Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slimming with Oolong Tea

By Berry Fei

Wu Long Tea is a fantastic product and well worthwhile implementing in your daily routine. You may have come across this well known Chinese Tea from an appearance on Oprah with Dr Oz. Wu Long Tea is partially oxidized. Wu Longs taste is more like green tea than black tea and is usually drunk on its own without milk. You will also find that the quality of Wu Long loose leaf tea is superior to Wu Long tea bags.

For centuries there have been some incredible claims for the properties of Oolong tea, and not just about weight loss. According to some it lessens signs of aging, increases energy levels, improves your teeth, even reduces hair loss. It is also considered beneficial improving the immune system...the list continues.

This is a truly amazing product and well worth sourcing to bring into your life's every day routine. Find some on the net at or simply go to your local Asian speciality store. Research so far has indicated that Wu Long Tea boosts the metabolic rate and definitely assists with weight-loss.

By increasing the metabolic rate you will find that you also have more energy. This is worth considering if you feel lethargic or suffer from low energy levels. A Japanese journal claims that this tea can increase the body's ability to burn fat. This declaration has increased the demand of Wu Long Tea, and it is meant to be scarce in supply.

Despite popular opinion, Wu Yi Tea does vary in price from being inexpensive to over $20 for a very small quantity. Higher quality Wu Yi is usually more greener with tinges of green. A weeks supply will usually set you back around $5.

Black tea and Green tea come from the same plant, Camelia sinensis. The differences in taste and colour are due to the way the leaves from the plant are processed. Wu Long Tea tends to be an in between colour...more brown, with the higher quality teas showing tinges of green.

If you are looking for a solution to weight loss, or just want to improve your health then consider strongly incorporating a few cups a day into your routine. I can personally recommend Wu Long Tea as being extremely beneficial. From being a regular coffee drinker I have for years felt sluggish with low energy levels. Dont get me wrong ..I adore coffee, but drinking Wu Long as a replacement has made a noticeable difference.

If you want to give Wu Yi a try then start by replacing a couple of regular cups of coffee a day with this sensational drink. They have been at it for hundreds of years in China where its properties are well known. You may want to visit to find out more.

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