Friday, July 24, 2009

Banana Bread Is The Perfect Cap To A Healthy Dinner

By Chris Lee

Eating banana bread is the perfect ending to your healthy meal. This wonderfully aromatic and delicious bread is a tradition in many homes during the holidays. There is no reason however, that you cannot enjoy this wonderful dessert any time of the year.

Banana bread has many good health benefits. Because of the potassium content in bananas, this bread is extremely healthy. The daily requirement of potassium for both men and women is 2,000 milligrams. For children, it is only 1,500 milligrams. Since it contains potassium, eating banana bread is considered to be a healthy treat.

It helps you to obtain the potassium that your body needs every day. Bananas also contain other vitamins and nutrients including dietary fiber. The bananas in this bread are cholesterol free, so you can enjoy them often. Now, eating bananas and eating banana bread is a slight difference. Each bite contains much needed vitamins and minerals. Banana breads also contain nuts, which are very good for you. There are healthy proteins and other nutrients in nuts.

Who would have thought that something that tastes so good could be so good for you? If you are a fan of banana bread, then by all means have a slice after dinner tonight. Enjoying banana nut bread will simply give you one more reason to eat healthier. You could also opt for fresh fruit, but that simply does not have the wholesome taste of freshly baked banana nut bread.

Why not have banana nut bread with breakfast too? The fiber in this sweet treat will help your digestive system to work properly throughout the day. Bake enough to carry over until morning and have it for breakfast. When serving banana bread after dinner, be sure that it is still warm. There is simply nothing tastier than fresh, warm banana bread for dessert. Consider adding some ice cream on top for an ala mode. Be sure that you choose a low fat ice cream to keep your dessert healthy. This is a wonderful way to keep on your healthy eating track.

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