Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weight Reduction - Losing 10 Pounds Now - Updated

By Scott Edwards

We could be putting on weight because we have too much stress in our lives and not enough sleep. It happens to many of us - we're running around at a hundred miles an hour, juggling far too many balls in the air. One problem after another seems to need sorting, and tension rises. So we comfort ourselves with food.

However, it now appears possible that there is a scientific correlation between times of stress and eating fattening food. Take a look at the following explanation of how tension can relate to putting on weight - The stress hormone cortisol is secreted when the body undergoes long periods of stress.

This stimulates insulin release, as an attempt to stabilise our blood-sugar. This insulin release makes us feel hungry- particularly for carbohydrate and fat-rich foods. And so we give in to our cravings, and our energy picks up again.

Momentarily, we benefit from a lowering of stress, and we're satisfied. Although within the merest hint of time the high has gone. This is due to the insulin taking the glucose from the blood, and storing it in fatty parts of the body such as the waist and thighs.

Therefore we should aim to simplify our lives first if we're planning a weight loss program. Weight loss might also be related to getting enough sleep. In the past, people tended to sleep for a third of every 24 hours. It's now considerably less than that.

Alongside this, is the fact that weight problems have increased. One theory is this is due to hormones. If we're not sleeping for long enough, we develop an appetite for more food. This is because our body thinks it must be daytime when we're awake, so it's time to eat.

Evidently our longing for food rises as we become more tired, and again we veer towards carbohydrates and fatty food. Having eight hours of quality sleep may be just what's needed to retrain our hunger hormones.

In short, gaining weight could have been more down to lifestyle than anything else. Why not ask others to take on some of your workload - delegation is often the answer. And so when night-time falls, you're ready to drift off to sleep at a reasonable time, without fighting the desire for just one more snack!

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