Monday, May 18, 2009

The Good And Negative of Atkins Diet Plans

By Shay Liffkinn

The Atkins diet is a famous low carbohydrate diet and is most often used by the people today. Today there are many more diets on the market which are based on the same principle. The idea is to eat much protein and less carbohydrates, so that fish in any form is the main ingredient.

Why are low-carb diets so popular? It is because they have many benefits which in part are scientifically proven. Studies have shown that there is a significant weight loss when living on low-carb eating. This is interesting because calories are not reduced. Other studies have shown that triglycerides and good cholesterol (HDL) are increased and blood glucose is reduced. Insulin sensitivity rises while blood pressure and the blood insulin level lower. In addition to that Atkins dieters lose less muscle mass than people living on low-fat diet.

Low-carb dieters report further benefits which are not yet scientifically proven. They notice an increase in energy, improved concentration as well as a decreased desire for sweets. Furthermore the mood is better and their condition less depressive.

However, some benefits are only reported by people living on Atkins principles. These people really enjoy eating those foods and meals which not allowed in a low-fat diet. They do not have to do without their favourite meals. Steak and butter, cream and cake is allowed again and not forbidden in Atkins diet. The dieters are very encouraged to eat rich meals with many calories and fat.

Another benefit of Atkins diet is its simple usage. In comparison to other low-carb diets you only need to know a few basic food carbohydrate counts and after that you only need to stick to a large list of acceptable food.

The most important principle stated by Dr. Atkins is about finding your own personal carbohydrate level. This level influences your personal tolerance of food with high carbohydrate. Some people easily gain weight and eat only 90 grams of carb a day. Other people can eat much more and do not gain as much weight. At the beginning of your diet you need to find your level which will determine your carbohydrate goal for life.

Dr. Atkins diet is popular and well-known. There are many books, online texts and online groups available and it is easy for you to inform yourself. But there are not only advocates for Atkins diet. Many people have a quite bad opinion on it and many misconceptions are underway. Don?t be surprised if you will find yourself defending your new form of diet against its enemies.

So what are the bad sides of Atkins program? It is tiring, especially in the beginning, to have to count the carbohydrates of everything you eat. This is essential if you want to stay under your personal limit of carbohydrate. Another aspect is the Induction, which is hard to understand because it works the other way round and does not concentrate on carbs and sugar. Induction is not everything, but still many people quit because they cannot cope with induction.

In the first week of the diet some people also experience the so called carb crash. The body reacts to the unusual food: Ketosis occurs when the organism is running in fat instead of carbs. This reaction does not last long but many people cannot face it and give up.

Yet the benefits prevail and there is a reason why Atkins diet is so popular: it works and many people have finally lost weight and have improved their way of living.

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