Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have a Cool Summer with a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

By Arthur Smith

Summer Can Be So Hot! Everybody knows that. You can enjoy the heat while getting cooled down. The best way for you to cool down is to indulge in some frozen refreshments. You can find no better refreshment than ice cream.

There's one kind of ice cream that has been getting popular votes: soft serve ice cream. Does that mean there's hard ice cream? To better understand it, we should get to know more the machine which makes this type of ice cream: the soft serve ice cream machine. Find out more about its features here:

Soft serve is a kind of ice cream, yogurt, custard and the like which are not hard frozen. To achieve this, there are soft serve machines that add air to the ice cream, adding to its volume up to 45%. If 25% of air is added to one gallon of ice cream, that means 1.25 gallons of ice cream. The combination of higher temperature and more air creates creamier consistency to the mix. Because of air, soft serve machines will minimize the use of ingredients.

These machines are indeed so cool, and so there features are. These machines are self-contained units that store mix, churn, and freeze it into soft ice cream, and then dispense it. Other models are incorporated with touchpad LED displays that will let you set the time or consistency of the finish product. When this is set, the machines automatically adapt to whatever mix is used. Moreover, there is a low-mix light that tells when to fill again the mix hopper. Some models possess audible signal that tells when to add more mix.

A great soft serve machine will have a safety feature that will protect you from any compressor burnout. The compressor goes in a cycle for every 10 minutes to keep the ice cream cold. A great function is also that of protecting the compressor from hot refrigerant gas that may make the ice cream freeze solidly.

You have to choose a soft serve ice cream machine that can hold enough ice cream you need to produce in every setting. These machines' capacity is usually measured in volumes. Those that have high volume can hold up to 7 servings, the medium ones 4-5, as the low volume machines can hold 2-3.

Smaller soft serve machines can consume 115 volts while the larger ones can consume 208-230 volts.

When the soft ice cream is ready you can choose it to be served in a cone or a bowl. You can use have the soft ice cream with root beer or banana split. No matter what favorite flavor you have for soft serve ice cream, you can be cool while being under the scorching sun. Have fun eating.

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