Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Decorate your Home using Flea Market Finds

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

Today I would be talking about how to transform cheap Flea Market finds into fashionable and savvy decorative elements into your homes. A day at a flea market spells fun and awesome treats for the whole family. There are just so many things to purchase from a flea market and your imagination should never be a limit in putting Flea market pieces together into your homes.

As an Interior Design practitioner during my free time I browse through the Internet for the current design trends and I am always in awe at how a marvelous and great looking interior is actually designed using cheap, second hand and flea market pieces. I often thought that really a good design is not achievable by using expensive materials only, but how keen the designer is on putting pieces together that match. Let's take a look at some flea market pieces and how they are turned into charming decorative interior pieces.

The design that I will mention are gathered from the Better Homes and Garden website. Let's take a look:

Vintage bronze and silver drawer pulls salvaged from a flea market could be excellent key holders. Just try to keep them in their usual color, add a little bit of polish and hang them on your living room wall, next to your door. Turn an old beat-up window shutter into an elegant mail center by giving it a fresh coat of paint and leaning it against a wall or a corner, this mail center could be an excellent conversation piece for your guests. Use the shutter slats to tuck in important notes that should never be forgotten and left behind.

A very fresh and interesting remake for an old iron fence is to transform it into a coat rack. Take the tip of the iron fence (save the rest of the fence body for later use) and nail it on a wall to use as a coat hanger.

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