Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines - Great Coffee When You Want It

By Abby Cardin

When you get tired of grinding your own coffee beans or sipping down barely drinkable coffee from an inferior machine, consider getting a bean to cup coffee machine. This is the easiest and fastest way to get high quality coffee in your own kitchen or place of work. Whether you need something that brews quickly for a business setting or just want the best for your home, you will never have to grind your own coffee again.

You simply purchase the best beans you can afford and put them into the machine. After programming in the settings with easy push button operations, you sit back and wait while the machine does all the hard work. Not only will it deliver perfectly brewed coffee a short time later, but it will perfectly grind the beans for you as well.

The biggest concern most people have when purchasing professional coffee equipment is the size. Many of the units are quite large, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the amount of space you have to devote to this item.

If you do have some space to spare, consider getting a unit that includes space to stack cups, creamer, and other commonly needed condiments when making a cup of coffee. This will keep everything in one spot so it is easier and much quicker to grab a cup on the go.

There are space saver units on the market right now for those who have less space to give up. These are often used for residential settings or offices offering coffee to employees, clients, and customers. You will not have as much space to stack cups and other items right on the machine, but they are easier to fit in with other items in a crowded room.

To show what a professional machine like this can really do, you can expect your machine to brew at least 100 cups of coffee in a single day. Larger units can often do 300 or more cups in a single day.

The best use for such large units and all of the resulting coffee would be a very busy kitchen or possibly a catering business. Some offices are now using these large machines to offer free coffee to their employees and any customers who wander into their business every day.

For home use or in a lighter use setting, you may get by with a smaller unit that is only capable of brewing 100 or so cups a day. It is important to assess how much coffee you may need and how much you could need in the future before you start looking around. This will prevent you from purchasing a machine that is more than you really need.

Of course, you can expect to pay considerably more for this type of professional quality machine than you would for a smaller coffee machine that does not grind up the beans itself. You get what you pay for, and this is definitely intended for business and luxury purposes only.

If you look around online you can now find a bean to cup coffee machine within your budget. There are many sellers offering them at value prices or holding sales on a regular basis, making them more affordable to anyone who wants the luxury of a better coffee machine in their home or business.

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