Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Culinary Schools: Some Basic Information

By Pamella Neely

If you have an interest in the culinary arts, this article may be for you. Or, perhaps you have always wanted to know more about culinary schools. This article will explain what type of culinary school you should attend. There are several things you want to look for when selecting your culinary school.

You want to select a culinary school that has a high success rate. There is no point going to a good school with little hope of actually graduating. You also want to be able to get a job quickly after you graduate.

As you research different schools, make sure that they are equipped with working kitchens, and that they can provide you with some actual restaurant experience. If you cannot get this, it will be harder to make the transition from school to the working environment. You should be prepared for this going in.

Look for schools that have a lot of kitchens, and possibly an internship at a local restaurant. This will be beneficial when testing your skills. As you are narrowing down your search, look for schools that have lots of professionals working there. If the school has a lot of master chefs or bakers, then you know you are going to a good, well-equipped school.

Another benefit would be to find a school where celebrities teach rather than simply endorsing the school. Student to teacher ratios are also important because you need to have some interaction with your instructors. Personal mentoring might be something else that you want to look for as you search for schools.

Take a glance at the programs the school offers. You want to select one that provides associates and bachelors degree programs. This ensures that your hard work will not be taken for granted out in the real world. It also guarantees that the school is serious about teaching their students properly.

If you choose a school that offers these programs, you will be able to ensure that you are provided the basic skills that you need. An associates degree will offer you a basic education, while a bachelors degree will give you great operational information that will serve you well. Another important feature to look for is that of regional accreditation, so make sure the school you choose is fully accredited.

Lastly, look for a school that is within your budget. You do not want to become overwhelmed with trying to pay tuition and fees. Look for programs that offer you some type of financial assistance, and apply to those schools. Also, try to ensure that you will be able to find a job while you are a student, as that will help you to pay your tuition.

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