Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frosting Recipes, Take The Time To Make Your Own

By Maura Luke

Did you know that it is an absolute waste of money to buy ready make frosting, there are so many different frosting recipes available, they look better, taste better and most of all are better for you. This is because even though frosting contains sugar, at least the home made variety does not have artificial ingredients, preservatives and goodness knows what else in it.

On the whole, Americans have gotten used to convenience in everything they do, but convenience is not always good for you, except in very small doses. Things which come out of a tube would never have been recognized as food by Grandma and this should be the way you look at food. If she did not recognize it as being food, like cheese in a tube, then it isn't food.

Frosting does not take a huge amount of time to make and with the great kitchen appliances we now have, it is even easier and quicker to make. The appliance just goes in the dishwasher afterwards, so it is no extra work. Home made frosting, even using the gadgets instead of a wooden spoon and bowl, will still taste just as good at the frosting you remember your Grandma making, and you don't want to deprive your children of this one small pleasure.

If you make use of a single butter frosting recipe, you can add and subtract ingredients as you will to change the flavor and color. If you want orange, strawberry and chocolate frosting fro one batch of cupcakes, mix up one batch, divide it into three portions, add chocolate to one, fresh strawberries to another and fresh orange juice and zest to the third batch. Substitute cream cheese for butter and make frosting for a carrot cake.

There are so many different and healthy flavorings you are able to use when you whip up a batch of frosting. You can even buy store bought cakes and cookies if you want and frost them at home, the kids will love helping you, and your cakes and cookies will be extra special.

Just a few tips, don't confuse granulated sugar for confectioners sugar there is a huge difference and one cannot be traded for the other, also use butter not margarine. Always frost your own home made cakes when they have cooled completely, and any left over frosting can be kept refrigerated for later use.

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