Friday, May 15, 2009

Buy Coffee Beans

By Matt Hellstrom

There are many people who are not really aware of the many benefits that coffee beans have. That is why they often ask what use are whole coffee beans when you can pick up pre-ground coffee in a jar. That's a valid point if you're a fan of bland, flat tasting, coffee flavored hot water.

What many people don't know is that there are more than twenty different kinds of coffee beans all with differing tastes and flavors. However, coffee beans can divided into two main types. Avid coffee drinkers might already be familiar with the many different kinds of coffee beans that can be purchased.

Coffea Arabica is one of the most widely consumed kind of coffee beans in the world. Arabica is also available in many types of flavors. It is known for its fine taste and smooth texture and refreshing smell which can make many people's day. However it is very expensive due to the growing conditions needed to cultivate this kind of coffee. Coffee Arabica plants need a certain altitude in which they can thrive which should be at least a few thousand feet above sea level. These plants should also be grown in a temperature between 65- 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coffee Coffea Canephora makes up between thirty to forty percent of the world's coffee consumption. This type of coffee is also commonly called Robusta. This type of coffee bean is thought to be of an inferior quality because of its bitter taste. Coffee Cofera or Robusta can be grown at around 85 degree Fahrenheit and in almost any place. However because of its bitter taste its not very popular among most people.

The taste is one reason why coffee Robusta is significantly cheaper and frequently used as a filler with coffea Arabica to reduce the cost of coffee and make it more affordable to the regular consumer. This is why Robusta will almost always be found in most coffee mixtures.

One thing to consider when it comes to coffee is that a good cup of coffee starts with freshly ground coffee beans. Even if you spring for the gourmet type of coffee, if is already ground up, it will start losing its flavor and aroma soon after opening. For this reason, it's wiser to buy coffee beans whole and store them in an air tight container until needed.

While it may be easier and cheaper to grab a big jar of ground coffee, ask yourself whether you're actually enjoying the taste of your coffee. If the answer is no, you should probably consider whether it's better to buy coffee beans that are fresh and grind them as you need. Most coffee grinders are reasonably priced and can, along with fresh coffee beans, can make the difference between a great cup of coffee and a stale, unpleasant tasting brew.

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