Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Look in Becoming a Vegetarian

By Amanda Gamdana

Before anyone makes the decision to become a vegetarian, they often question whether it will make any difference. Although people considering this will ask what difference will one person make? Ok, so one person won't change things much but many individuals who think the same way can make a difference and even one person can help.

One argument for making this change are the benefits it has on your health and the problems that an excess of meat causes, like heart disease; this is the most common reason for death in America and other big meat eating nations.

Circulatory, heart problems, high cholesterol and heart attacks are primarily caused by the regular consumption of dairy products, eggs and meat; a reduction in this consumption would lower these health problems.

The organization Earth Save says that a meat eating individual is four times more likely to have a heart attack as a vegetarian. The risk of a heart attack for vegans is even lower with only a one in ten chance of having a heart attack against those of a person who eats meat. But these are not the only health benefits of choosing to be a vegetarian.

Cancer is another area where reductions are seen as meat contains a number of preservatives which have been linked to this disease. Vegetarians will also benefit from knowing they will not be consuming many of the hormones cattle ingest as part of their feed; which can cause hormonal problems in people.

It is also much easier to avoid the consumption of lactose which many people have intolerance to, causing digestive conditions. You will also have the knowledge that by becoming a vegetarian many animals will not suffer as a result of your food preferences as well as the now obvious health advantages.

Experts say that if you quit eating meat now, you could literally prevent the suffering and death of hundreds of animals over the course of a couple decades. Continuing along this line and by giving up eggs and milk, many hens and cows will be saved from the degradation of just being alive to feed us.

So the answer is yes, it does matter whether or not you become a vegetarian. The reduction in animal life lost and the improvement in your health should be convincing enough.

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