Saturday, November 21, 2009

Easy Homemade Vegetarian Meals

By Kristen Thorpe

Vegetarian recipes give you a whole lot of options for daily meals. They are completely healthy and can be made in less time than non- vegetarian dishes. It is good sometimes to change the tastes in food that you prepare. These will be healthier than regular meals made with meat. If you want to do this more often, don't worry; some vegetables contain enough protein to provide you with the amount you need daily. You can prepare different dishes and different meals throughout the day i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. Of course you would need the right cooking materials too.

For breakfast, you can have veggie quiches with soy sausage. It contains eggs and soy sausage, which can either be cooked or chopped. Add in broccoli, spinach or any kind of vegetable- chopped and spread over the meal. It would take you just 12-15 minutes to prepare this healthy and delicious meal for everyone. This type of breakfast contains all the healthy nutrients needed and certainly provides you with the energy you need for the entire day. Fresh Strawberry, sliced on top of whole-wheat crackers can be a good choice too. You can also spray cream cheese on it, to make it even tastier.

It is good to have snacks during certain times of the day, than eating a lot for breakfast. You can have whole wheat crackers with fresh strawberry- sliced on top of it. It is tasty and refreshing too. For lunch, you can have mini wheat pizzas. It is a very important vegetarian meal, which can also be made in very little amount of time. You will need whole wheat English muffins and eating them will be real healthy; as they contain lots of grains and fibers. For the sausage, you can either buy the ones from the store or make mariana sausage at home. It can be cooked in garlic powder or virgin olive oil and the whole process takes only 8 to 10 minutes.

A quick smoothie drink with frozen berries makes delicious and quick snack partners. You may add soymilk, or some ice cream that are made organically. Teriyaki flavored tofu can be made for dinner and your family will give you high praises for this dish. To make it great tasting, use grape seed oil. Whether you plan on making vegetables meals or for snacks in the afternoon, everything will go as planned, if you have all your cooking materials ready. Be sure that you everything set, from pans to knives. This way, meals will be done even faster.

As you may have already heard, vegetables are a great way to keep the sick days away. They contain various essential nutrients that keep the body healthy and functioning well. Don't get the wrong idea that vegetable food does not taste good; this is totally wrong. All you need are fresh and new recipes to create healthy dishes that delight the senses. Vitamins and minerals are what bodies need to perform its best and also make people feel better. Wouldn't you want this?

Vegetables are great sources of minerals and vitamins for the body. Various studies have linked a healthy diet to a decrease in the ageing process. So don't hesitate, get all your kitchen materials ready and create great tasting dishes and snacks with vegetable ingredients.

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