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Eating Healthy: The Best Gout Home Remedy

By Rashel Dan

The best gout home remedy may be in your own kitchen. You no longer need to jump from one pharmacy to another to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by gout. Commonly used gout home remedy are fruits, herbs, vegetables and roots. These have several benefits and are generally safe to use. They can also be used simultaneously and together with your medication.

A good gout home remedy will do the following:

- Relieve pain. - Reduce swelling - Eliminate stiffness - Detoxify and rid uric acid crystals from the body - Boost healthy blood circulation to aid in the flushing away of toxins - Speed healing of joint tissues to prevent uric acid build-up.

Fruits as gout home remedy:

Potassium composes acid crystals into a solution so they are easily flushed away by the body. Fruits that are especially high in potassium are your best bet when it comes to curing gout. These high-potassium fruits include dried peaches, avocados, cantaloupe, oranges, bananas, tomatoes and dried prunes.

Other fruits have their benefits as gout home remedy too.

Lemon fuels the production of calcium carbonate, which balances acids in the body. Take the juice of lemon, dilute in water and drink as a gout home remedy.

Cherries and berries have been popularly known to fight gouty attacks. You can start by purchasing blueberries, cherries and strawberries from your local supermarket as fresh produce or concentrated juices. These fruits are rich with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and enzymes that neutralize uric acid in the body. Grapes are good, too, since they contain Alkalines that neutralize acidity.

Bananas and apples are also effective against gout. Maintaining a gout-preventing diet is as easy as eating 1 apple a day and 2-3 bananas per day for 4 days.

Herbs as gout home remedy:

People from ancient times have been using turmeric for medicinal treatment. Now it is known to be a potent antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, antioxidant and blood strengthener. It is also considered to treat inflammation just like cortisone. Another herb, cayenne pepper, is known to have the same effect.

Also try artichoke, which contains cynarin. Cynarin is a compound known to prevent liver impairment and joint problems, thus benefiting those with gout.

You can also take in other herbs by drinking herbal teas such as buchu tea, which flushes out uric acid crystals from your system. Other gout-fighting herbs include parsley and saffron, which can be a natural diuretic and acid neutralizer.

Vegetables and roots as home gout remedy: Spinach, potatoes and carrots are rich in potassium. As mentioned earlier, foods high in potassium detoxify the body from uric acid crystals. Also try eating more garlic as a gout home remedy-popularly known to be good for the heart, garlic has also been found to relieve gout symptoms. Finely chop fresh garlic and add to salads and other dishes as a natural gout home remedy.

Although these ingredients safe to use and are excellent gout home remedy, you should still consider consulting a physician.

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