Friday, August 7, 2009

You And Your Picnic Backpack: The Perfect Combination

By William M. Leger

You know you are going to need a snack or light meal on your trek through the meadows and over the hiking trails, but you have the perfect picnic backpack. You shopped and found one that suits your needs and even will now consider the same as gifts for your hiking friends. Even on a road trip the backpack serves a more compact tote for your rest stop meal.

Materials vary as well as design, but one thing that all of these backpacks have is the ability for you to "serve" your lunch or snack. The contents are fabulous. You have all you need in a compact carrier... No more big picnic baskets that weigh a ton!

What about a cooler? These backpacks have an insulated section for storing your sandwiches, or fruit and cheese. They are fresh and safe to eat even if they were packed hours ago. No need to rush your meal. Your food is safe! Nothing is better than cooling off with a picnic lunch.

Your meal is served on plates and you can drink from plastic glasses and use silverware. Napkins, salt and pepper shakers are included as well as a thermos for your cold juice or a sleeve to hold your wine bottle. If you have a picnic blanket, roll it up and carry it on the outside of the backpack which has straps for holding it. The convenience of your backpack is priceless.

Backpacks for your picnic come in various sizes. There are packs for 2, 4, or 6 people. Even the little people styles are a joy for your younger children or relatives. The sizes vary for these styles also and what would make a more perfect gift for any member of the family! The thrill of picnics is a joy for everyone and little people especially can find the pleasure of a picnic in their own backyard.

There is a huge variety available for you to choose from. Backpacks are found in camping stores and also in larger department stores. Find the one that suits you and if you need a wedding gift for that outdoorsy couple you know, pick up a picnic backpack for 2. Many of these will carry a lifetime guarantee. You can't go wrong and it makes you proud to give a gift with that kind of warranty.

The romance of the little streams in the woods or that cute little rest stop is enhanced as you unload your pack for a lovely little treat or your yummy lunch. Unroll the blanket and rest a while if you'd like. Your day is perfect!

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