Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do You Want a Healthier Pet?

By Skibber Labskovs

There are many responsibilities that go into owning a pet of any kind. Many factors play a part in your pet being healthy. If your pet has ever been ill you know what heartache you feel. I remember how I felt the time my dog was ill; all I thought of was helping her get better. Do You Want a Healthier Pet?

Make sure to feed your pet good nutritionally balanced food. Also be sure the food is made special for them. Your pet's food is specifically made to have all the nutrients their body needs for their health. No matter if the pet is a hamster or a cat, they require specifically designed food for their bodies.

Only feed them people food if the vet says you can and only what the vet says. Caffeine is not good for dogs so they need to stay away from it. It can affect a dog's heart to the extent of a heart attack. A dog doesn't need to eat sugar either.

Animals can pack on extra pounds too if fed too many calories. This why the standing recommendation is to leave off scraps from the table. Fish that eat too much can die. Just like humans your pets are prone to bad health because of overeating. Most pets need enough water taken in daily to keep hydrated. Now when the pet of choice is fish, then they need certain water conditions to live healthy. So check the water often for any problems.

Make sure the vet sees your pet once a year when it pertains to the type of pet you have. Dogs and cats require vaccines yearly to ward off specific diseases. The rabies vaccine is probably the most important of all of them. If you live somewhere that your pet could come in contact with other animals especially wild ones, the rabies vaccine is crucial.

Pets in general need exercise just as much as people do. Fish get what exercise they need easily because they have to swim to survive. Cats and dogs need to be played with, ran, or walked to be positive that they are exercised enough. Exercise will insure that your pet has good muscle tone and it will also keep their weight at the right spot. And as with people their hearts will be healthier too. Walk your dog or cat when you go get your exercise walking. This is a fun way of both you and your pet staying healthy. If you have a hamster for the family pet then it needs to have a wheel to play on. These are the ways for exercising your pet correctly.

The last thing our pets to be healthy is our love and attention. We need to pet them and talk to them to let them know they are loved. Even grooming them is part of showing them attention. Dogs and cats both for the most part shed or their coats can become matted without proper brushing.

Following the above suggestions will help you have the healthiest pet you can have. Is this not what all of us pet owners want? So have a healthier pet today!

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