Saturday, July 11, 2009

Society of Animal Artists Tour at Estes, Colorado

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

Animals are very interesting creature; each kind displays different traits and characteristics. Artists find animals as a challenging subject. Making animal portraits give them the challenge of how to make it look real and fascinating. Catching the best angle might be the greatest task one must figure out. Early portraits are many composed of Royalties and many other prominent people, now artist are very versatile that even animals are brought to life by paints.

Who would have ever thought that the human body is a great canvass only waiting to be unfolded? I recently saw an email from a friend of mine about a group of artists who used the human body in depicting animals of the Zodiac. The artwork was very impressing indeed. These artists have finally mastered the art of the brush and mixing colors in the palette.

Some of the paintings are even so close to reality that they are perceived to e photographs and not paintings. Isn't that cool? The Society of Animal Artists paint several forms of animal life in still life, portrait and even high-speed action. All the paintings/ artworks are truly one of a kind and say a lot of things about animal life and culture.

Animal lovers and advocates would definitely enjoy being in this exhibit. There is even an art auction that sells paintings of animals for a very considerable price. This will surely put a smile on animal lovers' lips. The artworks are especially done by talented artists who dedicate themselves to creating only the best.

Experience the beauty of Animal Arts at Estes and be amazed at the artists' talents. Bring a friend or two at the event and don't forget to tag your favorite pet at the show too!

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