Monday, July 6, 2009

Cooking Barbecue

By Nik Levesque

With the summer finally here for another year (at least by here, I mean where I am), it is usually the time where you can go outside and experience the smells and sights of barbequing. Nothing is better than enjoying a nice barbeque with friends and family.

Bbqing can be a bit tricky at first but with some practice and a bit of knowledge, you will soon become quite a barbecue chef.

The first and probably the most important thing has to be to remember to keep everything as clean as possible. Keeping things like your bbq tools, grill and everything else clean will not only keep you from getting sick, but will also make sure nothing affects the taste of your food.

Cross contamination is also a factor. Make sure to never let raw meat touch anything else that may stay raw when you eat it. This includes any utensils that may touch the raw meat and then come in contact with something like salad or raw veggies. This is the number one way to get sick.

When choosing barbeques, it is basically just a matter of preference. Gas or propane are a bit mroe convenient since you do not have to wait for charcoal to heat up before using it. However, I find that charcoal has a bit better taste from the burning coal. Both types can be found in just about any hardware or deaprtment store.

So these are just a few things to remember in the summer time with barbeque season. Invite a few friends or your entire family for fun in the sun and an enjoyable meal on the barbeque. And remember, even in the winter, you can get some good barbequing going as well -- just have to dress a heck of a lot warmer!

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