Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mountain Top Rodeo at Dahlonega

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

Would you like to be the great hero just like in the movies? Then hop in that horse and join the Rodeo show. You are sure to garner legions of fans from the spectators. Rodeo- a fierce game consisting of horse and man is an adventure that Georgians would not miss for the world to see. Being part of a rodeo show is like partaking into the most challenging adventure of a lifetime.

Spectators likewise can take part of the gorgeous scenery and have fun taking pictures and images of the perfect surroundings. The mountain top is a great choice for this year's Rodeo Show at Dalonega, Georgia. The air is breezy and cool, the atmosphere is crisp. It is the perfect venue for an action packed scene. Horses are well-bred and cared for and will surely enjoy and be at their prime health in the midst of the mountain air.

Rodeo is a sport that is a classic crowd favorite. It involves riding a horse and catching a small buck or small cow through the use of a rope. We often see this scene in the movies, the horse bearing the hero. The hero usually uses the rope to catch the girl of his dreams. Rodeo looks easier in the movies and in cartoons but harder in real life.

Rodeo heroes ought to observe proper decorum especially in attire so as to avoid accidents and emergencies. A day of watching Rodeo truly makes the heart skip a beat and sends chills down the spine. It is a heart stomping and nerve wracking action.

Vote for your most favorite rider, take a bet and hope to win large on the winnings. Come to the Mountain Top rodeo at Dahlonega, Georgia and bring your favorite camera. Also, don't forget to bring your friends along for a guaranteed fun!

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