Friday, May 15, 2009

Grocery Coupons Can Save You Cash Now!

By Dorothy Taylor

There are people who are saving money each and every week just by using grocery coupons. You can save an additional 30%, 40% and even 50% and more on the things that you buy all the time with just a couple of strategies and some planning. It's not actually as time-consuming as you might think and the money you save makes it worthwhile.

It will take some planning to completely take advantage of the savings that grocery coupons can offer you. There are some specific tips and techniques that you should take into consideration as you start to use grocery coupons to save money. One thing to take into consideration is that just because you have a coupon it will not necessarily mean that you are saving money. If you end up buying a lot of things that you wouldn't normally buy then you in fact end up spending more money rather than saving money and that is not the plan.

For many years manufacturers have offered up coupon savings in an effort to get consumers to buy or try new items. If you are buying something that you would typically buy or something that you wanted to try a grocery coupon will save you money in the long run but if you are not vigilant and you end up buying things just because you have a coupon you possibly will end up wasting money. Only use coupons on the things that you would buy anyway.

Every once in awhile you will end up spending more on an item even if you do have a grocery coupon. For example, a brand-name item of equal quality and quantity may end up costing more even when you use a grocery coupon than a generic or store-brand product. Brand loyalty is okay for some items and only you can determine if it is worth it but be aware that you are spending more on that product than if you bought the generic or store-brand product and cut back in other places. Use your coupons to offset the higher cost if brand loyalty is imperative to you.

Get the most out of your grocery coupon savings by taking the benefit of the combination of manufacturers coupons along with in-store sales and specials and in-store coupons. Learn the usual prices at the store you shop at and then take full advantage of your savings by combining the grocery coupons and specials. You will save money.

Over and over again you will find by comparison-shopping that store prices are generally competitive. One product may be more pricey at one store but another product will be less expensive and it all balances out in the end. Although every once in awhile you may shop in a store that you love but the prices are just higher. Every so often we have other reasons besides price to shop at a particular store and if that is the case the wise use of grocery coupons will still end up saving you more money.

You can locate grocery coupons on almost any item as grocery coupons can be found everywhere. However, make sure that you choose your grocery coupons intelligently. Only clip the coupons on the items you were going to purchase anyway. Be smart about planning your shopping and your grocery coupon use.

Make up a shopping list and stick to it. It helps if you plan your menus in advance so that you know what you need. Combine manufacturers coupons with in-store sales and in-store coupons and you will save yourself a substantial amount of money and everybody could use that!

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