Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eating Salad Is The Healthy Way To Eat

By Chris Lee

Salad is healthy for a number of reasons. Of course, everyone knows that salad is virtually calorie free, but it can also give you loads of needed nutrients. Virtually everywhere you go you can find a good salad. Grocery stores as well as many restaurants offer a number of different salads. There are many health benefits to eating salads.

Salads are healthy because just one salad each day can give you the required amount of fresh vegetables for that day. Eating fresh vegetables is much healthier than those that have been cooked because you retain all the nutrients when they are fresh. Not only do vegetables taste good, they can help you to ward off certain diseases when eaten regularly. Your immune system needs the nutrients and vitamins in vegetables to help protect you from outside pathogens.

You surely remember why Bugs Bunny ate his raw carrots.Adding just one salad each day can help you to realize massive health benefits over time. Not only do you help to strengthen your tooth enamel, but you get the wonderful crunch of eating raw vegetables.

For those who do not prefer the taste of raw vegetables, keep in mind that there are numerous ways to make your salad more appealing.You can try adding chicken, fruit or just about any other healthy food to make them seem more appealing.Just keep in mind that for your salad to be truly healthy, you have to avoid adding things such as high fat cheese, eggs and heavy dressings. Avoid adding fatty proteins, meats, cheeses and egg yolks as much as possible. Remember that white cheese typically have less fat than yellow, so opt for mozzarella instead of cheddar. Keep in mind that heavy or oily dressings are also unhealthy.

This adds a wonderful flavor and keeps your salad healthy. You can make healthy dressings yourself using virgin olive oils and herbs if you prefer the taste of homemade.Eating salads, no matter what type, is an excellent way to improve your overall health. From the fresh vegetables to the light dressing, nothing says healthy quite like a salad. Adding a salad with your dinner every night will give you the boost of vitamins and minerals that you need for your healthy lifestyle.

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