Monday, May 25, 2009

How To Order Coffee Online

By Matt Hellstrom

Most coffee lovers would never have thought that it would become so easy to obtain their favorite specialty blend by just sitting at your desk or at home in front of your PC and order coffee online without even leaving the building! Remember the days when rare, expensive coffee beans were exclusive to upscale gourmet markets?

With coffee being the second largest export in the world with only petroleum ahead of it, it is difficult to remember that most people are not aware that coffee beans are in fact not beans! Yes, that is right, coffee beans are not beans. It is the two-part pit of the coffee cherry like fruit that actually that looks like beans due to the two flat sides of the pit that gives the impression that they are beans.

When you order coffee online, there are literally hundreds of blends you can choose from. However, very few people know that that in fact when they order coffee online, they are ordering from different blends of flavor and not different blends of coffee beans. There are only two cultivars of coffee beans that are grown for commercial purposes. Arabica coffee and coffee robusta are the most common to the world's coffee buyers and Arabica coffee comprises of 75% of the global coffee trade.

Surely, when you search through the sites to order coffee online, it will be clear that vast amounts of blends are available to order. Nevertheless, ask yourself the question; will you be able to imagine the taste of the coffee if you have only a description to read? If you find yourself in a specialist coffee shop, you smell the different flavours of the variety of coffee blends and can determine in a sense how it will taste like. But when you order coffee online, all you have is your imagination and the description.

Most of these shops where you order coffee online are very particular about the product they make available and therefore search all over the world for the best coffee beans they can find. Many suppliers purchase green coffee beans and roast them onsite immediately before shipping to ensure the finest quality.

As if this trend of ordering coffee online needs any helping hand on the marketing thereof, most online coffee shops ship each day using express or two day mail and frequently offer discounts on the first order you place with them. Frequent buyers are rewarded with additional savings when they order coffee online.

Unlike purchasing from a traditional retail store, when you order coffee online, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Prices will vary from site to site, but generally, you can generally save more than you'd expect by shopping online. Not only that, most retail stores don't or can't carry all the different varieties that you may crave, thereby giving online shopping the advantage when it comes to greater selection.

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