Friday, August 28, 2009

Selecting Foods That Burn Calories While You Eat

By Dorthy Weatherbush

Timing is everything and now that summertime is here we need every trick in the book to look great in our shorts and swimsuits. Learning how to select foods that burn calories while you eat is just one of those tricks. What a win-win situation eating and shrinking.

This is not a trick but a tried and true manner of losing weight while maintaining better health and fitness. More than 100 foods are available today that will accelerate your metabolism thereby letting you burn more calories while you eat; in all intense and purpose by eating these foods our bodies will burn more calories digesting them than you will get from consuming them. We have highlighted some of the foods found at their peak in summertime, foods like fresh berries and mouthwatering melons. Other foods like sweet potatoes and carrots we'll save for the cooler months.

Apples reign at the top of our mini listing. Not only are these calorie-burners available in great variety year round but are also free of fat and sodium, and they each weigh in at only 80 calories. Apples are high in pectin a soluble fiber which aids digestion. Leave the skin on apples to increase the amount of vitamin C you benefit by.

Yummy, peaches! These fuzzy calorie burners are full of fiber so you feel satisfied after eating one and the high level of ascorbic acid aids in burning fat. Each peach holds about 50 calories, so generously add these to shakes and smoothies, and slice them over cereal; delicious!

Summer and strawberries go hand in hand. These juicy red bite-sized fruits are relentless calories burners. One cup of berries contains about 46 calories and 11 grams of carbohydrates making them an excellent choice for our summer dishes. You can eat them alone, in salads and in smoothies just to name a few ideas. If you are a diabetic this is a great choice as they are also low in sugar and high in fiber.

For a cooling refreshing choice try cantaloupe. These melons are a great source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. At 60 calories a cup you can cool down eating these on that hot summer days. They taste great cold or room temperature.

Known as the King of Fruit - mangos are a source of both vitamins C and A. While still a little green they have more of vitamin C than A, and as the fruit ripens the level of vitamin A increases. Mangos are helpful in maintaining our potassium levels. This is a plus in summer as we are more active and exercising more. At room-temperature mangos are the most flavorful. So peel off the skin and let the eating begin.

As you begin, remember to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet, continue eating some of the foods you normally do, take a dietary supplement, exercise, and drink lots of water. Feel free to give up candy bars, chips, ice cream and replace those sweet processed foods with luscious berries, refreshing melon or a fruit smoothie. Eating calorie-burning foods and exercising accelerates weight loss; increasing consumption of these foods with exercise can double the speed of weight loss. Snack as much and as often as you like; keep eating and burning calories.

You look marvelous, time to show off that bikini.

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