Monday, August 17, 2009

Caterers Colchester

By David Smith

Getting married is the biggest decision many people make, aside from having a baby or buying a house. On their big day, expectant couples and their families want everything to be just perfect. This obviously includes the catering, which is why choosing the right catering firm can be a decision that either makes or breaks your wedding celebrations. Thats why we took great care in choosing the right caterers colchester when my sister got married last year.

When my sister tied the knot, my mum and dad went crazy with stress like Id never seen before. They went too and fro to the groom's parents, planning all the details of the wedding and ensuring all the decorations were perfect for the chapel, all the correct guests had been asked to attend and all the food was just right for the reception after the service.

Everything seemed to fall into place perfectly, apart from the wedding food. A few months prior to the big day, my mum had chosen a good local firm to handle the catering. However, it turned out they went bust just a month before my sister was due to get hitched, so my parents flew into a blind panic about what to do. After all, we had 180 guests due to arrive and nothing to give them to eat.

At my suggestion, my mum did a search on Google for the best caterers colchester and found a reputable company that could provide some excellent food at short notice. They took over the organisation from my desperate folks and made everything ok, plus they charged a competitive rate for some superb cuisine and customer service.

Needless to say, my sisters wedding was a great success, and all everyone could keep talking about was how nice all the food was! This delighted both my folks and the grooms parents, who even gave my mum a big bunch of flowers for all her help. No one gave me any credit for suggesting that mum did an online search for caterers colchester though, I never get any thanks!

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