Tuesday, May 5, 2009


By Ray P. Pope

Premium Coffees, Fresh baked bagels and pastries, Deli sandwiches, Salads, Espresso Bar, Smoothies

At Bagelheads, they have a rule: if they would not serve it to you in our home, they will not serve it to you in their restaurant. Their bagels are made from scratch with no added oils, fats, or preservatives. They use 100% red hard spring wheat flour. This is a high-protein, enriched flour that is NEVER bleached and NEVER bromated. Bleach is a common additive that is used to lighten darker flour. Bromate is used to give low quality flour extra rise.

Boar's Head Meats Boars Head is Bagelhead's exclusive deli supplier. We believe they offer the purest, highest-quality products. With NO artificial colors, flavors, by-products, cereals, or fillers, you get exactly what you order, nothing else.

Bridgetown Coffee Bridgetown CoffeeOur coffee supplier, Bridgetown Coffee, has won numerous taste and quality awards, including the Portland Cup. Their coffee beans are air-roasted to our specifications and shipped to Bagelheads within 48 hours. In an area renowned for its coffee, Bridgetown is consistently recognized as one of the best!

Bagelheads took that simple idea and brought it up to a higher level by using the finest and freshest breads, meats, cheeses, sandwich spreads and produce a masterpiece of a sandwich which is so good we know we'll be seeing you again. What everybody wants in this world is a good sandwich, as a snack or a meal with something on the side, like some chips or fries and a pickle or maybe a cookie or some green salad.

Bagelheads is like your family. It's where you can find the warmest smile, great service and food specialized according to your taste. Products here are so unique, you can't find them anywhere else. At the end of each day, much of their leftover bagels are donated to local food banks and other various charities.

To serve you even better, they offer a better and easier way to get your order ahead, you can call and order what you want and you can pick it up when you get there. It can save time specially when you're in a hurry. This is really handy for those days when you just don't have enough time for breakfast. If you're thinking of a party, Bagelheads caters too so if you haven't tried their food there, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Visit Bagelheads today and spend some good times and great food. You'll be surprised how this experience stays on your taste buds! Enjoy a smoothie with your baked bagels or get a cup of premium coffee to start your day, and don't forget the deli sandwiches that you've been craving for. You can call Bagelheads at iQpon850-478-7479 and visit them at 1791 East Nine Mile Road Suite 2 Pensacola, FL 32514

To enjoy your stay more at Bagelheads, grab your own discount coupons online (or iQpons) and save more! Or take advantage of the free and printable thrift certificate (or gift certificate) that are currently on sale. Get all these cheap prices at www.ehubpensacola.com

Bagelheads is open Monday to Friday 6 to 3 , Saturday and Sunday 7 to 3. Enjoy your visit!

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