Monday, May 18, 2009

Buy Coffee Direct From the Source

By PJ Easton

I buy my coffee direct from the roaster. I don't want a middleman interfering with the timely delivery of my Java. I tell you why I feel this way. Coffee beans peak in flavor right after roasting. Once roasted, the clock starts ticking and you better get your coffee beans fast if you want to really see what good coffee tastes like. Most of us only know supermarket quality coffee.

Usually this coffee is already ground months ago and the flavor has already dissipated. Savor the first whiff of coffee aroma when you open the can as the aroma and flavor will be gone faster than you can say wow that's bad.

Cut out the middleman, buy coffee direct. Do your research, try out a million types of coffee to see what you like. Dark coffee, light coffee, coffee blends, all types of coffees are available online. There are so many coffee distributors, it is hard to choose.

First, search by your favorite coffee. Do you like Kona coffee? Do a search on Kona coffee. Find the closest distributor to you so you won't have to wait to savor that coffee goodness. Keep in mind that there will always be coffee that you must fly in to get the best flavor possible. My favorite comes from Hawaii, so until I move there, I have to fly that Java in overnight.

Did I mention price? Maybe I forgot, but you can buy coffee direct and save big bucks. Imagine paying less than supermarket prices for gourmet coffee. Yes, that's right, you can save big if you buy big. Usually, you need to buy 10 to 25 pounds of coffee to see significant discounts.

If you are like me, this is no problem. I drink at least 4 cups of coffee each and every day. I just love it. No, I don't understand tea people. Coffee is for me, and coffee loves me. Of course, I don't have proof of this as coffee doesn't talk to me (if you find someone who's coffee talks to them, here's a hint: don't drink anything while you are in their house).

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