Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chocolate Are Good For Health

By Anna Kim

When we talk about chocolates, there's this misconception that chocolates is not good and that it causes acne and obesity. This is not really true so if you love chocolates, you will be glad to know that consuming chocolate is also good for health. This means you can eat this heavenly mouthfuls without feeling guilty all the time. You don't need to avoid chocolates thinking that all it does was to make you fat because there are some health benefits to chocolates.

It is really true. Chocolates do have some health benefits and it has been proven in all sorts of scientific research over the years. This is because chocolates are made of cocoa. Cocoa is made from cacao beans and cacao beans are extracted from the cacao fruit of the cacao tree. Basically, chocolate is a fruit product that underwent a tedious process to turn it into the delicious, addictive dessert you love. You will have pure cocoa if you extracted the milk and sugar from chocolates. Cocoa has a bitter taste although it has the rich chocolate scent.

It is a fact that dark cocoa is high in anti-oxidants and these are really important in combating free radicals. Research has shown that if you consumer dark chocolate every day, it will also help to lower your blood pressure and prevent heart disease. So, tucking into chocolates aren't all that bad and is good for your health.

Of course, this does not mean that you should rush right out to get truckloads of chocolates and binge on them. You will still need to practice some self-restrain as most commercial chocolates out there are high in sugars and milk chocolate with low cocoa content so these aren't really all that healthy. You will need to be able to distinguish between bad chocolates and good chocolates.

You read right. Some chocolates are good and some are bad. Bad chocolates contains loads of sugars and after eating this, it will give you a sugar rush and perhaps even help you on the way to getting diabetes. These high-sugar chocolates can cause obesity and these are the ones that gave the good chocolates the bad reputation. Good chocolates are the ones that do not have high sugar. To be able to filter out the bad chocolates, just read the labels and look at the ingredients. If the first few ingredients have the word 'sugar' in it, put it back and don't eat it!

Now, for good chocolates, it is easy to find. You need only look for sugar-free, extra dark chocolate with loads of numbers on the front. This means, look for chocolate bars with 70% cocoa content and above. These are the good guys. If you are worried about diabetes, then go for the sugar-free ones. Don't worry, they aren't bitter or anything, just artificially sweetened. If you are worried about too much artificial sweeteners, you can even find those organic sugar free ones with high cocoa content that are sure to satisfy your chocolate craving and also be good for your health.

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