Friday, July 10, 2009

Gifts Are The Most Adorable Partners Of Coffee

By Goddess Johnson

Coffee brings to mind time spent with friends, lingering after a meal, enjoying each others company. And gifts, well, they speak for themselves. Who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift? So why not combine the two and show others how much you love spending time with them.

For a simple gift, take a beautiful coffee cup, wrap it, and tie it in a bow. If simple isn't your thing, you can center your gift on an elaborate gift basket filled with rich coffees from all over the world. Add a few creamers and spices for flavor to remind them of you ever time they take a sip.

To let your friends know just how much you love and appreciate them, you can take the time to find some unusual coffee cake or bread recipes. Try to find recipes with ingredients that your friend loves to eat, such as strawberry-rhubarb. Make a batch, wrap each loaf in a beautiful tea towel, and tie it up with a ribbon that has a personalized charm attached and the recipe attached. Include a set of coffee cups and a pretty little butter knife so your friend can share.

If you're still need gift ideas, take the time to look around the kitchen department of any store, and you're bound to find something new and exciting. Anyone who loves to cook will love a new kitchen gadget, but make your gift selection carefully. Just because your friend likes cooking gourmet food doesn't mean that they're a coffee aficionado.

If you fancy yourself as a gourmet cook, why not throw a coffee tasting party on a cold winter day? Decide if you want your guests to know what coffee they are drinking, or if you will have "blind" taste tests to introduce them to new blends and roasts. Make some wonderful treats that go well with coffee; maybe something with cinnamon, allspice or nutmeg. Try tea cakes, coffee cakes or breads cut into tiny shapes. Gather a variety of coffee, from mild to robust and remember to include some exotic flavors. Have different sweeteners on hand such as sugar, honey, and non-sugar alternatives.

Since the other senses come into play when enjoying coffee, set the table with soft materials for the table covering, whole coffee beans for aroma and texture and play music that fits your theme. Take the time to set an atmosphere of relaxation, friendship and enjoyment so your friends know you are happy to have them there.

Put together little parting gifts in beautiful bags. You can put samples of coffees in small cello bags tied with ribbon. Gourmet coffee stores sell spoons coated with chocolate and other flavors that could be tied to the bag as an embellishment. Include a handwritten note telling your friend some things you appreciate about them.

Coffee, gifts and friends, what a wonderful combination! Enjoy the little things in life with those that you love, share your thoughts and feelings over a cup of coffee and you will find that the world may not be so overwhelming after all. It's all in how you approach life, and a good cup of coffee is a great place to start!

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