flow.

Was the artist careful in his work?

A good purple clay teapot is most likely handmade. It should display its artistic value and the potter's level of skill. So keep your eyes open, and make sure that your purple clay teapot is flawless.

1. Proper firing: Only an experienced expert can make the correct judgments when firing a purple clay teapot. You can detemine the quality of the work by tapping the body of a pot with its lid. If tapping the pot produces a sound like a small bell, it means the firing was done correctly. If the noise ends quickly or sounds like metal clanking, the potter did a poor job. Note: Don't use the outer rim of the lid, since that is the most fragile part of the whole pot.

2. 'Three Points One Line': To guarantee a great flow from a purple clay teapot, each potter must carefully place the button, spout, and handle in perfect alignment. When shaping a pot, even a moment of inattention may cause a major defect. So as a shrewd customer, you should pay attention to this rule as well.

3. Airtight cover: Apart from a tiny hole to balance the air pressure, the cover of a purple clay teapot should be absolutely airtight. This helps it hold in tea scents and hot steam, and offers you a perfect brew. You may test the cover in this way: Spin the cover to make sure it revolves easily and smoothly on the pot; then press the tiny hole on the cover when pouring, the flow should stop running instantly.

4. Flawless details: An outstanding potter always attaches great importance to the small features of his pot. So when you pick a purple clay teapot, don't forget to check out every piece. For example, the interior should be tidy and clean, and the artist's personal seals should be clearly imprinted underneath the lid and under the base of the pot.

Quality of the Clay

At first glance, some purple clay teapots shine with bizarre, oily sheen. These signs show that the material is impure or poorly mixed. A master potter only chooses the best and purest purple clay, or mixes up several kinds of purple clays to get an uncommon result. Touching quality purple clay feels like touching fine, soft sand. So run your hands over it to test. And quality clay will shine with a natural, soft luster.

To know about my last two pieces of advice and become an expert on choosing puple clay teapots, just check out my Website!

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Cooking with Various Pans

By Galendalyn Rosenbaum

A well seasoned and cured cooking pan will ensure cooking is more fun, faster to clean, and it will craft tastier food. Nothing is more frustrating than cooking a delicious meal only to have it stick to the cooking pan. There is a saying in the cooking business; Hot pan " Cold Oil.

What this is telling you is never to put oil into a cold pan and then heat it. You should heat up the pan, then add your oil, and immediately place your food into the pan. If you follow this order you can be sure you will experience far less sticking. If you have seasoned your pan before cooking with it the results are far superior.

Stainless Steel Cooking Pans - Unfortunately stainless steel is unable to be seasoned since the metal is too hard. Personally I do not know of any restaurants that are using stainless steel pans for this reason. Stainless steel is excellent for storing food since your food will not taste like the metal, however they are terrible for cooking. My advice would be to avoid stainless steel cooking pans.

Aluminum - Before using aluminum pans make sure that you wash the pan with soap and water using a sponge or cloth. You should rinse and dry off the pan completely. Next you want to heat up the pan until it is hot and place two ounce of oil inside of it. Swirl the oil around inside of the pan until you get a nice thin coating, now let the pan cool. You should now remove the oil and repeat these steps one more time. At this point, never again use soap to clean the pan. When it needs to be washed, simply use warm water and dry paper towels, if some of the food happens to stick, that is fine, simply grab a paper towel and wipe it out carefully.

Adding this extra effort to season your new cooking pans, will offer you much more amazing cooking results, while also increasing the life of your pans. I recommend spending that little extra to purchase quality pans and then make sure that you take care of them. In the long term you will be much more pleased with your investment.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Should Consider Cooking With Teriyaki Sauce

By Ferdinand Emy

A traditional Japanese sauce, teriyaki sauce has garnered great popularity in the western cultures. Used as either a marinade or a garnish for rice, meats and vegetables, teriyaki sauce is a sweet sauce. It can be used as a dipping sauce as well, making it a flexibility that makes it suitable as an addition to many cuisines.


Mirin Sake Cornstarch Brown sugar Garlic Soy sauce Ginger

Cooking Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Every ingredient should be washed and rinsed, then ground or chopped before mixture. Because they will be cooked with the vegetables or meat, some teriyaki sauces are not cooked. Several ingredients will be applied depending on if it is a traditional or modern teriyaki sauce.


A form of cooking process in Japan, teriyaki sauce is traditionally used as marinade, with the sauce being the sweet marmalade that the vegetables or the meat are coated in. Oftentimes, teriyaki techniques are set aside for white meats such as chicken and fish, and as for fish, yskipjack tuna, salmon, yellowtail, marlin, trout and mackerel are mainly utilized.

In Western cultures, teriyaki sauce tends to be a reference to a similar style of sauce used in the teriyaki method of cooking. However, these sauces do not tend to be true teriyaki, as the cooking of the food is not typically done in the same way. Rather as a marinade, in this case teriyaki is typically applied as an accompaniment and in stir fry .

When grilling, it is recommended that your meats or vegetables sit in the marinade for a minimum of thirty minutes before preparation. Because it allows the meat to absorb the flavor of the teriyaki sauce, it is not common for recipes to call for a marrinade of twenty-four hours. Generally, the stronger the teriyaki flavor, the longer it will be permitted to marinade. In some cases, such as fish, you will want to use a shorter marinade process so that the fish tastes as fresh as feasible.

Teriyaki grilling can be done on numerous surface types, including electric, gasp, coal and wood burning grills.


Along with yakitori and sukiyaki, teriyaki was applied for the first time in Japan in the seventh century. Developed alongside each other, these three cooking methods are closely interwoven. 'Yaki', the base word in all three types, simply means grilled. Often, yaki dishes will include very similar ingredients with differences in how the meat or vegetables are grilled.

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Farmers Market Mania into Town

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

A different kind of market is to be held and it is called the farmer's market, in here you can expect to find vendors selling their produce freshly picked. People today want to get their goods and necessities fresh. Home baked goods are also available. In this market you can expect that the goods are taken from their farm locally and extended to be available for the buying public.

Common buyers here have already established warm business relationship with their ideal buyers. A variety of products are around from vegetables, fruits, and different flowers. People who have been coming back and forth in this market have already created a wholesome culture of vendor buyer relationship.

Vegetables are always well favored when they are picked fresh. And this is common here in the farmers market because local farmers are the ones who grow these themselves. A number of home baked goods are available for grab. Buyers will be exposed to the local flavor of their common cookies or cakes. And also you can taste the local's own flavor of baked goods. Fruits are guaranteed free from chemicals and organically fertilized also because of the local farmers.

Entry of sellers in this market is also regulated by a local regulatory board. They are screened for their goods quality, their cleanliness and business ethics. This will guarantee the buyers their right as consumers. But what really brings back buyers here is the warmth of the trade happening in the market.

Come and visit us in the farmers market, have a nice time buying your commodities will have a good time. You can expect honest to goodness modern barter, locals keep their pride through the way they relate in selling their goods. Competitive price can also be expected, sellers also have their likened buyers that they give extra discount too.

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Acai Weight Loss

By John Steely

There had been many weight loss products introduced in the market. People who have weight issues are often attracted to try various weight loss products in the hopes that they would work for them. Unfortunately, not all of them work and in some cases, they even cause negative effects.

At present, one of the most popular weight loss products out in the market is the acai berries. These are actually fruits from acai palm trees that often grow from the Central and South America. Many local people have been using the berries for many years due to its purposes for cooking and as a medicinal product. In fact, in countries like Brazil, Belize and Peru, people use acai berries for desert products like yogurt or cakes.

Just recently, the weight loss properties and health benefits of the acai berries have been brought to the world when many companies started marketing the product as a dietary supplement. While it has only been sold as a fresh or dried fruit before, it now comes in juice, powder and tablet forms for easier handling and distribution. This is done so the many benefits of the acai tree could be brought to everyone around the globe.

Taking acai berries provide many health benefits to the body. Not just a simple weight management product, acai berry products also provide better immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems. With all the vitamins and minerals in the product, anyone most of the people taking it gets increased level of energy, improved sleep and healthier skin.

Detoxification is also one of the magnificent effects of the acai berries. When one regularly takes the the berries, the stomach wall is cleansed because of its high fiber contents. The body could more properly absorb nutrients when the toxins out of our system.

Our heart also benefits a lot from the acai berries. There are presence of omega vitamins in this fruit that lowers the blood cholesterol and helps improve the blood flow. It also has anti-oxidants that are said to be good for our bodies aging process.

With the countless benefits that acai berries provide to our health, many people deemed it as the SUPER FOOD. Many health professionals are not endorsing this product not only for weight loss but also for overall health. In fact, many TV shows and magazines featured the acai berries.

If you are one of the people who want to lose or maintain weight, you might be interested on how the acai berries would work for you. The good thing about it is it's organic and very minimal preservatives are added to the products marketed. In fact, you can even order acai berries in its natural form and include it in your recipes for a healthier meal.

Just remember that anyone with pre-existing conditions, pregnant or have any health concerns must consult with their physicians first before taking the product. It is currently sold everywhere in the world in health stores or you can also order it through the Internet.

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How To Benefit From LED Lighting In Your Kitchen

By Abigail Monot

The best kitchen lighting designs almost always use a lot of lighting, which doesn't mean simply adding a few more ceiling rose fittings. Kitchen lighting demands different types of lighting for different zones. In fact, almost the worst way to light a kitchen is to put a few bright fluorescent tubes on the ceiling. You'll certainly get bright light - but also flat, cold and certain to give you a headache in no time at all.

Clearly, a major problem with central ceiling roses in a kitchen is that they create dark spots and you are always casting your own shadow onto worktops. A popular solution is to fit a number of halogen down lights in a pattern in the ceiling to produce uniform general light and install extra lighting specifically for worktops and hobs etc.

This solution works reasonably well, but does have its own downsides: halogen lamps operate at extremely high temperatures, don't last very long, and are without rival as the most expensive means of lighting a kitchen. Some 90% of the cost of incandescent lighting (of which halogen is an extreme example) is the electricity they use.

This in large part explains the rise in popularity of ultra low energy, cool running, LED kitchen lighting. For mains voltage lighting, all that is required is to replace existing GU10 spotlights in-situ with GU10 LEDs. For low voltage systems, replace existing 12v transformers with one (or more, depending on the number of lights involved) constant voltage 12v LED driver and then change over to LED light bulbs.

The three main aspects to consider when installing LED spotlights are: luminosity (brightness); colour temperature (how cool/blue or warm/yellow); and beam angle. Try to match these as close as possible to the characteristics of the halogen lamps you might otherwise have considered using.

We have become accustomed to rating brightness by wattage, but the rated wattage for an LED light bulb should be about 10% that of the equivalent normal incandescent or halogen bulb. So expect to replace a 35w halogen lamp with an LED rated 3w or greater, 50w requires a 5w LED and so on.

Color temperature describes how cool or warm a light appears. LED lights are available in a variety of white color temperatures (and also, colors) but since it has always been easier to manufacture blue LEDs, many cheap LEDs tend to have a cold/bluish tinge. Go for warm white (color temperatures below 3500K) for a reasonable approximation to the kind of white light normally associated with halogen lamps.

A narrow beam angle, say 45 degrees, makes any light appear tighter and more contained to a defined spot, whereas a much wider 120 degrees spreads the light out evenly, eliminating glare and "hot-spots". Quite possibly the best LED spot light currently available that acts as a straightforward halogen replacement is the Sharp Zenigata.

One of the key factors to how any artificial light appears is not so much the light itself as the surface it shines on. To warm things up, point spot lighting at warmly colored areas (terracotta tiles, natural wood or simply a warmly painted wall). Alternatively, create dramatic effects by for example directing blue LEDs at fairly dark surfaces - blue LEDs reflected off blue, green, granite and steel can look stunning.

Use lights with differing characteristics against different textures and colors to obtain different effects in specific zones in the kitchen. There are so many options, especially with LED strip lighting systems for accenting plinths, coving, worktops and just about anything else you could think of. The best advice though is stick with just one or two ideas - you'll be surprised how stunning even a modicum of LED kitchen lighting looks.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keep your Cooking Pans Clean

By Glendalyn Shaburt

Provide your family with home cooked meals by purchasing your own cooking pans. This enables you to craft masterpieces in your own home. Cooking pans are versatile, but do however require a small amount of training before you can use them. Purchasing a brand new set of cooking pans will help you achieve some of the best culinary crafting you ever have.

Cooking pans need to be handled slightly different from most other cooking equipment. Your pans will need some important steps before you cook you first meal. This is called seasoning and it ensures that your pans will last a lifetime.

Straight oiling. Using this method of preparing cooking pans, oil, fat is smothered into the cooking pans and then removed slightly. You will then use then pan to prepare intensely greasy food the first couple of times that you use them. Bacon, Sausage, and other similar food works great. You should repeat this at least 5 to 7 times before you cook anything else.

Now that you have fully seasoned your brand new cooking pans, they are ready to cook whatever you mind can imagine. You can use them for any task from frying chicken, to baking corn bread and biscuits.

After you have cooked with your new pans you need to clean them, however you will find that the method to appropriately clean your seasoned pans so as not to remove the seasoning might be a tad bit unusual.

The recommended method for cleaning your pans is to use a good amount of boiling water, and place this into the pan. Now that you have the pan full of boiling water, empty it and wipe out your pan. And wallah you are finished.

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New Waffle Makers Will A A New Flavor To Your Cuisine

By Walter A Monroe

Waffle makers are so simple to use, and there is nothing quite like freshly made waffles for breakfast. Many people believe that homemade waffles are very complicated, and waffle makers even more so. This is not the case. Whether you choose a store bought waffle mix, or make your own at home, waffles are relatively simple to make.

There are loads of different waffle makers available. Some have special shapes or designs. Some make one waffle at a time, while others make several. You can find waffle makers for making small waffles, large waffles and sizes in between. Thin waffles, Belgian waffles, and even dessert waffles can all be made.

If you just want to experience fresh, homemade waffles without any fuss, you may be interested in a traditional round waffle maker. Most of these are affordable enough for just about anyone. This will be a basic waffle maker usually with indicator lights letting you know when the machine is ready and when the waffles have finished baking.

Belgian waffles are thick and fluffy. These are great to eat at any time of the day. In order to make these, you will need a Belgian waffle maker. You will find a great selection of Belgian waffle makers available.

You will find waffle makers that can also be used for other purposes, such as Panini or believe it or not, grilling meats. These waffle makers include interchangeable plates which can be switched depending on what you are preparing. This also allows the opportunity to wash the plates either in the sink or dishwasher. They generally also include a temperature regulator, so that the temperature may be adjusted according to the food being prepared, or toasting preference.

The professional waffle maker allows the user to make the crispest, deep pocket waffles which are still soft in the middle. These flip waffle makers allow the waffle to be flipped half way through the baking process in order to achieve even baking on both sides. Most include a drip tray to catch any spilled batter. Ready indicator lights or sounds will tell you when the waffle is finished. This removes any guess work or timing. You should certainly expect to have control over the temperature with a professional waffle maker.

Whether your waffles will be for breakfast or dinner, served with meat, strawberries and whipped cream, or with good old fashioned maple syrup, you are sure to be delighted with your freshly baked waffles. A waffle maker is an excellent choice for any kitchen.

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Sensible Cooking In Your Sensible Life

By John Jones

If you?ll notice, most of us are beginning to be health conscious. We often take time to check if the foods that we?re eating are baked or fried. Some are after if it?s sugar-free or fat-free, or maybe it?s on low carbohydrates or not. However, we might not see it but we are just starting to ask the question, is this food healthy?

Surely, when you ask anyone, they wanted something that?s healthy, but the problem is on how you can get these kinds of foods when most of the restaurants you see outside are fast foods. And those who can serve you healthy foods would cost much more compared to their usual menu which is either fried to the deepest amount of oils, or foods that were frozen for hours or even days that its freshness has been long gone.

But I say different, healthy foods are so easy to prepare, you just have to dedicate some of your time and before you know it, it?s right there, in front of you, healthy food for a healthy life.

This is why cooking good foods is important. And for you to make that you must first consider what a healthy food should be.

A healthy food doesn?t mean that you shouldn?t cook them. It?s how you cook them. Say for example, why would you fry a fish when it?s healthier when it?s steamed? Or maybe you are the type of person that would visit your favorite fast food restaurant everyday and order for a super-sized French fries or chips when you can actually bake the potatoes at home which saves you from getting all those oils that it went through from the process of cooking.

Most people would say that cooking is for everyone, but not everyone can cook. And I think that those who believe in this just simply hate cooking. So they just gave up right away and didn?t bother trying.

People nowadays, if you?ll notice, are starting to be aware of their well being more and more, of course, it?s not just a regular visit to the gym that will make you healthy, it?s the food that we eat everyday. For instance, why are people investing on expensive sets of cook wares? It?s because they believe that these manufacturers made their products of high qualities that it lessens the danger that they?re getting every time they cook foods. Best example would be the type of frying pans that are non-stick, and doesn?t need oil in order to cook or fry dishes.

So if you want a healthy life, you need to have healthy foods as well. Its important that people are aware of the food they eat because it will not only save you big bucks on getting medications when you get sick, it?s the privilege to live long with your loved ones because when your healthy, you don?t get sick and when you don?t get sick then you can enjoy life to its fullest.

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Low Carbohydrate Vegetables

By Joy Mitchell

Any diet that requires you to go low carbohydrate and use only low carbohydrate vegetables is saying that you need to hunt for vegetables that are low in carbohydrates. You need to use these vegetables in place of your regular vegetables. There are many great tasting meals that you can make with low carb vegetables.

They can be used in your different diet recipes or used for salads. They are great by themselves as healthy snacks and you can also blend them for a nutritious smoothie. The many websites that give recipes for low carb cooking and meals could have some recipes that will let you use your low carb vegetables.

How about producing a splendid meal using only low carb foods. You can keep a magnificent side dish full of low carbohydrate vegetables that have been transformed into a tasty salad. This salad can be garnished with many interesting foods that are also low carbohydrate but taste great by themselves as well.

For example, you could make a salad from low carb vegetables that include boneless beef, top sirloin steak, fresh lemon juice, gourmet salad greens, medium plum tomatoes, ranch or blue cheese dressing. You can make a seasoning for this salad from dried oregano, garlic cloves and pepper.

As you can now see, there are many ways that you can mix your low carbohydrate vegetables with many other foods in order to make delicious meals for you and others to eat. The main thing to remember is not to put things like a heavy French dressing on your low carb vegetables. This will turn your nutritious low carb vegetables into something heavy.

There are times|instances| in your low carb cooking when you can use only one of the low carb vegetables to give you a magnificent dish that looks mouth-watering. This type of low carb recipe will call for only a low carbohydrate vegetable like aubergine. This vegetable is very versatile and you can use it in a variety of ways.

When you decide to eat low carb vegetables like this you take your cooking into another realm of good food. The many low carb meals that you can find on the Internet, will let you make great dishes with your low carb vegetables. After all, low carb just means eating other types of vegetables and showing your taste buds low carb meals.

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Holiday in Scotland and Visit The Bowmore Distillery

By Rachel Wilson

If you are a Scotch Whisky enthusiast, planning to visit Scotland in the near future, Islay could be just the place for you.. Islay (pronounced eye-la) is the Hebridean island home to eight whisky distilleries producing some of the most sought after single malt whiskies in the world, the industry providing an important source of income to the island along with farming and fishing.

In total there are eight distilleries on Islay (pronounced eye-la) with seven of them dotted around 130 miles of scenic coastline. If you are planning a stay on the island there is plenty of excellent accommodation and whisky enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there is holiday accommodation at the Bowmore Distillery in the town of Bowmore. Guests are treated to a complementary tour of the distillery and the chance to relax with a wee dram!

The first people to set up stills and produce whisky on Islay are thought to have been Irish monks in the 14th century The monks found the island so suited to the production of what was known as Uisage Beathe (water of life) because of the unlimited supply of peat and pure soft water in the lochs and rivers, and an early strain of barley was grown by the crofters known as Bere.

Bowmore is the oldest distillery on Islay where it has stood on the shores of Loch Indaal in the town of Bowmore since 1779. It was started by a local merchant David Simpson who built the distillery and began producing the whisky which, in years to come would be sought after the world over. The distillery has changed hands four times in the last two hundred years and is now owned by Morrison Bowmore distillers who have owned it since 1994 and who carry on the traditional methods of production.

A single malt whisky is the product of a single distillery and no two distilleries produce the same flavour and body. The distilleries to the south of Islay produce the most powerful medium bodied flavours with the use of the islands peat water for every stage of production, and those to the north produce much milder flavours since they use clear spring water. Bowmore is in the middle of the island and the flavour it produces comes between the two extremes having a warm smoky character with peaty, toffee flavours and some floral scents and traces of linseed oil.

During the winter gales sea spray carried on the wind soaks into the peat which covers the island and this adds to the distinctive quality of Islay malt whisky. Bowmore distillery uses the uncontaminated, peat laden water from the Laggan River, the peat is infused with the richness of the heather and other flora which grow on it and this enriches the flavour and colour of the whisky.

The traditional practice of floor malting the barley is dying out and Bowmore distillery is one of only a few left where this is still carried out. The malt is first soaked for up to 72 hours to allow it to germinate and then drained, spread out over the malting floor and turned regularly by the Maltman with a traditional wooden shovel to release the heat. The malt is then transferred to the kiln which is fired by the Islay peat, for drying and roasting.

At Bowmore distillery the traditional methods are still used and passed down by word of mouth. There is a very low turnover in the men who work at the distillery and most of them have worked there for many years, with the three stills men alone having thirty years of experience each. Five high quality and often prize winning single malt whiskies are produced and exported around the world. The famous Bowmore vaults are below sea level and are especially suitable for storing the whiskies in the damp atmosphere which stays at a constant temperature all year round. The whisky is stored in casks of Spanish and American oak which means that fully matured whiskies can be stored for many years. The men of Bowmore distillery see themselves as caretakers of the distillery so that the knowledge can be handed down for the generations to come.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

If You're Not Going Away This Summer, Have a Steak-cation

By Chuck R Stewart

Summers here, and summer is vacation time. So if you're not traveling this summer, take a vacation anyway"a food vacation. You've been meticulous this year about eating less meat and more legumes. Now is the time to get out the grill and enjoy your steaks. The news people are advising us to take a stay-cation. Well, turn your stay-cation into a steak-cation! And who is the king of the steaks? King! Porterhouse.

This cut of steak has plenty of marbled fat so that it is juicy and flavorful and, most important, tender. Porterhouse is one of the most tender cuts of beef. Picture the porterhouse steak in your head. Its that perfect, thick triangular steak divided by a bone. The bone divides the steak into two neat portions. The larger one is what you expect from a porterhouse, a treat to eat. But the smaller one is the prize. It is even more juicy and flavorful. If your host divides the steak and lets you choose, follow your mothers etiquette instructions and take the smaller piece. And now were left with the bone. Meat processors these days always want to take out the bones. Supermarket meat departments dont give us nearly as many bones as our parents could buy. But you know where the flavor is. Next to the bone. You know better than to gnaw on the bone in a restaurant (Moms etiquette again), but if you are on your deck, anything goes! Chew! Gnaw! Lick! Slurp! Savor every atom of flavor on that porterhouse bone.

There are a couple of schools of thoughtconcerning cooking steaks. The first is gas grill versus charcoal grill. The second is marinated versus gloriously naked.

This is just my opinion, but, if you're going to use a gas grill, you might as well broil your steak in the kitchen. You wont have to wave off the flies, mosquitoes, and yellow jackets, and the steak will taste pretty much the same. Its true, you put the lava rocks in the bottom of the grill. Supposedly, the fat drips from the steak, hits the rocks, and gives the steak a grilled flavor. But, to me, it doesn't work. A charcoal fire is a lot more mess and work, but it is worth every bit of the extra labor. You absolutely have to be sure to take the time for the fire to die down to ash-covered embers, and you need to have a handy spray bottle of water to put out the licking flames, but the result is an aroma that will call hungry carnivores from long distances away and a flavor like no other.

The other question is to marinate or not to marinate. In my opinion, the natural flavor of the charcoal-grilled steak is so satisfying that adding other flavor via a marinade reduces the perfection of the pure steak flavor. So, sprinkle on a little salt (go on, salt it"its vacation, remember?) and maybe a little pepper, but the perfect porterhouse needs nothing more.

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Malabar coffee India's Finest

By ntjones

India's Monsooned coffee is a tradition that is now many years old, but the "monsooning" of the coffee is something that happened purely by accident.

Before Steam engines, the coffee was transported by sail ship. While the beans where in transit they started to soak up the moisture in the air. After many months at sea the beans would swell and dull in colour and by the time these coffee beans reached their destination they had acquired a mellow taste and unique aroma and so this was the start of Indias famous monsooned coffee.

I'm glad to say transport has moved on since those days but India still produces the famous monsoon coffee. The production of the beans has changed a bit, but they still offer a unique coffee with a wonderfully mellow taste and aroma. Nature also lends a hand in the form of the monsoon season.

Once the Coffee beans have been picked it can then take between 10 to 16 months before the monsooned coffee is finally ready. Once they have been picked they are stored in warehouses and once the monsoon winds begin to blow the sides of these warehouses are opened exposing the coffee beans to the full force of the monsoon season. While this is happening the beans are absorbing moisture from the air.

While the beans are in these warehouses they are constantly raked and moved, by doing this they absorb even more moisture. Also during this process the coffee beans themselves begin to lose the characteristic colouring and now take on a much paler colour. These monsooned beans also lose a lot of the acidity that you find in most other coffee.

Though coffee is widely produced throughout Indian. there is only one true place where a monsooned coffee can be produced and that is Malabar. the major factor which makes the malabar region perfecr is the high humidity of the area. Probably the most famous of all these is the moonsoon malabar coffee.

The History of the Monsoon Coffee

Back in the days of the sailing ships Coffee was sent to Europe often taking up to 6 months to get there, this meant that the beans sat in the damp and humid holds of the ships for quite a long time. These conditions forced the beans to lose the original characteristics and instead take on some completely new ones, the most noticeable was the increase in size and the pale colour these beans had now turned.

As transport improved it tool less time to get the coffee to Europe so the beans did now have the time to absorb the required amount of moisture.

Europeans did not worm to this new tasting beverage and demanded the original that they had grown to love. So the Indian producers strove to duplicate the flavours and characteristics imparted by the long sea journey. They eventually realised that Malabar in the monsoon season had the perfect conditions to replicate these conditions. Today Monsooned Malabar coffee is loved all around the world and India now produces over the 3000 tonnes of this highly sought after bean each year.

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