Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stock Up For the Holidays on The Tastiest Retro Candy

By Madeline Sacon

Harking back to the good ole days of childhood brings back so many happy memories. Tossing the ball in the park, staying up late at a friend's house, or maybe family trips spring to mind. One souvenir in particular that brought a grin to my face was reminiscing about when my friends and I might pick out our favorite candies from the neighborhood candyshop.

Current day sweets just don't seem the same. There is something about retro candy that makes us all just smile. Today's sweets : Teaberry gum, Necco wafers, Boston Baked Beans, root beer barrels, or Abba Zabba. Every one of these tantalizing candies makes us think of different happy childhood memories.

Because many of these candies are not sold in shops it got me wondering, wouldn't it be great to celebrate these retro candy favorites? One idea that came to mind was to buy lots of old fashioned candy from the web and throw a party with a nostalgic theme. With the holidays coming, this may be a great. Not only does candy serve as a great treat and decoration, but also it's the perfect talking point.

When guests see some of the candies they haven't had in years they will have to try some. Everyone has a tale of their favorite childhood candy. Another way to celebrate with old fashioned candy is to send it as a gift. There are websites that sell hard to find candy piece by piece or as a bunch that is festively organized into a present basket. What a great way to send a salutation to a pal or any one else.

There are some present boxes that have about fifteen different sorts of retro candy that most of us haven't seen in ages. The fun part was trying each retro candy and reminiscing about those times as a kid. Who wouldn't love getting some of their old time favorites as a gift?

We love old time candy not just for the memories but because it tastes good too. Kids these days still get a kick out of gum cigarettes, circus peanuts, gold mine gum, or even rock candy.

These are only a few of many ideas to bring back some great retro candy. Whatever your first choice of candy it is just plain fun! More than just eating candy, nostalgic candy provides stories and entertainment with friends, youngsters, neighbours, or fellow workers. Give it a try and expect a real giant smile!

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