Friday, May 29, 2009

The First and Still The Best Coffee In The World

By James martin

Ethiopia is one of the worlds oldest known countries, a landlocked nation located in the horn of the African continent. Ethiopia is also the country where coffee was first found, and it is from here that it traveled across the world to become perhaps the most preferred beverage today.

It is believed that in the 9th century, a goat herd tasted some wild, bright red berries growing on young green trees and enjoyed the strong taste and the subsequent feeling of elation.

The region called Kaffa led to the name coffee, and the plant coffee arabica began to be grown in other places. Yet connoisseurs of coffee claim that Ethiopian coffee is better than coffee from all other places, as the blends produced in the country are aromatic without being too strong or acidic as is the case with Kenyan coffees.

Ethiopia produces a large variety of coffee beans that could suit every palette without any unique, defining characteristics. The taste and flavour varies according to the region in which it is grown. Thus, one would find dry-roasted coffee or a wet-roasted blend or even a combination of both as found in Sidamo, a coffee known for its rich but light and smooth taste.

If you favour a coffee with a mild taste you should select a dry- roasted coffee over a washed coffee. With so many ways of processing their coffee there is a wide variety of choices, everything from the spicy and sweet Djimmah coffee to the strong and fruity coffees from Harrar.

One Coffee stands out as being something truly special and it comes from the beans produced in a region called Kebado. Which is nothing more than a little village situated on the slopes of the Metesio Mountains.

The coffee has a fruity flavour that is smooth, rich and highly fragrant, and has the typical wet-processed aroma with no grainy consistency found in lighter roasts of coffee. Kebado coffee is considered to be the closest to the most perfect coffee ever produced.

Kebado coffee is organically produced and exported all over the world from Addis Ababa where it is vacuum packed to preserve the freshness of the coffee bean. People all over the world, love the exotic taste and the sugar-like sweetness of the brew. Its aroma is amazing even before it is ground, as it has a fruity scent to it, a blend of passion fruit, plums and berries.

If you are roasted green Ethiopian coffee beans yourself there is one important thing to remember and that is to keep these beans away from a dark roasting, this over powers the beans and you will loose some of the flavours and aromas which are what have made these beans the best in the world.

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