Sunday, May 17, 2009

The One-Stop Picnic Backpack Buying Guide

By Patricia A Burton

Nothing says love or summer quite the way that picnics do. For centuries, picnics have been romanticized as an activity for lovers who want to enjoy an afternoon filled with food, wine and romance. These are the things people see in movies and dream about for themselves. We will expose the mystery of picnics here in this article.

When you are ready for some relaxation after a week of work or school, picnics are great family activity ideas. Your whole family will enjoy sitting around the blanket to rest and conversations.

It used to be that there was a wicker basket, which was filled full of all the needed items. The people would carry the heavy basket to the location and set up and have fun. Lately though the basket has evolved into the picnic backpack.

It has evolved with the need for people to make things easier and more convenient. The picnic backpack looks much like a traditional school backpack except that there tends to be more pockets to make it easier to carry things. The more pockets the easier it is to separate the eating utensils from the blanket and the condiments from the food and so on. Pockets are your friends here.

They are designed where some of the pockets are insulated to make food and drink transportation and short-term storage easier and spill proof. The material that it is made out of also makes them rather stain resistant as well and makes it easy to carry everything you need for two to four people to use.

The good things about picnic backpacks other than the pockets, the lighter weight and insulated material and pure ease of carrying is that when you are done, they can store away most anywhere. On the negative end is the fact that they can be more easily damaged than a traditional basket since they tend to be easily ripped also, as we mentioned, for a romantic interlude, the old fashioned basket might be much more appealing and have the more desired end result.

While considering your new picnic backpack you want one that is of good quality as well as one that provides you with the number of compartments that you need for your picnicking needs. Remember, insulation helps to keep items cold.

You can choose from various brand names and many styles. Popular brand names include Kaleidoscope, Pranzo, Hudson, Classico and Zuma. You may wish to purchase a picnic backpack for any children who enjoy picnicking, since it makes them feel special to have their very own bag.

To summarize everything for you, you want to go on a picnic, as a stress reliever so the last thing you want is to stress over the picnic backpack. Determine you needs and find one that will fulfill those needs and then go out and enjoy one of life's simpler pleasures.

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