Friday, May 15, 2009

E-grocery Coupons Save Big Bucks on Grocery Bills!

By Jayne Pierce

I love electronic grocery coupons. You can not beat them for both ease of use or the high dollar amounts they can save you.

What is so great about electronic grocery coupons?

They are a breeze to use. To get your savings, all you need to do is sign up for your savings on a website where e-coupons are offered, register your club card, choose what coupons you want and load the discounts to your card. You will automatically get your coupons credited at the register when you shop.
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Is it really that easy to save?

It really is that easy to save when you are shopping. Just make your purchases like you regularly would and head to the register. All you do is checkout as normal usuing your club card and you get your savings. Really, this is easy money.

I just love that I can get a lot of savings without having to remember to take my coupons to the grocery store. How many times have we all spent an hour or better clipping, sorting and filing grocery coupons only to forget to take them with us? Even if you forget your club card, all you need to do is enter your telephone number to save. I like it!

What else is great about electronic coupons?

They are super cheap to distribute for food manufacturers. Due to the reduced costs of advertising, the discount to the consumer tends to be higher than the coupons found in the paper. More savings, easier and faster to use, we have a winner here. Great technology all the way!

Are there limits to how many coupons I can get at once?

It depends on the vendor, but generally 2-4 of the same coupon per shopper's card or IP address is the limit. There are a few vendors that will let you get additional like coupons when you have already used those that have been previously downloaded to your card.

What are the drawbacks to electronic coupons?

There really are not any. I have never heard a single complaint about ecoupons. This really is an efficient system.

If you are really pressed for time and still looking for a way to save loads of cash on your food bills, then give electronic coupons a try. Electronic grocery coupons are a wonderful new technology and a worthy tool in your endeavors to reduce food expenses.

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