Sunday, May 17, 2009

Discover The Top Five Golden Rules For Groceries Savings

By Jill Spencer

In the past few years I have learned a great deal about saving money while shopping for groceries. One and all buys groceries, as every person must eat so saving money at the grocery store is essential for everyone. All of us can save cash on the things that we purchase most with a little planning.

With no a reservation the idea that helps save the a large amount money while grocery shopping is making menus and lists. Create a weekly menu and keep it on my computer. Along with the menu is the shopping list that has all you will call for to buy for that menu. I have 7 or 8 weeks of menus and lists on my computer at all times and every week I just pick and choose one, print out the list and I'm geared up to shop.

Next up is to take the list you have previously made up and rummage around for coupons. I find the greatest coupons online but there are also the Sunday newspapers, coupons that come in the mail and more. If you stick with just the preprinted list you can streamline the process by not looking at any other coupons.

As you are clipping coupons make sure that you just clip the coupons for the things that you need that week or that you know you need for a different list. Many coupons shoppers defeat their purpose by buying stuff they wouldn't as a rule buy because they have a coupon. Stick with the list and the menus and only clip the coupons you'll have to.

One more factor that has helped me is to make certain that I scrutinize the ads and the store's websites for sales and specials. Setting up your shopping previously online saves time and money because you are focusing in on the top sales.

Get the most out of your savings by combining manufacturers coupons with store coupons and in-store specials and sales. The savings by doing this can add up very rapidly and it is really sensible. Most stores will help you if you combine coupons so take benefit of as many savings as you can.

The top rules for saving as much money as possible at the grocery store are to make menus and lists, collect coupons, only clip the coupons that you will use and need, shop websites and store circulars and combine coupons together with sales and specials.

These tips have worked wonders for me every week as I provide for my growing family. I am sure that they will work for you also.

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