Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eat Healthy Foods And Improve Weight Loss

By James Zane Johnson

When you have a few extra pounds and want to shed them fast and easily, you must think about a healthy eating plan. This does not have to be some crash diet, eat only salads type of eating plan. It is rather a change of lifestyle, choosing better foods that contain more nutrients. Your healthy foods can be from any group and are all needed for fast weight loss results. Below you will find some of the foods recommended by professionals.

An Apple a Day...

We have all heard this saying before and while it does not necessarily prevent colds and flu so simply, fruit assists weight loss. Not just apples, but any fruit will get your metabolism functioning at its best while providing everything your body needs. They offer an excellent source of fiber, fructose (which is better than other sugars), and plenty of vitamins.

Low Glycemic Index Foods

Most people have heard of low GI by now, or Low Glycemic Index. These foods will keep you full for longer because they release energy slower than other foods. These are mostly carbohydrates, and yes, you do need these to lose weight, especially if you have an exercise routine planned. Your body needs energy - it just needs good energy in the right amounts.

Lean Protein

Protein is fundamental for weight loss, because it builds the muscles and encourages a better metabolism. You must make sure, however, that you choose the correct proteins for weight loss. The healthy foods are things like fish, poultry, nuts, eggs, and lean meat. Stay away from processed meats like bacon and ham as well.

The Super Food Choices

Super foods are special fruits and vegetables (sometimes plants) that have amazing healthy benefits. These can include weight loss, longevity, disease prevention, and more. There are a number of these so called super foods out there today, like pomegranate, green tea, aloe, mangosteen, acai berries and more. You can normally find them in supplement form at health shops.

Nutrients are the Key

Healthy foods are those that are high in nutrition content. The majority of these kinds of foods are raw, fresh ones like veggies and fruit. Some of the healthiest foods you can eat that will help your weight loss program include Strawberries, grapes, carrots, broccoli, red and yellow peppers, chilies, apples, nectarines, and more.

Healthy Does not Mean Boring

One piece of advice for those starting on their healthy eating plan is to not give up. There are lots and lots of great food choices out there, so don't give up, thinking that eating properly is boring. It is not boring if you know what choices you have and that you can make any of your favorite dishes just as tasty as before, just with healthier ingredients. For example, instead of full cream in certain recipes, you can use plain yoghurt.

For healthy foods that you can enjoy and actually use for life, you should try some of those above. You can also find more of your own and create delicious meals every day that are hearty and tasty, and without any guilt.

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