Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Growing Them Yourself

By Roy Washington

Making chocolate covered strawberries can be a great way to use your creative intentions in the kitchen. It's also a great way for family members to join together in a fun activity.

Enjoying fresh strawberries is a great treat. Being able to have access to more than you can ever eat is a great plus. By growing your own, you can surely have plenty to make in chocolate covered desserts. And you can give many away to friends.

Hand dipped strawberries in white chocolate, dark chocolate, or any other assorted treats, make for a healthy and good-for-you snack after a meal. You can feel excited about giving this to your kids. Instead of artificial candies with dyes, bad sweeteners and more, you can have nature's bounty drizzled with a bit of cocoa bean product and really enjoy.

Buying a strawberry plant is a pretty easy task if you're anywhere near a gardening center or home store. Many have lots to choose from. From there, you need to have a raised bed of dirt, which is easy to assemble, or a large pot.

Being able to grow strawberries that you can eventually turn into chocolate delicacies can take a bit of patience. Perhaps you may be lucky and start right off the bat with a very healthy and growing plant. Water, light, soil, and plant condition all are factors that may need to be adjusted. Subsequent plantings can take these into account.

The slow food movement emphasizes local sources and enjoyment of the meal as a community endeavour. Growing your own strawberries, and then using them in unexpected ways such as chocolate covered, sliced up in pretty arrangements, in salads, and other forms, can enhance your appreciation of enjoying every moment.

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