Sunday, July 19, 2009

6 Week Body Makeover - Protein Diets Do Not Work

By James Kim

People on high protein, no carb diets lose weight. These people often lose weight very quickly. However, eliminating carbs is harmful to your body and is not healthy. This is what happens to people's bodies when they are on high protein diets. First, the body will turn to lean muscle as a source of energy as there are no other sources of energy (carbohydrates). This process is called catabolism.

As stated above, people on all protein diets do lose weight. You will lose weight because your body starts to break down muscle tissue and convert it into glucose. Carbohydrates produce glucose, and when your body can not get glucose from carbohydrate intake, it will take it from other sources (your muscles). The process where muscle tissue is broken down and changed to glucose is called catabolism. Even though you are consuming high amounts of protein, your body still needs a source of glucose to provide energy to your body.

Also, carbohydrates (in moderation) provide energy. A lack of carbs in the diet can make your body shut down; you might feel angry, irritable and weak. Glucose is your brains single source of fuel. If you are in school and are on an all protein diet, it will be hard for you to study and concentrate for long amounts of time.

Carbohydrates provide a source of energy, without carbohydrates your body will shut down and you will feel tired, angry and irritable. If you're on an all protein diet, it will be harder for you to concentrate as the brains source of fuel (glucose) will be depleted. When you consume carbohydrates, your body tends to retain water. On all protein diets, your body loses water weight quickly. This is one of the reasons why you lose weight at a rapid rate. However, losing water weight is not healthy and is not productive towards your long-term weight loss goals.

The 6 Week Body Makeover provides a good way to lose weight while learning how to change your eating habits. Dieting does not work as you will never learn how to eat correctly and is usually a short term fix. Once you learn how to eat healthy, you will keep off the weight forever.

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