Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Expresso Coffee Is A Unique Experience

By Lucia Latte

The word espresso literally means brewed for you. This drink has been around since the early'00's. Actually the term expresso coffee has been around since the'00's but the method of making coffee in the Espresso method is much older than that. There is a lot of confusion about expresso coffee regarding whether it is the method of making the coffee, or if the term pertains to the coffee been used. There is also some question on how it should be drank.

It is commonly thought that Expresso coffee is based on a type of coffee bean. While there are particular beans that tend to be used in making Expresso coffee it is not the bean that makes Expresso different. In fact any coffee bean could be used to make a cup of Expresso coffee.

The blend of the beans is also something that is often credited with being what is different with Expresso coffee. Blends just like beans may be made with Expresso coffee in mind but this does not mean that a cup of coffee made with these blends is Expresso coffee.

The roast is also disassociated as being the difference with Expresso coffee. In fact there is no one single roast that is correct for Expresso coffee. Roast is a personal choice and there are different roasts that tend to be popular in different parts of the world. The traditional roast in Italy is a medium roast while California's tend to prefer a bold roast.

Most coffees are about what is in the coffee expresso coffee is about how the coffee was made It is the brewing is what separates expresso coffee from other coffees. Expresso coffee is actually an individually brewed cup of coffee as the name implies in Italian. Unlike most coffee drinks expresso coffee is a shot of coffee that has been brewed from a tablespoon of finely ground coffee beans. A proper definition of expresso coffee would be a shot of coffee produced under a high amount of pressure with very finely ground coffee beans.

Simply placing the grounds into the machine and pressing the button does not make a cup of Expresso coffee a good Expresso. A good cup of Expresso is more of an art like producing a fine wine. In order to do this properly it the grounds must be ground fresh and then placed in a metal device that resembles a filter and then packing those grounds down with a flat metal surface. Packing the grounds just right is important. The right packing will provide a nice silky like surface to the top of the Expresso coffee. This surface is known as the crema. Good crema is vital to an outstanding cup of Expresso coffee.

The way Expresso coffee is drank is as specialized as the way it is brewed. The proper method of drinking Expresso coffee is to lift the cup to just below the nose and then inhale the aroma. Savor this aroma and then drink the Expresso coffee in several large gulps almost like you would a good lager. Once the cup has been emptied it should be placed diligently onto the saucer.

It is not a sin to sweeten Expresso coffee but it is best savored just the way it was brewed. However if you are the type that just has to have a little sugar with your coffee feel free to add it to your Expresso coffee. In fact it is often done this way in Italy. No matter if you like it sweet or not enjoying a cup of Expresso can be a very unique and bold experience.

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