Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Christmas Presents To D.I.Y.?

By Barry Chan

Christmas is coming, and you must be looking for a money-saving ways to send greetings to your friends. To save money, at the same time, to show your love, homemade Christmas gift is a good choice.

Making your own gifts would definitely surprise your friends and family with the originality of your gifts. Lack of ideas? Below are some suggestions that you can consider.

Gift Basket - If you know the recipient well, you should be able to tell what he or she likes best. Come up with a theme and buy a nice basket of the appropriate size, then line it with red and green tissue paper. If it's a man that we are talking about here, try wine and wine glasses, or six pack of his beloved beer and a few beer mugs. If it's a woman, then you should go for a book and something more intimate, such as scented bath soaps and crystals. In addition to that, you may also want to put in a few candles, or a soft bath towel.

Gift Jars - If you think a basket would be too large to send out, gift jars serve as a good alternative. Food would be a good idea to be put into the jar. Just find out what the person likes and place his/her favorite food in a nice jar. Or if the person likes to cook, instead of putting ready-made food, putting ingredients for a nice recipe into the jar would also be a good idea. Attach the recipe to the jar and leave the fun of cooking to your friend. Of course, other than food, you can put any other things that you like in the jar.

Personalized Recipe Book - You do not have to write your own book, just cut out recipes from magazines or print them out from the internet for the customized recipe book. Does that person has a love for chocolates in particular? Copy the chocolate recipes you can find or have them printed out nicely. Lastly, get some clear sheets from the stationery shop and put everything into a 3 ring binder.

A Photo Album - For 'kidults', go through their childhood album or Facebook to get pictures of them when they were kids. Putting the pictures in chronological order with decorations, this will make them feel happy as you remind them of their sweet memories. This can be a good gift also for you mother, father and grandparents, if you put yours photos into the album.

These are just some of the idea. You can create our all list. When you beloved receive the gifts, they will know how much you love them. D.I.Y. Christmas gifts is unique, cost-effective and fun.

So, don't hesitate and start making your own Christmas gifts. From now on, you no longer have to run around different shopping malls, spending a huge amount of money on Christmas gifts.

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