Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coffee Delivery Services

By PJ Easton

Coffee delivery services exist to make the coffee drinker happy. That is how I view the industry. If you are a casual coffee drinker and Folger's instant coffee makes your day, this service is not for you. I am talking about the coffee aficionado who understands that there are so many ways to happily satisfy their coffee craving. I want to talk about what kind of coffee drinker you are first and then we'll talk about what's out there.

There are all kinds of coffee drinkers out there from the average coffee lover to the person who pays over a hundred dollars for exotic coffee and flies it to their door for instant gratification. There is only one coffee that I will fly to my door and that is Kona Peaberry coffee. Once you taste it, you'll never go back.

Unfortunately, my friends have tasted it and as a result, I must abstain from this wonderful coffee or go broke because of the moochers. Anyway, once you have assessed your coffee mania level, you can decide which coffee delivery services are right for you. Many people love surprises. I don't. If you love to be surprised, you can choose to have a random selection of coffee shipped to you on a schedule, usually monthly.

Whatever type of coffee you have delivered to you, remember that a true coffee drinker always has coffee beans shipped to them. Please invest in a proper coffee grinder. Blade coffee grinders simply shred the coffee and are all but useless when trying to get uniform flavor from your bean.

Use a burr grinder, they are only slightly more expensive and entirely worth the added cost. Make sure your coffee delivery service is located close to you. Order today, grind tomorrow, savor the flavor. Everybody say ahhh... It is best to grind only the coffee that you'll need right away.

The thinking here is that the wonderful aroma you smell escaping from the grinder will also take the flavor with it if it sits outside too long after grinding. Ever wonder why supermarket coffee tastes so bad? It tastes that way because they use low quality coffee beans and they were ground months ago.

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