Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picnic Backpack Selection Tips - For Everyone On The Go

By Patricia C Thomas

The right picnic backpack can transform a long family outing to an enjoyable romp. It can make a huge difference on those romantic outings as well as they leave your arms free for hand-holding. If you know what you are looking for and select according to your current needs, you can find the perfect pack whether you are packing just for yourself or for the entire family.

Depending on who will be doing most of the hauling and the amount of stuff that you want to carry on your trips, you will need to select the appropriate size of pack.

The idea of a backpack gives the illusion of something compact, but be aware that they can get quite large and bulky. Generally, they are sold in terms of the number of people going on the outing. A 2 person pack is going to obviously be more compact than a 4 person pack.

If you are purchasing this item for a child, then consider purchasing one that was made just for children. They will be lighter weight and have features designed just for younger users. If you will be going on a lot of family outings then you may want to purchase a pack for each of your children so they can each carry their own belongings and lighten the load on you.

You also want to look at the arrangement of compartments and how your stuff will fit inside. There will be spaces for drinks and silverware as well as larger openings to pack in food and other bigger sized items. You want to think about what you will typically be packing and find something that will accommodate your needs.

You want one that has enough room to pack the things you want to carry while still being as compact as possible. The value of a backpack is that it can be easily carried along without hassle, so look around and make sure you get one that can comfortably be carried even when filled completely up.

When purchasing a picnic backpack keep in mind the functional capacity of the product more than price. You want something that is going to hold up with consistent use and remain functional for some time to come. If you pick the right size and style chances are you will have many enjoyable outings without the hassle of lugging along a basket by hand.

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