Saturday, May 23, 2009

5 Easy Ways To Buy Barbeque Essentials and Picnic Supplies cheaply

By Alexandra Vrugt

Most people are looking for ways to enjoy themselves and still buy for cheap those things that they need for their households and for entertaining. Here is 5 easy ways for you to save while being able to buy the stuff that you need to have a fun and delicious barbeque and picnic:

Seek out frugal recipes for your event. Keep your menu simple to keep the costs low. If you just have to use a "fantastic" recipe that you know, try integrating alternatives that are cheaper or on sale at that time. Plus, don't forget to check with friends about what the frugal recipes that they use that seem to be crowd pleasers.

Don't forget to consider a pot-luck barbeque where everyone brings something that they like and would like to share. This is one of the cheapest ways to host a barbeque because you won't have to put out as much for the food!

Get your barbeque sauce on sale and buy a lot when it's at the cheapest price! You can expect to save with coupons, supermarket sales like "buy one, get one free", and mark-downs. Buying the largest bottle of barbeque sauce can run you as much as $7! You can get more and spend less by just planning, clipping those coupons, and working the sales. With double coupon sales at stores, you could potentially get your sauce completely free!

Don't pay tons of money for paper products. A frugal fashionista will always buy for cheap the things that they need from discount retailers and thrift stores whenever possible. Themed events can sometimes cost a lot to pull off, but you can potentially buy an expensive item or two from a party supply store. But don't overbuy from there.

To complete the decor, fill in with dollar store or discount store items that you can easily mix and match. Check the mark-downs at the party supply store also because they sometimes have large quantities of cheap stuff for large parties.

Get your meats on markdown or discount! Never pay full price for meats because you will definitely blow your budget. Plan for your event by buying well in advance to get markdown meats that you can freeze and prepare at a later time. Expect to save upwards of 60% off of the retail price, and your money will go a lot further. Stores will discount everything from chicken to specialty cuts of steak. So, keep your eye out and buy when the price is right.

5. Always use coupons so that you will never pay full price. Companies publish coupons every week of the year, plus they make them available at the cash register, online, and in the supermarket aisles. You can always save by buying products with coupons when they already go on sale. You can get everything that you need for a great barbecue including condiments, relish, salads, and rolls for cheap just by working those coupons!

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