Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Like Beer? Brew Your Own!

By Luke Porter

Home brewing is something which has been popular for many years. Still, many are resolute that convenience is best for them and continue to drink only beer that they have paid for at a liquor store or at a bar. However, the thing about that kind of convenience is that you pay for it every time. It may not be much at the time, but add it up over a years worth of parties, games, dinners and nights out and it starts to amount to a lot.

Paying for your own beer brewing supplies may not seem to make sense at first, as you will think to yourself that you could have a few nights worth of drinking for the same price and not have to go to the effort of ensuring that your brew tastes like it is supposed to. However, the more you think about it, the better an idea it becomes. OK, so the cost is a little bit more than a few crates, but once you've got the kit you can keep using it, and when you find your supplier, beer brewing supplies can make more quantity for your spending than you would be able to buy for the same amount.

As well as the initial costs, some people are put off home brewing because it sounds like a lot of effort. It must be better to just let the breweries take care of all of the behind the scenes stuff for us, right? Well, of course it is, but then again you could think of it this way - you can eat in a restaurant every night of the year, but you'll save money and develop a skill if you cook your own meals. The longer you keep practising, the better your beer will get, and before too long you will have your own recipe which will be customisable to give you the taste you want every time.

As for the supplies you need, these can be found easily enough. Most larger towns will have a specialist store that stocks the required equipment and ingredients, but don't worry if your town doesn't as there are plenty of suppliers on the internet. In fact, buying via the internet may be the best option anyway as the prices tend to be lower. Do a little online research first to find out what you need. Like-minded beer lovers can be found in various beer brewing forums and they are always happy to give tips and recommendations to newcomers.

Once you have bought the necessary equipment and supplies, you will just need to follow the instructions that come with them. It is simple enough, just remember not to miss out any of the steps. Hands on learning and regular practice is the best way to make progress. Once you have the basics learnt, you can then start deviating from the standard processes in order to make your own special recipes. You'll soon be viewing it less like hard work and more like fun!

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