Sunday, May 24, 2009

Farmer's Market in Durham

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

Durham Farmers Market enjoys its 10 years anniversary this year and the place is going stronger than ever. At Durham, North Carolina locals will have a taste of authentic homegrown farm produces because of the Durham Farmer's Market. At the Durham Farmer's Market only the tastiest and freshest produce are encouraged to be sold by reliable vendors.

The local farmers attest to the safeness of their produce. Why is it better to buy at a Farmer's Market and not on any grocery store or shop? Well it's because the price is relatively cheaper because all your money goes to the grower/ farmer and no to some middlemen or rental fees. Be on top of your diet and nutrition by only selecting the freshest and the most delicious fruits and vegetables in season. At the Durham's Farmers Market everything is 100% artificial and chemicals free.

Ever wonder if what you're about to eat is properly fertilized? At the Durham Farmer's Market all your questions about how your food or purchase is prepared and cultivated will be answered directly by the farmers. Want to know how they took care of their livestock before they sell them to make sure that you eat only the healthy and the best meat? All the farmers at the Durham Market are only to happy to answer your questions for you.

By buying at Farmers market you also get a chance to help your community and townsfolk by helping your local farmers and contributing to the advocacy of healthy eating habits. Seasoned fruits could be bought at the Durham Farmers Market and that clearly means that you get the fruits in their freshest and most delicious flavor of the year. This will save you the time of worrying and builds the commonalty trust between you and your seller.

The Durham Farmers Market- a haven of fresh and healthy food!

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