Sunday, July 12, 2009

Salute to Summer Show at Jacksonville, Wyoming

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

After spring, summer is the season that most people await for and pray for. It is the season where people are reportedly having more fun and a cheerful disposition. Summer is the season where people go out and have fun outdoors and explore their surroundings. It is the season where most families book for a holiday or a vacation for a few days to along week gathering. Summer is fun under the sun!

Every year families either got o the beach or the nearby resort to beat the summer heat. Kids have fun frolicking in the sand while adults feel it is the time to get that golden and awesome tan. Beaches and lakeshore places such as Florida and Miami flock with tourists, their hotels get booked early in advanced. Truly, summer is the season where people just lay back and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Aside from all of the activities mentioned above, summer is also the season for Summer shows just as Spring is to spring shows. Summer shows are events usually held at beaches or places where the summer crowd gathers.

For the past year's summer show I was entitled to watch a concert by my favorite band at the beachfront. It was truly a very memorable experience as the sound of my favorite songs and the sound of the waves all come together. The summer show also featured kiosks and bazaars where the proprietors sell the newest trend/ fashion in beach and swim wear. That was the place where I was able to grab my favorite Sarong with dolphin design.

Being at a summer show is like being carefree and not minding the cares of the world. It makes me have pure and simple fun with my best comrades and lifetime friends!

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