Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top 5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

By Adriana Noton

Because breakfast provides people with the fuel to start the day, it is one of the most important meals of the day. Eating breakfast keeps one alert, awake, energetic, and focused. Because we all have busy lifestyles, it can often seem too time consuming to make breakfast. Fortunately, there are many quick and easy breakfast ideas that help one make time to have a good and healthy start to the day.

The following are top 5 quick and easy breakfast ideas:

1. Cereals are a popular way of getting a quick breakfast. There are many healthy cereals that contain oats, bran, and wheat. Popular healthy cereals include Mini-Wheats, Cheerios, and Raisin Bran. You can balance the meal with a piece of toast, fruit, and glass of milk. Both children and adults love this easy to make breakfast meal. You can also use a slow cooker to cook oatmeal overnight. In the morning you will have a hot and delicious meal. Add fruit and cinnamon to add flavor to the hot meal.

2. The night before, you can boil some eggs, peel them, and store them in the refrigerator. As well, mix different cut up pieces of fruit in a bowl and store in the refrigerator. In the morning you just have to warm up the boiled eggs and uncover your fruit bowl. It is quick and easy. Sprinkle some granola over the fruit and make a piece of toast or toasted English muffin.

3. A delicious breakfast sandwich is another easy to make meal. Toast an English muffin and spread butter or mayonnaise. Add several slices of cheese and a few slices of sliced deli meats. You can add veggies to the sandwich if you want. Along with the sandwich, have a glass of milk and some fruit or yogurt.

4. There are a number of easy breakfasts meals that do not require preparation. This can include: store bought sliced banana bread or muffins and breakfast bars that include cereal bars, oatmeal bars, and granola bars. Yogurt is another example of a quick food for people on the go. It is very healthy and you can add fruit and granola to the yogurt. There are a variety of yogurt flavors available. A fruit smoothie is another popular breakfast food. Just mix fruit, yogurt, and fruit juice in a blender and you have a thick and filling meal.

5. If you are making a mad rush out the door, grab a piece of fruit such as a banana. It will give you energy and keep your stomach from rumbling. You can even make a peanut butter sandwich the night before and eat it on the way to work. There are also special breakfast drinks you can purchase.

If you are one that has very little time in the mornings, before you go to bed, set the table for breakfast with bowls, glasses, spoons, cereal box, bread, butter, fresh fruit...etc. It will help cut down on breakfast preparation time. To have a productive day, a good breakfast is essential. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to make time to have something delicious and nutritious to eat.

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