Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Best Restaurants in the World

By Amy Nutt

Opinions about restaurants have always been a topic of conversation, especially for those places which have become popular for their food or style. In looking for a new restaurant or just to see if ones opinion is the same others, there are many sources to check on what another persons opinions are about a particular restaurant.

Recognized authorities When we speak to families and friends about a restaurant, we all have our individual points that matter in a dining experience. Two people may go into the same restaurant at the same time, order the same item and still have differing opinions about the food, presentation, service and ambiance.

There are many authorities on the experience of dining at a restaurant. Most magazines, television and newspaper organizations have food critics and commentators who dine and report on new restaurants and food trends. Many authorities count on individual opinions to rate on certain points such as the type of food, quality, quantity and the skill of the chef. Other points include the quality and selection of accompanying beverages such as wine or spirits. Service, presentation and the experience in the dining area count as well in the rating of the restaurant.

Some authorities such as Zagat or Michelin, rely on diners ratings and experiences that are tallied and when applied to a rating system, a measurement in the form of stars or points are given to a particular eating establishment. However with so many eating places and the actual physical effort of tallying opinions of persons who at times may get to sample only a slim cross section of restaurants, properly rating a large area even a single city, can be very difficult.

There are magazines and websites which are dedicated to rating restaurants in a city or region, where people can write about their dining experience. Examples of these sites include Menuism and Yelp. These sites allow users to join as a reviewer, select a restaurant, and enter a rating according to their system and a review for the establishment. While these are good sources for finding a good place to eat, each persons criteria again are different with respect to the entire dining experience.

A noted authority of ratings for ratings is Restaurant Magazine. The San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurants Awards and List is organized and compiled by Restaurant Magazine, sponsored by San Pellegrino and other companies.

The winners are chosen by a poll of over 800 food writers, commentators and critics organized into 26 panels representing the different regions of the world. Each panel member has a total of five votes; with no more than three can go to establishments in their region.

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